E-Retailers: Analyze Your Sales And Improve The Conversion Rate

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Free web templatesOnce you have created your online store and you have promoted your website, you still have to convince your visitors to buy your products and services, which is far from being easy. It is essential to study your visitors’ behaviour in order to improve your website and increase your sales. In this article, we will tell you about the conversion rate : what is it? How to calculate it? How to improve it? There exist several ways of doing this, we will first study the Calls to action, a very efficient tool. Firstly, we will study their appearance and in our next article, we will see their content and placement.

The conversion rate

The conversion rate is the ratio of your total number of visitors to the number of visitors who did purchase one of your products or who performed a specific action on your website. For instance, if you have 1000 visitors, 30 of whom purchased one of your products, your conversion rate is 30/1000=3%. Thus it is essential to get the highest possible conversion rate.

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How to increase your click rate?

How can I improve my conversion rate?

There exist different ways to generate more clicks and thus to increase your sales. Here is a tool that will help you increase your revenue.

The Calls to Action

What we call Calls to Action (or CTA) are buttons, links or visuals that urge your visitors to perform specific actions (subscription, purchase, click…). These CTA are very important for they influence the conversion rate and thus your sales. With our Button block, you can easily add all kinds of custom buttons to your website. You can choose their shape, their size and their color.

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create an efficient call to actionVarious examples of Calls to Action

What should your CTA look like?

A CTA must be very visible, it must be seen right away and stand out from the rest of the website. This difference may be based on various parameters:

  • Size: A main CTA will generally be bigger than the other CTA. It is commonly said to be about 20% bigger than the logo.

  • Color: Try to use bright colors for your CTA (green, orange and yellow buttons are good converters), the most important being that they stand out fom the rest of the website. Be careful though not to choose colors that may affect the aesthetics of your website. Hence the interest of a soft colored website with easy-to-match colors. If you are unsure about which color to choose, you can carry out tests of the same duration and see which one is the most effective. You can use Google Analytics to analyze the statistics of your website and update your website depending on the results.

  • Typography : You can use a different font for CTA. Don’t hesitate to add effects like 3D or shadow letters.

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You now know how to calculate and optimize your conversion rate. You can now begin to design your CTA. Don’t miss our next article to learn how to place them.


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