The 9 logo trends to know in 2022

March 02, 2023 - Frédérique Biau

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New year, new logo.

In 2021, we saw the biggest brands get a makeover, like Burger King, Peugeot or Pfizer. Do you want to give your brand a makeover? To be at the forefront of web design, let us go through the current logo trends that are hot in the market.

How to create an original, recognizable, effective, sober logo? In any case, your logo must be both modern and timeless.

Here are some logo trends to consider in 2022 to be modern and effective. 

Below, you will find the top 9 web design trends explained in more detail. 👇

Use retro fonts

Your logo is an integral part of the website design, so it is quite important.

Already present in 2021, retro fonts continue to be trending in 2022...

...and more than ever!

Companies are increasingly making the choice of a strong serif font, with relief and movement

On the web, this trend works very well, as we can see on the website of Welcome to the jungle that uses it for its logo:

welcome to the jungle

✏️. To adopt this trend, you can choose one of the following fonts:





Seaside Resort

seaside resort

Old Gate Lane

old gate lane

Thanks to tools like Google Fonts, 1001fonts or Dafont, you can easily browse through a multitude of different typefaces and choose your font.

You can also hire a graphic designer to create a font for you to further assert your style.

However, to use a retro font when creating your logo, think about these elements:

  1. Does it match my message?

  2. Does it fit with my brand?

  3. Will I get tired of it?

If you like this type of font, head over to Google Fonts and start your search for a logo.

The 3D effect is still in fashion

 The era of flat design is still being completed by the 3D effect in 2022.

This effect can be seen in several types of 3D models:

The parallax effect

Do you remember the parallax effect? Widely used from 2011, it has fallen into oblivion because of its ubiquity and its lack of control. It slowed down the pages loading and, consequently, altered the ranking.

But it is back stronger than ever and could be an ally of choice if it is well used. It consists in making the background scroll slower than the foreground, giving a 3D effect. It can be used for a logo to give it originality and depth, or to highlight its relief.

However, this effect requires mastery or the help of an expert.


Neomorphism is the combination of minimalism and 3D. It consists in giving relief to a plain background by creating shadows, like this:

logo trends

Simply put, it looks a lot like the Apple brand design. And, if you know how to use graphic design tools like Photoshop, this kind of effect is not that complicated to reproduce. Several tutorials exist, and some professionals specialize in this type of design.

In addition ...
Info def
... it allows you to obtain a great effect and leave the flat and classic minimalism we already know.

It is then up to you to use it as you wish!

To use the 3D effect for a logo, don't forget that it requires the work of a professional. Indeed, logos in 3D require animation, time to be created, and the construction of a universe.

But, your 3D logo will be original, strong and differentiating!

Still in the vintage spirit (badge), the round format is more and more used to create new logos.

The round format can be easily adapted to different media: as a digital signature, as a watermark on photos, on business cards ...

Many brands have adopted this trend, like Starbucks, but also WordPress or Pinterest:

starbucks logo

If you also want to use a badge logo, think about these elements:

The round format takes up a lot of space

Indeed, a badge logo cannot contain many details. To be effective, it should be minimalist.

To use it, you need to find the right combination to get your message across while being readable and recognizable.

The difficulty of the format

If you want to create your logo on your own, this format may require a bit more technique to fit the elements into the available space. However, with tools like Canva, you can easily add rounded text to fit your logo.


Besides, since the badge logo needs to be subtle and minimal while being powerful, why not combine it with this trend… 👇

Negative design

Negative design consists of creating shapes and meanings against a background.

The most famous example is surely the non-profit WWF with its panda in negative style, or the Spartan Golf Club’s logo, which represents a spartan soldier as well as a golf player.


The use of the negative has a multitude of advantages:

  • It lends itself to symbols

... Especially to symbolism and imagination. Negative design allows you to include different symbols in your logo without weighing it down.

  • It allows you to be subtle

Indeed, negative design is very delicate and subtle, and allows you to create logos that are both minimalist and assertive. However, the combination of negative spaces can be visually confusing, so ask around if your logo is understandable.

  • This style is original and modern

A well-thought-out negative design should be modern and original, and fit your brand's personality.

Keep in mind
Info stepup
The use of negative space doesn't allow you to use many details and colors. To be effective, your negative logo should also work in black and white and at any size.

So, negative design is a good choice that is both minimal and strong. But it requires thinking to be meaningful and subtle...

...A difficult work but worth it!

Diversify your logo to create several of them

Another trend to follow to create your logo in 2022 is...

... to create several logos.

Of course, each logo must have the same style and fit into the same graphic dynamic.

But having many logos allows you to be more versatile and adapt to all formats.

The most used is to have a typographic logo and an icon, like Pinterest:

pinterest logo

If you see the typography or icon, you know you're dealing with Pinterest.

To create multiple logo variations, you can use, among other things:

A typography 

A typographic logo consists of the company's name in a stylized type. You must choose a font according to your style and the message you want to convey.

An abbreviation of your name

It can be the first letters, only the consonants, the first and the last letter of your name... An abbreviation written in your brand font can be another version of your logo which is still in the same style.

An icon

Just like Pinterest, you can also create an icon in the colors of your brand. This icon should be perfectly recognizable and identifiable.

A mascot

Finally, you can also use a mascot as the representative of your brand and as a logo variation. However, mascots are widely used by brands and, if you make this choice, make sure to call a professional to design the perfect mascot

Keep in mind that creating multiple logos will obviously require more work. All your logos should be independently recognizable as belonging to the same brand.

Therefore, make sure to hire a good graphic designer for this type of project!

