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February 13, 2023 - Frédérique Biau

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The number of digital buyers worldwide has increased by over one billion between 2014 and 2021. 

And, if you have an online store, you know that e-commerce is becoming more and more important.

Therefore, the question of the payment system is essential.

Indeed, it is the final step of the purchase process. Thus it should be:

  • Customizable,

  • Secure,

  • Adapted to your store.

Find out everything about online payment systems: types of solutions, questions to ask yourself before choosing your solution, best options to be taken...

The best payment solutions

If you want to create an online store and add a payment system to it, you will probably immediately think of Paypal.

However, there are more and more of them and they all have different features:

  • Fully customizable,

  • Easy to use,

  • With or without contacting a bank,

  • Or even environmentally friendly.

In short, there is something for everyone and every kind of online store.

But, before listing our favorite solutions, let's clarify a point...

Types of payment solutions


There are several types of solutions:

  • Distance selling systems,

  • Full-service solutions,

  • Solutions without a distance selling contract

But don't go away just yet, let's’ find out more about these systems

Distance selling system

The distance selling system is the most basic and classic.

With this type of solution, you must take the steps to contact the bank of your choice and sign two contracts:

  • One to affirm that the chosen bank is the provider of the payment solution

  • And a second one to set up online sales and allow you to use the payment service

So, with an online sales solution (VAD), you have a secure bank you trust to set up online payment on your online store.

Full-service solution

This is the easiest and most intuitive solution.

It follows the same principle as the classic solution we just mentioned...

... Except that it takes care of the relation between the customers and the bank.

Moreover, it ensures your company’s security by adopting a strict and uncompromising strategy towards fraud or non-payment. You are therefore reassured and protected in all cases.

However, these optimal solutions are not without a downside: they are generally more expensive than a classic distance selling system, where you contact the bank yourself.

Solution without a distance selling contract

Finally, you will find more affordable online payment solutions that do not require a bank account: full-service solutions without distance selling.

These solutions allow you to receive and send money without going through a bank...

... But, they take a commission on your sales.

Their price is therefore proportional to your sales.

Some of these solutions charge large commissions, and others can be relatively profitable. However, you need to be properly informed to know how much commission you will give them based on your sales.

You now know different e-commerce and online payment solutions.

Now we come to the big question that (almost) everyone is asking:

What are the best online payment systems?

We have listed them all below! 👇

5 must-have solutions

Amazon Pay

Among the most well-known solutions, Amazon Pay is in an excellent position.

 amazonpay logo

Amazon’s payment service can be adapted to both small and large businesses.

Indeed, its pricing depends on the amount of payments you expect to receive per month, which defines different categories of e-retailers. For example, in the UK:

  • Less than £50,000. In this case, you can use Amazon Pay for a £0.30 authorization fee and a 2.7% processing fee

  • More than £50 00. In this case, you have to contact the service.

In addition to being a solution without a distance selling contract, it highlights two important points of e-commerce:

  • The ability to pay with different currencies if your market is international,

  • Optimal security to protect users' payment data.

What's the advantage of this solution? It uses voice recognition technology that allows you to improve the functionality of your online store, by enabling payment by voice for example.

✔️In addition to its security and diversity, Amazon Pay offers an optimized mobile version.

❌ It can be dehumanizing for small, local online stores that have a very strong relationship  with their customers.


On the other hand, among the most well-known and used payment solutions, there is PayPal.

Elon Musk's company (yes, he's everywhere) is the leader of the industry with over 80 percent of the market share.

The system allows automatic payment, is easy to use for both businesses and consumers.

If you have an online store, you only need to create a "Business" account on Paypal to receive transactions, following purchases on your website.

Adding PayPal does not require any contract, and is completely free.

This is a full-service solution, but without a distance selling contract, you do not need to use a bank. On the other hand, PayPal charges commissions on sales for each financial transaction sent to a trading partner.

✔️ PayPal is secure and extremely easy to use, while being free.

❌ The percentage charged on sales can quickly add up as your company grows.


This service created in 2015 is increasingly competing with its predecessors mentioned above.


 hipay logo

Indeed, HiPay is a full-service system without a distance selling contract, like its competitor PayPal.

In addition to being a European company, HiPay has a range of important advantages:

  • Optimized and agile solution, adapted to all screens.

