How to optimize your LinkedIn company page? [Guidelines]

November 24, 2021 - Anaïs Sautarel

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Jeff Weiner created LinkedIn in 2003 in California. LinkedIn is one of the biggest and oldest social network that puts professionals of the world in contact with each other.

With more than 660 million active members per month in the world, LinkedIn is a precursor to university students, graduates, and professionals. The 5 sectors that are mainly represented are information technology, public sector, marketing, advertising, and bank sector.

Here are some tips to master LinkedIn and use the platform to create and develop your online business.

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Why should you sign up to LinkedIn?

What if social networks improve your SEO? One of the first incentives to create your LinkedIn company page is that it enhances SEO. LinkedIn pages indeed rank high on search engines.

  • The platform offers online visibility to the qualified audience (mainly composed of active professionals) of the LinkedIn community.

  • The tool makes networking of the different professionals related to the company easier (former co-workers, customers, partners, other professionals of the sector, etc.).

  • The social network makes hiring opportunities easier and bigger.

According to a study led by Omnicoreagency, 92% of businesses (BtoB) use LinkedIn in their marketing strategy. That is to say, more than 30 million businesses use the platform. So save time and optimize your website SEO thanks to LinkedIn.

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How to use your LinkedIn profile to highlight your company?

  • Take care over your profile: Such as on a CV, your photo is essential and guarantor for your image (internet users like dealing with a true person). It must also look attractive and professional (remember to smile).

  • Adapt the images of your page to the news of your company.

  • Anticipate and define your objectives for each publication. Determine the number of clicks, comments, impressions of a publication as well as the number of people who shared the publication.

  • Encourage internet users to subscribe to your page. To that end, add a button to your website or send invitations to your professional contacts. SiteW offers you a Social network block to add a link button to LinkedIn to your website easily.

  • Ask your followers recommendations.

  • On LinkedIn service page, you can define different styles for your profile to suit your visitors’ characteristics (geographical area, age, job). It’s also possible to highlight your videos, infographics…

In 2018, LinkedIn had more than 575 million users and 45% of them signed in at least once a month. Nowadays, there are 660 million members in more than 200 countries.

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How to get new contacts?

In general, when you get to LinkedIn, first, import your knowledge from other platforms such as your mailboxes or other address books. You can do it directly on LinkedIn thanks to the Connect tab, or by importing text files or .csv.

Then add contacts by sending invitations directly from known users’ profile or those you want to connect with.

💡 When you add contacts, send a custom message to increase the chances of connecting with other users, especially if you don’t yet know them.

  • Take each opportunity to enhance your contact list. Be quick to react: add your new contacts quickly after virtual or real meetings.

  • Encourage your employees to update and enrich their LinkedIn profile.

  • Use groups to get easily closer to other users who share the same interests with you. This tool is also a good way to share your knowledge.
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Info stepup

👾 Growth hacking is a technic that consists in doing Dorking. Dorking refers to technics to exploit all the potential of search engines to get results which are invisible with a basic research. The goal is to look for specific persons (depending on their job, tag…) through corporate websites.

For example, using a royalty-free database is enough. You can opt for databases which list companies by size and business sector.

The Instant Data Scraper tool is very useful for this type of web scraping.

Then you can scrap information and collect it in .csv format.

Finally, import the file and automate invitations on LinkedIn Helper.

How to enhance your visibility?

  • In the Description section, choose the right keywords to optimize your page SEO. To that end, you can use our guide: Keywords and Google SEO: 5 minutes to know everything!

  • You can use the most followed hashtags which encourage your community to commit.

⚠️ Watch out! Don’t use too many hashtags. Use 3 hashtags per publication at the most.

  • In general, the status published in the morning generates higher commitments.

