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February 08, 2023 - Anaïs Sautarel

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In 2019, a third of the Google searches made on smartphones were related to a geographical location, and more than 80% of internet users searched information online before buying.

Therefore, any local professional needs to create their website. Nowadays, searching information online is a consumers’ natural behaviour.

As a financial consulting company, the first advantage of creating a finance website is to enhance your online visibility with your target audience and provide your customers with a better service.   

Since then, the main issue is to define the best web solution to create a business website that suits your needs:

  • in terms of organization (that is to say, a website which is easy to manage and update)

  • in terms of effectiveness and web performance

Now let’s see how to create a low-cost accounting company website easily to reach your goals quickly. Let’s go!

Creation of a financial consulting company website: what are the specific needs of a freelancer?

For a freelancer, web design needs to favour independence as well as be user-friendly. Our 15 years of experience in professional web design enable us to draw these conclusions.

That’s why we developed a tool for web design to enable every freelancer to start online easily and quickly, without mastering computer languages or spending a lot of money, just as if you hire a web agency or a freelancer for example.

Now let’s discover the main available solutions to create a professional business website.

Create a finance website: the current web solutions

To build your accounting company website, you can create it by yourself or urge an expert (agency or web designer).

Recruiting a professional will enable you to get a turnkey website with sophisticated developments, but it’ll be expensive (you might have to pay thousands of euros). It isn’t the best solution for small and medium businesses, professions, or freelancers.

On the contrary, creating your own business website is a cheaper option. You have two possibilities depending on your computing skill level:

👉 You have already created a website, and you master HTML y CSS language. In this case, you can use a CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.

Watch out
Info warning
It’s essential to have good technical skills because you manage everything from A to Z, especially security issues.

👉 You are a beginner in web design. In that case, use a website builder such as SiteW. As we have already said, there are online programs developed for the public, so that everyone can build their website easily with their mouse.  

Moreover, if you need help, our SiteW technical team helps you quickly and individually. 😊

build a finance website

Build an accounting company website with SiteW

Our online service enables you to create a professional website with your mouse. You just need to add and configure the different elements one by one, such as on a virtual construction set.

You also have the possibility to manage your finance website all by yourself. To that end, you just need to connect to the internet whenever you want and wherever you are. You update your business website by yourself, and you don’t need to ask a web design agency or a freelancer to edit your accounting firm website. It wouldn’t be the case if you asked an agency or freelancer.

In this way, you’ll create a unique and custom financial consulting company website, page after page, for a competitive price.

For example, our platform enables you to create a free showcase website as well as build a professional finance website for €12.50 per month, and add a system to sell online for €20.80 per month.

Create a business website

Create a business website easily

How to create a professional accounting firm website with our web design tool?

Our web design software uses the drag and drop system. You just need to move or click on the different blocks of your website, such as the design elements or the features you want to add to your pages.

You just need your mouse to edit your financial consulting company website. Each modification appears on the screen right before your eyes. It’s easy and fun. You don’t need either to get specific knowledge or to download anything.

To make your job easier, first, you choose a template according to your different criteria, and then you can customize it totally and easily.

Then you manage and update your websites as you please, whenever you are, wherever you want, with whomever you want (thanks to the collaborative management).

4 steps to design an accounting firm website and build an online presence

On our platform, you just need 4 steps to start creating your business website:

  • create an account with an email address

  • give a title to your website

  • choose your template among all the available options

  • select your package...

And you start the creation of your finance website by adding your contents.

create a business website

How to create a finance website?

For your accounting company, as an office accountant or a freelancer, our tool will make you successful online, especially if you follow these simple steps. 🥇

Design a business website to get higher visibility

The creation of a financial consulting company website will enable you to get known to the public. To that end, you will implement a basic strategy to boost your visits and the traffic on your websites.

SEO is the basis of this strategy, but the design of your website, the technical aspect and web marketing are the essential elements of your online success. They enable to catch visitors on your pages and convince them of the quality of your services.

Create a showcase website for your accounting company

Designing your accounting firm website will enable you to gather all the information about your financial consulting company in one custom, lasting place with a user-friendly presentation that will show your values and branding.