  • It is fully customizable and allows you to offer a custom payment method to your customers.

  • It has an advanced anti-fraud system to secure the payment information on your website.

  • It is suitable for both small and large companies.

And that's not all!

It also provides you with a multitude of payment methods and currencies for the development of your store.

✔️ HiPay offers an intuitive and optimized interface to create new sales channels.

❌ Its commission rates are not the cheapest available in the online retail industry.


The company Leetchi has developed a new web  ̶f̶r̶u̶i̶t̶  tool: MangoPay.

 mangopay logo

Simplicity and security are the keywords of the online payment solution.

MangoPay capitalizes on:

  • Security: MangoPay is committed to being up to date on international standards to ensure the protection of your business and consumers

  • International: This solution offers you a lot of currencies to expand your business.

  • Ease of use for merchants: By using MangoPay, you only have to sign one contract.

Plus there are no set-up fees or commitments. Like any full-service without a contract, MangoPay takes a commission on your sales.

✔️ MangoPay uses white label technology to allow the terminal to easily adapt to your design.

❌ The number of different currencies available is less important than some larger competitors.


An American company of Irish origin, Stripe is a perfect online payment solution for advanced users.

stripe logo

Stripe is a service with a contract that offers a multitude of features...

... without writing a single line of code.

Indeed, Stripe is all about simplicity.

Distance selling is compulsory, you need a bank to use this service.

Like all other payment methods, the company focuses on security to protect customer data.

✔️ Its interface is fully customizable so you can offer your customers a secure payment method.

❌ Stripe is almost exclusively in English, which may hinder non-English speakers.

From the most powerful to the most affordable, from the most powerful to the simplest, you now know the best online payment solutions for your store.

💡 If you have created a site with SiteW, you can install these systems easily by using the appropriate block!

Before you choose the one that attracts you the most, do you really know...

How to choose your online payment solution?

Indeed, to choose the best payment methods for your e-commerce business, you have a lot of choices.

However, in order to see more clearly and adopt the best solution for your business, you need to ask yourself certain questions.

Do you know your user habits?

Are they used to buying online?

On the contrary, do they need to be guided and reassured throughout the purchase process in order not to lose them along the way?

As we have seen, some systems are more intuitive, easier to use or more secure for users.

In addition, you should also find out which payment methods are most commonly used.

Even if a majority of shoppers prefer paying by card, others will prefer to pay by:

  • gift cards,

  • coupons,

  • direct debits,

  • online wallets,

  • cash...

To enable sales on your e-commerce website without being reluctant or doubtful, you must offer many possibilities.

You will increase your conversion rate, flexibility, and your audience loyalty.

And finally, check the mobile version of the service.

paiement mobile

Purchasing from mobile devices represents an increasing share of the e-commerce market.

Once again, to meet the expectations of the majority of consumers, the service must be responsive and should fit all types of screens.

Determine the location of your target audience.

Is your business local, national or global in scope?

Would you like to expand your business abroad?

If this is the case, and you are planning to expand your business, you must take this into account wen choosing your payment system.

Indeed, some buyers don't accept foreign transactions. It is the same for your shipping provider, you need to make sure that the company and its service are right for you in the long run.

The price of the solution

Obviously, the question of price is central to your choice of payment solution.

Depending on your budget, and on the growth and evolution of your business, you'll choose one option or the other.

And, most importantly, determine the long-term cost of the service.

If you want to use a full-service (without a distance selling contract), such as Paypal, your costs can double depending on your revenue.

It is therefore essential to budget for your solution to make sure that you won't have any unpleasant surprises at the end.

Customizing the payment system

It may be a detail for you, but for your customers it means a lot.

The solution you choose will already be used by millions of other merchants before you.

Thus, the question of customization of your payment system is essential.

For many consumers, buying online is an anonymous process, as it is totally cut off from human contact.

By customizing your payment system, you put all the chances on your side to offer a pleasant and professional customer and user experience.

The level of security

The last, but not the least...


It is essential on the Internet, especially on an e-commerce website.

So, if you have the financial means, always go for the most secure and optimized option.

This is reassuring for consumers, but also good for your ranking in the Google search results.

You have seen it: the choice of your payment solution is essential to increase

 your conversions and create an image of trust for your company,

It's no longer a secret for you: you have all the cards in hand to choose the payment solution best suited to your business transactions!

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