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August 17, 2022 - Anaïs Sautarel

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Contrary to 2020, online sales should increase of 7% this year. More than 1.2 billion dollars should be spent during the holiday season throughout the world. (Source: Salesforce)

The holidays are a key period for all online store managers. Here are some tips to help you prepare your online store for Christmas and New Year. 🎄 

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Give the spirit of Christmas to your online store

Use different graphics and colours

The holiday season is the best time to play with the design of your online store. Release your creativity and add Christmas colours to your store.

You can customize your homepage: add buttons with Christmas colours as well as illustrations to stand out from the competition thanks to a limited content for the holidays.

Release your creativity
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Highlight your packages, private sales and services such as the delivery before Christmas and New Year. Propose thematic weeks or display an Advent calendar, so your customers know about all your commercial operations.

Don’t forget your social networks! They can also be festive.

The SiteW web design tool enables you to reorganize your online store quickly. You don’t need technical knowledge to use the Widget block to add shapes, strips, titles, custom buttons… to your online store.

Please your customers

You can have attentions for your customers and add Christmas goodies to your packages (sweets, postcards…). Enjoy Christmas and New Year to improve user experience and develop your customer relation.

👉 Organize a contest like a “treasure hunt” on your store. The visitors who find a symbol or a mascot on your pages will win the prize. Your customers will probably enjoy this little game that will encourage them to visit the other pages of your store.

You can also think about the family and friends of your customers!

Make the difference
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During the holidays, most purchases are Christmas gifts. Enable your customers to add a little note to their package. The cart options give you the possibility to add this feature easily or a gift wrap, for example.

Moreover, you can prepare goodies and then add them to the packages to offer your customers a gift.

Don’t forget to wish your customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. In your newsletter or a special email, make the difference, sparing a thought for your customers.

💡 You can also call your customers and make them happy.

Define special offers and gifts

During Christmas and New Year, you can develop new services for your online store.

Gift cards

You can send them by email or in a beautiful envelope. Gift cards and vouchers win unanimous support underneath the Christmas tree.

👉 Pay attention to their presentation with an original design and a nice wrap. Your customers will like offering a beautiful gift in person. A little note in the package or a promo code for the beginning of the year may encourage your customers to reorder.

Pay attention to the delivery by offering a special gift wrap option (free or not) with the options of the Store block.

Special offers

Use the sense of urgency and the gifts race to organize special offers on your online store.

Make an agenda with your special offers to always keep an eye on them. By organizing your offers correctly, you will just have advantages.

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Manage the logistics of your online store

Logistics is very important for the holiday season. Therefore, anticipate your stocks to avoid the Christmas rush.

Think about delivery options

You can offer express delivery to the customers who make last minute shopping, and those who can’t wait to receive their gifts. If you are organized, you can define different delivery options and meet most of your customers’ needs.

However, a special delivery might increase the price, but it’s possible to suggest different options for your customers or negotiate with your transporter to enjoy a preferential tariff.

Beware of small errors

If you aren’t familiar with the person, you might take the wrong size or colour. You can suggest free returns to play it safe for your customers.

Develop your communication for Christmas

Prepare your email campaigns

👉 Internet users buy more on Wednesdays and Sundays. Therefore, prepare your emails and email campaigns.

Remember the arrival of the holiday season in your newsletter. You can also send an “One News” email for the holidays to present your promotions and wish a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Don’t forget your social networks

Focus your attention on community management. It’s the best time to stand out on social networks. 💪

Develop your community by offering specific discounts or free shipping costs to your followers. Create competitions with specific participation conditions, such as subscribing to your account or sharing it to your family and friends.    

Highlight your main products: sing the praises of your products and their characteristics on specific publications.

Transform your website

As said before, you should change the design of your website. After adding Christmas colours, work on its content.

You can add buttons to your website so that your customers directly share their orders and gifts.

You just need to add a Social block and link your online store with your social networks with a few clicks.

Create a page with gift ideas on your online store, or suggest gift ideas on your social networks by highlighting your main products. You can use the history of your sales to define your bestsellers and the products which might interest your customers during the holidays.

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Now you know everything you need to prepare your online store for Christmas. 🎄

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Last update: August 17, 2022

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