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New websitesIncluded : 1 domain name and 10 email addresses for the Pro websites. Create your website very easily with SiteW. Choosing and registering a domain name is done easily and very quickly. Creating a website with a domain name also allows to benefit from associated email addresses.

1. Create a free website

Start by creating a free website to be able to sign in. Choose a temporary Internet address,  then choose a design and validate your subscription. You can read the guide on the website builder, which will explain how you will be able to create your website very easily. To choose a domain name, upgrade to a superior package by clicking on this link : Premium Site or Pro Site.

2. Choose your domain name

You can now choose a domain name and verify its availability instantly. Choosing an appropriate domain name is important. It is preferable that it contains keywords and/or the name of your business or association. Your domain name must remain short (< 15 characters) and must be easily memorable. You can use dashes in your domain name, as well as numbers and dots. You can choose from a dozen of domain extensions. Remember that the most common ones are .com, then .us/ and .net/.org. 

3. Get an email address

The Premium websites automatically benefit from an address corresponding to the domain name (10 addresses for the pro websites). This address is redirected to your current address in order to avoid installing a new software or using a new service. The address is automatically pre-registered but you can customize it from the page My websites (Settings > Email Redirection).



Last update: December 18, 2020

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