Optimizing your LinkedIn business page: our best tips

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Manage LinkedIn business pageWith more than 200 billion members in the world, the professional social platform LinkedIn has been a precursor. It appeared in 2003 and is the undisputed leader in professional social networking. The five most represented sectors on this social network are the NTIC (New Technologies of Information and Communication), the public sector, Marketing and Finance.  Here are some tips to learn to master Linkedin, in order to use it to develop your company.

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Why sign up for LinkedIn?

  • One of the main reasons to create your company page on LinkedIn is that it alllows you to improve your SEO score.  Indeed, LinkedIn pages are very well ranked in search engine results.

  • This also allows you to obtain visibility from the LinkedIn Community which is interestingly composed of active professionals.

  • Moreover, it offers an easy networking of the various professionals related to your company (former employees, customers, partners, other professionals of your business sector…)

  • Eventually, it improves and widens your hiring possibilities.

How to use your LinkedIn profile to highlight your company?

  • Make your profile as attractive as possible: your photo is very decisive for it represents your image (it is important to make your visitors feel they are dealing with a real person). It must also look professional and appealing.

  • Vary the visuals of your page according to your company’s latest news.

  • Define in advance the reach goals for each post… Determine the number of clicks, comments, shares... that you want to reach.

  • Encourage your visitors to subscribe to your page by adding a button to your website or by sending invitations to your professional contacts. To do so, SiteW offers you a Social block allowing you to easily add a LinkedIn button to your website.

  • Ask your subscribers for recommendations.

  • On the “Services” page, you can modify the settings of your profile according to your visitors’ characteristics (location, age, job). You can also highlight your videos, your infographics...

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20 ways to improve your business page

How to gain new suscribers?

  • Take every opportunity to widen your relationship network. Be quick to react: add your new contacts quickly after you meet them, whether it be offline or online.

  • Encourage your employees to update and improve their LinkedIn profile.

  • You can also use the LinkedIn groups which will allow you to get in touch with users who share the same areas of interest as you. This tool is also a means to share your knowledge.

How to improve your visibility?

  • Posts published in the morning are generally more read and shared.

  • Just like on the other social networks, visual contents (photos, videos) are more appreciated.

  • LinkedIn offers a good insights tool.

How can I take advantage of LinkedIn?

  • LinkedIn allows you to quickly know more about what professionals do and about what they are planning to do. Take this opportunity to precisely target your professional connections.

  • Inmails (a LinkedIn paid messaging service) will allow you to get in touch more easily with influential professionals.

  • Keep up with your contacts’ latest news, for it may be a good way to get in touch with them.

  • You can also check the list of the people who visited your profile. This can be a good way to get in touch with them too.

Last update: December 18, 2020

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