  • Your customers will save time as they’ll find the necessary information about your company easily.
  • You’ll also save time as you can send them directly to your website to get exhaustive information about your services, opening hours, prices, etc.

Make an accounting firm website: security and maintenance

Contrary to other platforms (such as a CMS for example), one of the main advantages of a website builder is that we take care of all the backup, maintenance, and security settings for free.

💡 Don’t worry if you create your finance website with our tool: the HTTPS/SSL protocol will secure all your websites. Therefore, you will be in accordance with the law, know the latest technology innovations and all the data of your website will be fully protected against breaches and intrusions.

Design a financial consulting company website, the essential features

You start web design: ensure you have all the essential features for your business and its specificities.

To build a business website and depending on your needs and wishes, you will have the possibility to use:

👉 custom forms (contact, quote request) to encourage your potential customers to buy quicker

👉 a calendar with appointment bookings if necessary to provide an additional service to your customers

👉 an online payment system if you need it

👉 a FAQ section to reassure your visitors and anticipate their questions and hesitations

👉 if necessary, it’ll be also possible to offer a forum or a blog about financial consulting or business administration to your users. It’ll not only be good for your SEO because Google likes the regular creation of new pages, but also to retain your customers who will search information on your specialist website.

👉 show a guest book or customer testimonials. Their opinion and feedbacks will reassure and convince hesitant people.

👉 you can also show your opening hours, contact information, postal address thanks to Google Maps. In that way, you give all the essential information about your office quickly.

Create a finance website

Creation of an accounting firm company: how to be effective online

As a web professional, we know all the tips of the internet, and we usually help our users build their digital success.

To be sure to be successful online and make your online presence profitable, ensure you have the right SEO and marketing tools. Ensure you can also manage your website and have access to features that suit your business sector.

Design a finance website: work on SEO

As we have already explained, SEO is the essential element of your online success.

And we already know that!

Ensure that you have all the necessary tools to handle your SEO strategy perfectly.

  • Book a domain name easily.

  • Add your keywords (keywords are the essential expressions related to your professional domain name and geographical location) to the metadata of your website and pages. Metadata is the specific description for search engines to make reading and web interpretation easier.

  • Write long, concise and well-structured pages (with titles, subtitles, paragraphs, links, tags…).

  • Have easy and immediate access to your statistics to draw effective and strategic conclusions for your website evolution.

  • Ensure you have a responsive and high-performance business website (that adapts to mobile browsing).

  • Ensure you can work on the structure of your website. A strong structure indeed is essential so that search engines browse your website correctly, without forgetting pages, to index it. A good website structure is also essential for your visitors so that they don’t get lost on your website and find the necessary information easily.

  • Implement your net linking, that is to say creating links to your website, on the internet and defining a mesh network of backlinks (with a coherent semantics) between your pages.

  • Improve your online reputation, for example, by adding a blog, a FAQ section, a comment thread or clickable buttons to your social network accounts.

Once you have caught visitors on your pages thanks to a powerful SEO strategy, your next step is to keep them on your website, and convince them you are the accountant they need.

create accounting firm website

Build a financial consulting company and web marketing website

Once you have a highly visible and user-friendly finance website that catches and keeps visitors on your pages, you will have the opportunity to start working on your conversion rate thanks to an effective web marketing strategy.

Once again, it will be easier if you have ad hoc tools:

🚀 Design features to create the appropriate user experience (path marked with visual indicators, links, and buttons…).

🚀 Add forms, icons, separators, animations, customization of colours, fonts, menus, page background… to work on your visual identity.

🚀 Customizable call-to-action buttons.

🚀 Interactive features such as forms, comments, a blog, or a forum.     

🚀 Add social proofs (customer opinions, FAQ, social networks, images, videos, galleries…).

🚀 Send email campaigns to create and maintain the link with your customers.

How to create your accounting firm website? Now you have all the answers.

We look forward to discovering your web creation! 💪

Anaïs Sautarel
As confident in the mountains as with foreign languages, our contents and tool travel around English-speaking and Spanish-speaking countries with me. 🌍

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