The cartoon style

If the tone of your company is fun and colloquial, you can also choose a cartoon logo. This type of 2D logo is often a mascot that personifies your brand, and brings energy to your company.

You can find this style on various modern websites, such as at SiteW:

sitew logo

This style of logo can match your brand because:

👉 It can be made easily

With simple shapes and a little imagination, cartoon design can easily fit any business.

👉 It gives personality and character

Despite everything, cartoon design gives personality unlike a neutral font for example. It fits very well with a mascot.

👉 It adapts to any type of design

With its simple shapes and free style, it can adapt to any color and message, while creating a bond of trust.

👉 It can be declined in several versions

A round or square logo, a typographic or iconic logo... The cartoon style easily adapts to any shape you want. Moreover, it usually allows you to create illustrations on your website and build a whole universe.

Just make sure that your cartoon logo is simple and minimal enough to be recognized from afar and have a real personality. Forget about the details, favor simple and organic forms.

Speaking of simplicity...

The minimalist style, a must-try!

The minimalist style is, since a few years, one of the favourite trends of the moment.

Indeed, the minimalist style has a multitude of advantages, such as being timeless. So you don’t have to update very often.

All types of brands are using it, from luxury brands to more accessible brands:

saint laurent paris

This type of minimalism, a typographic logo with a simple and straight font, is called blanding...

...from the word “bland”.

However, the goal of your minimalist logo is not to be bland, so here are the tips to create a minimalist logo that still has its personality:

Choose the right font

There are lots of simple fonts and each one has its own particularity. Thicker, longer and narrower, with some different letters...

You'll need to browse all the plain and simple fonts to find the perfect one and find the one that suits you best.

Control your font settings

Once you have chosen your font, you can also change its settings. For example, you can adjust the spacing between letters, change the letter height, or use small caps...

Feel free to play with the configuration of your font to make it your own.

With or without serif

Generally, we use sans serif fonts in order to keep the design minimal and pure. But you can choose small-serif fonts to create an elegant look according to your brand.

Use symbols to make your font original

Two letters that connect to create a shape, a T merged with an F, a letter that looks like a symbol... To create something more original while remaining subtle, you can transform your typography designs by incorporating symbols. This will allow you to be effective while remaining minimalist.

As you can see, a minimalist logo requires a lot more work and research than a simple typographic logo. Now that everyone is using minimalism, it needs to be worked on to keep its personality.

Choosing minimalism is a good idea, but not an easy solution!

All colors are allowed

There was a time when it was recommended to use only 2 or 3 colors to be elegant, sober and modern.

In 2022, all colors are allowed. 🎨

Indeed, you can play with colors and shades because, according to an American study conducted by Bored Panda, colors are what are most remembered. In this study, more than 150 people tried to reproduce the logos of famous brands and, although the shapes were not always correct, the colors were remembered more accurately.

burger king

To use color in your logo, you can start with these tips:

Choose complementary colors

Combining complementary colors together in a logo or in any design will always be effective and harmonious.

So, go back to your art classes and choose two complementary colors to dare the color.

Use pastel colors

If you prefer a softer result, opt for pastel colors. However, keep in mind that you must use contrasting colors for your logo to be readable and professional, so...

...Why not try complementary pastel colors?

Use metallic colors

You can also use metallic (or chrome) colors to give your logo a futuristic, sci-fi or tech feel.. You just need to make sure that these colors are legible and do not degrade the clarity of your logo.

Use color gradients

Finally, color gradients have come back into fashion in the last few years, especially thanks to Messenger, Facebook or Instagram that have used them for their brand. So don't hesitate to use a homogeneous and stylish gradient to boost your logo.

An authentic logo with personality

Finally, the trend of authenticity and imperfection is becoming more and more important in 2022. Gone are the perfectly aligned and flawless logos of the past.

Now, "homemade" (or at least, the impression of homemade) is highly valued by consumers. It shows authenticity and produces sympathy.

For example, the French food brand Michel et Augustin use a homemade logo to create a friendly relationship.

michel et augustin logo

However, creating this kind of logo takes work. Just because it's not supposed to be perfect doesn't mean it has to be sloppy nor ugly. So here are some tips for designing a homemade logo:

Use your handwriting

To make a typographic logo look hand-drawn, you can use your own handwriting and vectorize it with a software. This requires a design tool to reproduce or import your handwriting, but adds authenticity and uniqueness to your logo.

Use a caricature

You can also choose to create a caricature of yourself, or have it done by a professional, in order to get that original and friendly feel. This is what the Michel et Augustin brand has done, in addition to a manuscript inscription, to make us want to get to know them better.

Start from your own emotions and experiences

You can also start from a childhood memory or a picture that you took yourself. These elements can help you create your logo. For example, if you are starting a bakery business and your favourite food is strawberry pie...

...this cake could also be your logo!

You get it, a homemade logo should be created with sincerity, but make sure to always look professional. Clearly, this trend is widely used, but should be controlled. To get started on your own, you can use one of the free logo maker sites, like Canva.

Now you know the 2022 trends to create or update your logo the right way. 🎨

In any case, for your logo to be successful, it must:

  1. Have personality,

  2. Be readable in all sizes,

  3. Work in color and black and white,

  4. Match your message and vision.

Once you've put all this together, it's up to you to choose the trend you like best.

We can't wait to see your logos on your website!

Get started, it's free!

Frédérique Biau
Editor and translator
I am passionate about science fiction, new technologies, writing and art in general. I started my career as a Cultural Manager. It is with pleasure and enthusiasm that I am a writer and web translator with 9 years of experience. ✍️

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