New identity for SiteW, we've changed the form, not the substance

November 09, 2021 - Claire Tourtoulou

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                A little history

Before we get started, if you are not familiar with SiteW, here is the simplest definition: SiteW is a company that allows you to create a website, and that thinks first of its users.

SiteW was born in 2007 from a simple observation. Creating a website was then a complicated operation and the experience was often difficult.

Now, let's talk about the main problem: allowing everyone to create a website easily and independently.

Since then, our product has evolved to meet different needs. Our brand had to evolve as well.  

Creating a website is often perceived as constraining, based on an opaque and unpleasant relationship.

At SiteW, we believe that creating a website should always be easy, enjoyable and affordable.

Although SiteW is an online solution, it is above all a human adventure between us and our users.

For several years, we have developed our project based on strong values like kindness, transparency, responsibility, responsiveness, coherence, humility.

We had to rethink the way we present our brand.

Well! We can't wait to show you our new identity!

cat gif

Our new identity  

We have been looking for the best way to represent SiteW.

Our communication has always been transparent, empathetic and optimistic.

Everyday we try to provide a quality service. We are passionate, concerned and aware of our responsibility for the success of our customers’ projects. We needed to be quickly recognizable, using consistent and impactful visuals.

New mascot, new logo, new colors. We are very happy to present to you the best version of ourselves.

Welcome Wetis

Our new mascot!  

sitew mascot

Wetis is a yeti.

We worked with Laurence Richard to create a perfect design. Wetis is a full-fledged member of the team and you can find him everywhere on our website. It is designed as an extension of ourselves, as an extension of our image.

It will accompany you while creating your website. Transparent, empathetic and optimistic. Wetis is here to help you move mountains for your project.

Its name was not chosen at random, Wetis is SiteW in reverse.

(we've been working on it so that you can say: "I knew it").

Our logo

New look, new logo. Goodbye blue, hello purple!

sitew logo

This logo is the new design for SiteW. We wanted our mascot to subtly appear in our logo.

The dot of the I and the bar of the T resemble the facial features of Wetis.


sitew logo

A more creative color, more elegant and more in line with what we want to convey.

This purple color (#6C4EE4) has become the main color of SiteW since Tuesday, May 11.


 sitew font

A rounded font.


sitew design

We have chosen a color that represents our desire to go beyond the technical and technological part of our business.

Although SiteW is an online solution, we want to make a difference.

We chose the purple color, but the blue color has not disappeared. Now let’s summarize the meaning of our colors:

  • Blue: security.
  • Light blue: associated with our product.
  • Green: serenity and nature.
  • Yellow: simplicity and financial aspect.
  • Orange: speed and freedom.
  • Pink: assistance and human relations.

This is how we use the colors of our design.


icons sitew

Our tone

Our tone is directly linked to our culture. These are our objectives:

  • Show empathy and sincerity
  • Break the formalities without breaking your ears
  • Get rid of technical jargon
  • Be recognizable

In concrete terms, it looks like this:

sitew tone

If you want to give your opinion, we will listen to you with pleasure:

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