  • As on other social networks, users prefer visual contents (photos, graphics). However, an article without videos is more inclined to go viral than an article with a video. Use visual publications with impacting figures. 👇


Moreover, use the different types of formats LinkedIn puts at your disposal. They provide a fun way to share information: 👇

  • The articles with titles between 40 and 49 characters rank higher on LinkedIn. Moreover, to get more interactions (views, reactions, comments, etc.) thanks to your publications, write unique and interesting content and formulate your sentences well.

    • Don’t phrase your titles as questions: LinkedIn publications with titles phrase as questions aren’t popular.

    • According to LinkedIn metrics, the publications with such title “How to…” as well as clear and understandable lists of information work best.

Here is an example:

Instead of writing, “Do business schools breed arrogance?”, opt for:

“Business schools breed arrogance”

“X reasons why business schools breed arrogance”

“Why / How to business schools breed arrogance”

You can make the thesis and antithesis of your thought.

💡 The medium natural reach of your company page represents between 4% and 6% of your public. Therefore, you have to pay if you want to boost the visibility of one of your publications to your followers.

After publishing: boost commitment

  • The comments under your publications are essential as they offer more visibility than reactions, liked and shared contents.

  • You must count comments and reactions (not views) to evaluate the impact of your publications.

💡 To optimize your publication, answer or react to as many comments as possible to increase your reach.

  • Be active on the platform. Comment, share and react to group or follower’s publications to improve the relevance of your feed. You will learn from others, test and find new, interesting publications.

  • Make regular updates of your profile. Be active and reactive!

Here is the example of a CV published on LinkedIn: if you add a profile picture and a publication (text + hashtag), you’ll increase the number of followers, messages, and job offers. In this way, the publication goes viral, and we understand LinkedIn’s algorithm functioning.

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👾 Growth hacking tips: check Social Selling Index to improve your reach on LinkedIn. According to your profile, you’ll see the possible improvements and your long-term evolution.

To increase your reach, several influential profiles (with an interesting social selling index or comprehensive user profiles) must like your publication within one hour.

You can ask your co-workers regular reactions during the day. The algorithm needs to understand that each publication worths visibility, without disappearing in your feed.

How to take advantage of your contacts?

  • LinkedIn enables you to get additional information about the features and projects of professional players quickly: therefore, define your professionals precisely.

  • LinkedIn InMail (an internal email service for which you have to pay) enables you to get in touch with professionals, purchasing advisors and decision makers quickly and directly.

  • Keep up to date with your contacts’ news. It may be a good start to get in touch with them.

  • Consult the list of people who visited your profile. It may be a good start or justify a contact request.

  • If you want to spend time on the platform and make it a real lever, glance at the LinkedIn’s dedicated marketing solution. It’ll be possible to create custom ads depending on the public and get tips about good practice.

The basic elements you need to remember

Here are some rules of community management you need to remember:

👉 There are tools to help you get good results on LinkedIn. For example, Titletester is a platform to create different titles for your publications and then ask survey respondents to vote for the most convincing title (depending on gender, age, CSP…). You accede to a board of metrics to compare your results.

👉 Use a neutral and easy to understand tone. Avoid technical vocabulary suitable for your business sector.

👉 Write long contents between 1900 and 2000 words and share them on chat groups for example and encourage your followers to comment or react.

👉 In general, you’ll have more views if you publish on Thursday morning.

👉 Share your publications on social networks for higher visibility. It’d be better to publish on LinkedIn and then share your content on other platforms because LinkedIn represents more than 50% of social traffic to professional websites and B2B blogs.

👉 Be attentive to the features of the platform. You’ll find the appropriate features between many possibilities to reach your public. For example:

  • The feature for searching persons nearby is useful if you have a physical store, if you participate in an event or get in touch with one of your members during your business trips.

  • LinkedIn company pages have boards to analyse and follow your performances.

  • Groups are virtual rooms where you can talk about subjects or specific themes with professionals. Being part of these groups enables you to go further into subjects and develop your network with people with the same interests.

  • Recommend contacts and ask people to recommend you to develop your credibility and recognize your expertise.

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