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You are organizing your birthday party or a party for a friend, and you are feeling a bit overwhelmed? Create a party website, an event site or a birthday website with SiteW: it can be a lifesaver! You will be able to design invitations online in only a few mouse clicks. You can add as many useful elements as you need to your custom birthday invitation templates: personal details, interactive location map, date and time with a countdown timer… And it will be an original, creative and personal way to invite your friends.

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You are planning to organize a party or a family reunion? Consider doing it online. To do so, make an event website with all the necessary information and the gadgets you need: you will be able to make your own invitations online for free, create an online poll to ask for your friends’ opinion, add a reply form to know who is coming to your party, etc. All in all, the SiteW event website builder functions a bit like a free online invitation maker, that makes your life easier and enables you to organize a great party.

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August 27 2018, 07:56 5/5
Great website for beginners...
I almost create all my websites with SiteW.com. I love it !
April 14 2018, 11:06 5/5
Perfect tool for website...
Perfect tool for website creation. Tool ergonomics and intuitiveness enable you to create your own website, if you wish taking your inspiration from examples available on SiteW. Sales and technical teams are very dynamic. SiteW.com is a company I really recommend.
Xavier deltrieu
August 01 2018, 10:42 5/5
People who help via chat are... and the website design is...
People who help via chat are very nice. They clearly explain, the website is well engineered and very easy to use. The templates are very good and attractive. I really recommend this website and I wish you every success.
Anonym hack
July 02 2017, 10:37 4/5
You can do many things but...
You can do many things but you need be patient as everything is not necessarily intuitive.
Daphilde bijoux
August 28 2018, 01:43 4/5
Perfect for beginners
Perfect for beginners.
Thierry joubert
August 25 2018, 16:03 5/5
Thank you for this website! i am not a great...
Thank you for this website! I am not a great expert but I manage. Message, problem: I cry for help. Thank you for your reliability.
April 27 2018, 04:48 5/5
The platform is very easy...
The platform is very easy to use. You can wholly customize the website. The support team is fast and high-performance. I recommend it.
Oceane coutellec
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Event template

Your e party invitations super easy with SiteW

Baby shower templates

How to create an event website? It is much easier when you have the right tools: with SiteW, you are sure to create a birthday website quickly and easily. The elements of your party blog can be added with a simple mouse move: images, videos, music, Google Map, countdown timer, reply forms, weather widget…. You will have everything you need for your party website design.

Party templates

SiteW can be compared to a custom free digital invitation maker. Indeed, you will be able to create birthday invitations online, as well as instantly notify your guests of any change, give them the necessary information and exchange with them through contact form, chat or forum. After the party, you will be able to share photos, videos, audio recordings or stories with your friends.

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  • Interactivity

    How to make an event website? It is easy as ABC with our interactive features: chat, forum, forms, comments...
  • No ads

    Your baby shower website won’t contain any advertising: thus your visitors won’t be bothered at all.
  • Web design

    Customize your free invitation templates according to your tastes: it is very easy with the SiteW tools.
  • Assistance

    If you need some advice or help to know how to make a birthday website, just send us an email!
  • Hosting

    Your birthday blog will be hosted for free and in a secure way on our high performing Cloud technology.
  • Evolutive

    With SiteW, make your own invitations online. If you want more storage after the party, upgrade in 1 click.
  • Confidentiality

    Your event webpage can be protected by a password or by restricted access. You decide who can read it.
  • Responsive

    Your anniversary website will be accessible from any connected device: pc, tablets, smartphones...

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