How to prepare your online store for Christmas?

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In 2013, more than 62.11 billion US dollars were spent on the Internet before Christmas. And this year, Christmas sales should account for more than 23% of total E-commerce sales of the year. Christmas is thus a key period for all online retailers. Here are some tips that will help you prepare your online store for holiday season.

prepare you webstore and sell lots of christmas gifts
Christmas is a key period for online retailers

The Christmas spirit for your online store

  • During Christmas holiday, your onlineshop should match the Christmas colors and spirit. Customize your homepage: you can modify the buttons, colors and pictures for the occasion. Enhance your packages, your private sales, your services such as guaranteed delivery before Christmas. You can also organize themed weeks or display an advent calendar. Your social media pages can also match the Christmas spirit. By creating your online store with SiteW, the website creation tool allows you to easily customize your webstore, without any technical knowledge required, thanks to our Widget block for instance, which will enable you to add ribbons, shapes, customized titles and buttons.. to your online store.

  • You can also add a little extra to your parcels by adding some christmassy goodies (candies, postcards…).

  • Holding a treasure hunt-like contest consisting of searching a symbol or a mascot among all your webtore’s pages can be a good way to make your customers browse through your whole onlineshop and see all of your products. You can for example hide this mascot in one of your product descriptions.

  • During holiday season, most of the purchases are meant to be gifts, so it is important to give the possibility to your customers to add a personal message to their parcel. The cart options allow you to do so and to offer some (paid) extras as well, like an additionnal gift wrapping service.

  • Your Customer Service should also get christmassy: don’t forget to wish a merry christmas to your customers in your emails as well as on the phone if you do have a phone service.

Prepare your onlineshop for Christmas
Prepare for selling online during holiday season

Gift cards and holiday discounts

  • It is better to provide your gift cards in a concrete form and to make them attractive. Your customers will appreciate to have something nice to personally offer to their loved ones. Try to offer a (paid) gift box for delivery. To do so, you can use the product options of our Webtore block.

  • Run specific promotions and play with the sense of urgency of your customers. Keep organized in the management of your promotions by setting up a schedule which sums up your promotion details and dates.

Logistics managementfor your online store

  • It is essential to manage your stocks and prepare for pre Christmas rush.

  • As far as delivery is concerned, plan express shipping for the days right before Christmas for latecomers.

  • You can negotiate reduced prices with your haulier, and thus lower your shipping costs during holiday season.

  • Free returns are often very appreciated by customers.

tips for preparing my webstore for holiday season
How to prepare my webstore for Christmas time?


  • Wednesday and Sundays are generally generating the most sales some time before Christmas. Consequently manage your emailing.

  • Christmas time is the perfect opportunity to use community management: offer discounts, free delivery, a free gift for all order, etc. on social media.

  • Showcase your best selling products.

  • Don’t forget to add share buttons to your webstore. With SiteW, you will be able to easily add a Social block to your online store, which will allow your customers to share their purchases on social media.

  • Create a page of gift ideas on your onlineshop or give gift ideas on your social media pages by showcasing your star products. Use your sales history to determine which products are the most likely to be sold during holiday season.


You now know everything you need to prepare your online store for Christmas. Ready, set, go!


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