Create And Manage Your Professional Email Addresses On SiteW

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On SiteW, you can create email addresses related to your domain (mailbox or email forwarding), and easily manage them.

To manage your domain emails, go to the My domains page, then click on “Email”.
Your emails can be managed by SiteW (mailbox or email forwarding), or by a third party provider (for example, G Suite…).

How to create professional email addresses?

If you let SiteW manage your emails, you can add up to 10 email addresses per site, depending on your package.
To create an email address:
Click on “Add a new email address”
Choose to create either a mailbox, or an email forwarding

How to manage your created email addresses ?

If you create a mailbox, you will then be able to easily manage it, in your SiteW account:

  • Clicking on “Mail application setup” will allow you to see the current configuration of your mailbox, as well as your mailbox password.
  • You can modify your password, by clicking on “Change password”

If you create an email forwarding to the address of your choice, however, be careful, because email redirections can lead to reception problems. Indeed, in this case, spam filters cannot authenticate the sender, and these emails are often sent to spam folders.
That’s why we would rather recommend you to create a mailbox, and add it from your Outlook or Gmail account. To know how to do it, feel free to read our dedicated article: Pro email address.
You can delete the created email addresses: email redirections will be instantly destroyed. Email addresses will be maintained during 30 days, and then definitely deleted, as well as their content.

You now know how to create and manage your professional email addresses on SiteW.

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