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Easiest way to build a website

SiteW is an easy to use website builder: you’ll build your own website as if you were making a puzzle

Easy to create websites

You have wanted to build your own website for a long time but you feel restricted by your lack of computing skills? The easy free website builder will help you make your own web page in a snap, even though you don’t know much about computers.

The secret of our easy website creator: a tailor-made assistance

The free web creation system of SiteW is called Drag and Drop and allows to drag the elements of your website simply with your mouse. Moreover, SiteW offers a free assistance during the whole webpage creation process, whether it is with the FAQ, the online help or even by email for any specific question.


An email, a password and get started. Start your website creation easily.


Drag and drop blocks to build your website. Combine business with pleasure with SiteW.


A solution for all budgets and skill levels, technically accessible and affordable.

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Start quickly and create the website of your dreams. Fewer efforts, fewer difficulties, more results.
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Easiest free website builder

Building a webpage is now as easy as ABC with the SiteW easy website builder

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Easy and free website builder

Building your website and making your work, your ideas or your passions known are finally accessible to everyone. You have at your disposal all the elements you need (images, videos, text…) that allow you to create a free webpage in the simplest way. It is free and with no time limits.

Easy website templates

The free easy website builder of SiteW will allow you to build your website for free without spending hours trying to understand web development. You are the sole manager of the website you created: you can update it the way you want and remain fully independent.

SiteW is definitely the easiest way to build a website
Find out the advantages of using our easy website builder
Intuitive solution

You are ready to create your website in the easiest and most intuitive way possible. Our team improves the tool every day, so you can focus on essentials.

Any feedbacks, comments, suggested improvements, write to us! What matters to you also matters to us.

Unlocked creation

Finally, you create a professional quality website just like you. You do exactly what you devise without technical constraints.

Enjoy the wider creative freedom as possible for your website. Our drag and drop editor gives you the possibility to do what you want without difficulties.

Committed company

Behind the men and women who form our team, there is a wish for commitment to a lasting change, for participation in the creation of a better world on our scale.

By using our solution for your web project, you take part directly in this beautiful committed experience.

Optimized SEO

We must be transparent. Creating a well-ranked website on search engines is essential but difficult. On SiteW, your website is naturally optimized. However, good SEO is time consuming and requires knowledge.

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula, but, fortunately, there are methods and tips to use.

Ensured security

For 10 years, we are offering a secure solution. We are ensuring that you, your website and your visitors are protected.

Your website, as thousands of other users’, is secure by us. You don’t need to think about it.

Human support

We are an online and human-run service company. We have a human face and we talk to our users from person to person.

Creating a website with SiteW is to make sure of being helped for your project success.

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