How to create a therapist website?

February 16, 2023 - Frédérique Biau

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On the web, searches for therapy have exploded: 9 million searches between 2015 and 2018, an increase of almost 100%

Therapy is in vogue and most consumers will search online before walking through your door. 👩⚕️👨⚕️

So, logically, creating a professional website is a must.

Here are all the benefits, tips and tricks you need to know to get started.

Why create a therapist website?

Today, everyone can easily create a digital presence, and it is even extremely beneficial for the development of your business.

Here are the benefits to start on the web and grow your therapist business: 👇

Give visibility to your business

A therapist website’s main goal is to give you visibility. With a correctly optimized website, you will appear at the top of search engines and get a lot of traffic.

Facilitate the dissemination of information

Moreover, your therapist website will also allow you to facilitate the communication between you and your patients.

You will be able, for example, to ask your visitors to fill a form in preparation for the consultation, and to give advice and information to prepare the session...

In short, your website will be a reference for your clients.

Build customer loyalty

Finally, it will also allow you to build customer loyalty by creating a community on the internet. This increases your presence in people’s minds and gives you access to their opinions, feelings and recommendations.

 Think about it
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You can diversify your business by creating social media accounts, frequently asked questions, a forum or even a blog. Which will create a strong relationship with your clients.

Thus, to stand out from the competition, creating a website to promote your business seems to be a good solution.

However, you may not think you have the skills to build a website yourself.

However, with the following method and our web design service, you will see that creating a website will quickly become a breeze.

Create a therapist website easily

To create a therapy website easily, you don't need much. You can start with a small site of one or a few pages, and then develop it into something bigger: a complete resource for people interested in personal development.

In any case, you need to start by gathering all the necessary elements: 👇

Before you begin...

...You will need to gather a few things. This will save you time when creating your website while establishing the expectations, needs and wishes you have for this new platform.

Here is everything you need to think about before you start:

  •  Your graphic charter

The visual aspect of your website will play a big role for your business. With a professional, reassuring and soothing design, you send a strong message about your experience as a therapist and create a relationship of trust with the client.

You can use blue or green to create a soothing atmosphere,with a logo that matches your personality and fits your vision. For this, you can hire professional web designers, or use free tools like Canva. 🎨

  • The content you want to publish

Do you want to create a simple site for your activity?

Or a booking website, or even an online store?

To choose the package best suited to your needs, it is important to think beforehand about the type of site you want to create.

  • Your domain name

Finally, you must register a domain name  to protect the name of your business while creating a professional URL and business email addresses.

Just check its availability and choose a professional extension, like .com or

You have chosen your domain name, but don't register it yet: it is included in most of our packages.

Because we do everything to make it easy for you to create your website, whether you have chosen a simple website or a more complex one.

👉 And here is how:

Why choose us?

SiteW is a simplified and fast website design solution that allow you to achieve a professional result in a few moments.

How does it work?

SiteW offers you many subscription packages to fit your needs for your website. Choose the free plan if you want a simple website, and choose the Blog or Pro package for a complete and professional website.


Our website design packages:

  • The Starter plan is completely free and without commitment. It allows you to create a website with 5 pages and register a domain name.
  • The Essential plan ($8,00/Month for 1 month, and $6,60/month for an annual subscription, with 2 months offered) is ideal to begin and give visibility to your business. You can enjoy unlimited access to the Blog block, and a free domain name.
  • The Advanced plan ($15,00/Month for 1 month and $12,50/month for a yearly subscription with 2 months free) is perfect for professionals who want a showcase for their activity. It allows you to create a site easily (with Blog, Forms, Comments, Forum, Newsletter, Social Media, etc.).
  • The Unlimited plan ($21,00/Month for 1 month and $20,80/month for a yearly subscription, with 2 months free) allows you to create a showcase website with an unlimited number of pages, a strong storage capacity and professional email addresses.

Then you can choose from several website templates to give you inspiration and an optimized frame. You can choose a template dedicated to freelancers, or create a complete site for your project.

SiteW templates

And, if necessary, you have blank templates that will allow you to give free rein to your creativity on your web pages and express your ideas.

