How to create a gaming website easily?

February 08, 2023 - Yasmina Souidi

12 minutes

Compulsive player, Sunday player or video gaming enthusiast, you want to create a gaming website, sell video games online, or stream your games. 🎮

You should know that it is possible to make a website about video games for free - or at a very affordable price.

Not only is it possible, but with online software like SiteW, it's even very easy to get an efficient, professional and pretty result (even prettier than your Animal Crossing island).

So, how to create a game website? You'll find our tips in this article.

But before that...

Why create a gaming website?

It is true that with so many websites about video games, such as Twitch, Discord, and so many Youtube channels, you may wonder why create a gaming website.

However, here are the benefits that will convince you to do so:

  • Create a community

We are not teaching you anything by saying that, in the gaming world, the notion of community is fundamental.

Moreover, you can create a gaming community or a community based on specific games...

... and why not create an esport team!

Thanks to your website, you can gather all the information in the same place, all the contents spread on the different social networks. This way, your community, whether they are more active on Twitch or on Twitter, will be able to refer to your website.

  • Have an expert image

Creating a website dedicated to your passion allows you to establish a professional image, and to establish yourself as an expert, and make yourself a reference in the gaming world.

This will allow you to interact with professionals and place you as a specialist.

  • Make a name for yourself in a growing industry

Being an expert allows you to make a name for yourself, especially in a sector that is growing rapidly.

Gaming used to be a niche sector, but playing video games is now known and recognized as a professional sport. With the rise of gaming events or esport popularity (it has even been considered for the Olympics!), gaming has become part of our everyday life.

That's why creating a website gives you a special place in the industry.

  • Participate in events

Finally, since your website will prove your professionalism, you could be invited to events or have opportunities to collaborate with gaming professionals.

Therefore, your website will allow you to combine your passion with a "real" paying job!

Create a gaming website

gaming illustrationAll reasons are good to start creating a gaming website, with personal or professional objectives.

But, is it easy?

Create a gaming site easily: is it possible?

The answer is: yes.

For technology lovers like you, there is probably nothing easier. Creating a game website is easy, efficient and fast if you have the right tips and tools.

And they are all here:

Before creating your game website

Unfortunately, you can't jump into creating your site as quickly as you can into a video game.

But, don't panic: we'll get down to business soon!

Before you start creating your gaming website, you need to establish a few things in order to save time and efficiency.

  • The identity of your website

Your identity on the internet depends mainly on two aspects: your domain name and your graphic charter.

Your domain name can be bought for a few dollars per year on a specialized site, or it can be included in a package of a website builder for example.

To go further
Info stepup
At SiteW, you can get a domain name for $2,39 🎉.

Your graphic charter must be established upstream and be found on all your communication media and should be present on all your social media accounts. For example, if you already have a Twitch channel, consider using the same graphic charter on your website for optimal consistency and not to lose users.

If you don't have a brand image yet, take the time to do it beforehand. This way, you will be sure to use it for all your social media accounts, your website, and for your company's documents and data.

  • Gaming, yes: but in what form?

Creating a gaming website can take a lot of different forms: blog, online store, expert explanations about technologies, focus on a specific game or license...

... In short, a gaming website can include a lot of aspects.

So, beforehand, make sure you know what you really want to do with your gaming site.

👉 If you want to start a video game website in order to discuss, exchange, chat online  about this topic,  make sure that your web design provider will allow you to broadcast your games, include a commentary section and add a link to your Discord.

👉 If you want to offer free online games on your site, you can add widgets to your page. Some services allow you to insert HTML code to add children's games, racing games, role-playing games, etc. to your website.

However, note that this practice, which was in vogue a few years ago, has fallen into disuse, and fewer and fewer sites offer this kind of service.


👉 If you just want to make a blog to create a space for exchange about this topic, make sure that the solution you choose allows you to integrate a blog.

A regularly maintained blog will allow you to keep your visitors informed of the latest news in the sector, to establish a relationship with them by activating comments, to set up a place for lively and interactive discussions, on the theme of gaming.

👉 Finally, if your gaming project is to launch a business, you will be able to create a video game online store, and sell on the internet, either in physical form or dematerialized form (with a download system).

  • Configure your social networks

Finally, think about creating and configuring your social media so that you can easily add them to your website. For this, you can create a Youtube or Twitch channel, create a Discord account, a Reddit thread, or use the classic social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

You now have all the elements to start your gaming adventure with your website.

