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How to customize the style of the text?

The Text blocks use predefined styles This allows you to quickly and easily customize the style of several Text blocks at once, while keeping your website attractive. This feature also allows to create a totally custom style for your Text blocks (colors, borders, shadows, size, etc.).

To customize your text:

  • Start with selecting your Text block
  • Go to the "Design" tab (green panel) on the left
  • Click on the "Choose a style" button, and select the style that better fits your needs, by clicking on the palette icon (on the right side of the line)
  • You can now add style options in the green panel for the block background, title and paragraph.

To get more information about this useful feature, feel free to read our guide.

Please note that, once a custom style has been created, the next Text blocks to be added will automatically get this style.

If you wish, you can create you own style, starting from a blank base, by clicking on the button "Create a new block style", that you can find in your style list. The Starter package allows the creation of 1 additional custom style; The Premium and Pro packages offer an unlimited number of custom styles.

You will find additional information, as well as illustrations, on the page