Because, to customize your website, it will only take a few moments. You can slide and insert the blocks into your design in a few moments, with a multitude of customization options. You can change the color, shape and configuration of each of them in a few clicks.

Text block of SiteW

And, if you have the slightest question or if you encounter a difficulty, stay calm: our team takes care of everything!

But, now, you may want to go further to optimize your therapist website.

Create a therapist website

Once again, we have all the solutions, tips and advice for you: 👇

A successful therapist website in three steps

When you start building your website, you will see that it is not complicated to adapt it to Google's algorithms and the user requirements.

For this, here is the first step: SEO.

Boost your ranking

SEO will allow your website to be visible on the search engines. It is also an indicator of relevance and quality, both for users and for Google's algorithms.

👉 So, to rank your website well and gain visibility easily, here are some tips that can be applied immediately:

  • Optimize your local ranking

For a job like yours, you need to attract local visitors interested in your service.

That's why you need to work on the local SEO of your site. So specify your district, your city, your region.

Thus, you will appear in the results for potential customers near you.

  • Caption your images

If you add pictures of your office or stock images to illustrate your site and emphasize the serenity, remember to caption your images.

This will also allow you to be ranked in Google images, which can help you gain visibility.

  • Check the speed of your website

Regularly check that your website loads fast, ideally in less than three seconds, and that all your pages are legible and correctly built. This will ensure that your website is working perfectly and meets the expectations of Google and users.

But, with SiteW, you don't have to worry too much...

  • Add a FAQ section or a Blog

Finally, you may want to consider expanding your site to create a FAQ page or a Blog. For example, you can create a FAQ section to explain what service you offer, what your job is,  how much an appointment costs...

Faq block of SiteW

👉 A blog can also allow you to get into the details of your business and inform readers so they can become more interested in personal development. This way, you create an expert image with your clients.

Blog block of SiteW

Indeed, this last point is part of the overall user experience that makes your website easy to browse, complete and attractive.

So, to continue in this direction, here are the features to add.

Improve the user experience of your site

Usability and user experience are essential to create a website easy to navigate and, thus, retain users.

For that, they must use tools that allow them to quickly read the information on your website, and where to look for it.

To optimize the user experience, here are some features to add: 👇

  • The Menu block

The Menu block allows you to display buttons that lead to the pages of your website. This way, users will be able to go directly to the content they are interested in, such as your agenda or your contact page.

Menu block of SiteW

  • The Button block

The Button block allows you to add a button that can be customized and configured. It can allow users to discover your job, find out about your office, make an appointment...

Button block of SiteW

This button must be highlighted to be used by users.

  • The Calendar block

This block allows you to display either a calendar or a schedule.

Calendar block of SiteW

This can allow you to display the opening hours of your business or your vacation dates. This block is easily configurable and can be placed anywhere on your pages.

  •  The contact form

Finally, you can integrate a contact form to allow users to make an appointment or ask you questions.

Here again, this block adapts perfectly to your desires, as much in its design as in its functionality.

Form block of SiteW

Ta-da ! 🎉

Your site is ready to welcome visitors and give them all the information they need.

Now, the last part: the look and feel of your sophrology site.

Adopt the perfect design

Web design is also a crucial component to ensure the success of your website.

Fortunately, we provide you with specific blocks to improve and modernize the design of your website without difficulty:

  • Icons and illustrations

These blocks allow you to access free icons and vectors. You can customize them in terms of colors to adapt them to your graphic charter, and even make them clickable.

Illustration block of SiteW

  • The color palette

In the Design section, you can modify the color palette to match the main colors of your website. You can choose a popular palette, and be inspired by it or adopt it for your site.

Colour palette of SiteW

  • Strips and shapes

Finally, the Strip and Shape blocks allow you to add graphic elements to customize and place on your therapist website. This can allow you to highlight your design elements such as buttons or photos, or to separate your contents in the case of an online portfolio, for example.

Shape block of SiteW

 With all this, you can create a therapist website without any hassle or stress.

Now it's up to you!

Create a therapist website

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