And, in your default inventory, you will find your best ally: SiteW.

Your gaming website with SiteW

SiteW is a website builder allowing you to create a website, especially in the gaming world.

But then, how does it work?

  • Create your account and choose a suitable template

Of course, you have to start by creating an account. You only need an email address and a password.

inscription sitew

You can choose between different packages depending on what you prefer to do. From the Essential package at $6,60 per month, to the Unlimited package at $17,50 per month, you will find the one that suits your needs.

And, if you just want to get started, the Starter plan gives you access to our tool for free!

formules sitew

Create a gaming website

All you have to do is choose a template, like the one specially designed for gaming websites.

template gaming sitew

These templates are designed by professionals, totally secure, and ready to fulfill your desires with ready-to-use and professional support.

And, if you need more freedom, choose a blank design and let your creativity speak. 🎨

template vierge sitew gaming

  • Drag and drop customizable blocks 

Speaking of creativity, that's where blocks come in.

These blocks cover both text and images as well as small features such as a countdown timer or an event registration form.

Customizable and configurable, they are already predefined and are just waiting to be added to wherever you want in your website.

This way, you can build your site the way you want, like a construction game.

SiteW is like Minecraft but with an unlimited number of lives.

  • Multiple possibilities

The advantage of SiteW is that you can easily integrate a blog or a small online store. For example, if your website is only used to broadcast your Twitch videos and you want to turn it into a blog or an online store, you just have to integrate the corresponding block.

Blog block of SiteW

The Blog block is located in the Content section and offers a clear interface to write and optimize your content.

The Shop block, for example, allows you to sell your products. You have control over the name, price, description, and even the management of your stocks.

Store block of SiteW

  •  An effective 24/7 support

Working in the gaming industry, or being a streamer, means living a fast life, punctuated by the releases of triple A and indie games, or by the videos on the various platforms.

In other words, you probably don't have time to have problems with your website. That's why SiteW's support team gives you clear, professional, expert and personal answers when you need them.

And, since gamers often play at night, you also have a detailed and expert blog for all the questions you have when our team is not working.

With SiteW, you have nothing but solutions.

You've created your gaming site, and you're ready for the long haul.

But here's a new item that can help you in your quest: all our tips.

Our extra tips

You now have a solid foundation for making your gaming site an expert platform.

Now, let's talk about the tips to make it a reference in the sector:

The ranking of your gaming site

You can't escape SEO: because you can't afford to ignore this aspect if you want to be visible on the internet.

Especially in the gaming world, where competition is strong with those who have been on the internet for a long time.

Here are our tips for a good ranking of your gaming website:

  • The architecture and the link network

To correctly rank a site, Google's algorithm should understand it totally: topic, structure, categories...

That's why you need to build the architecture of your site in a coherent way and build your site in such a way as to facilitate access to the information.

This means adding navigation tools such as buttons, menus and links.

On SiteW, you can easily integrate them thanks to the blocks designed for this purpose.

The Button block, for example, allows you to add a clickable button anywhere on your game site.

Button block of SiteW

You can change the look, the color and the text. All you have to do is to fill in the link to which you want users to be redirected and that's it.

You can also use the Search block to add a navigation bar to your site to improve the user experience.

Search block of SiteW

Thus, users will be able to find the most relevant content for a query.

The site architecture must be completed by a network of relevant links. In other words, it is simply a matter of linking certain pages of the website in order to create a network so that the users can easily explore a subject of interest to them through your articles on this topic.

  • Textual content

Text is essential for your gaming website in order to give Google information about the topics you care about and to be able to correctly rank your website.

For this, write texts regularly, and long enough. They can be in the form of articles on a special issue, or description of products or your brand. In any case, they must contain keywords related to video games, or to the gaming culture. There will be no doubt in Google's mind that you should be ranked on gaming keywords.

  • The size of your pages

Your pages should not be too heavy, in order to display quickly. If you upload game streams, presentation videos or live broadcasts, your site may take a long time to display.

For this, make sure your pages display properly and are well optimized.

🚀 At SiteW, we optimize your website as much as possible so that it displays quickly.
  • Tags and meta tags

Finally, to ensure your SEO, you also need to think about your tags and meta tags in order to add relevant keywords.

These tags are found on each of your pages, but also on your multimedia content.

For example, for an image, you will find a SEO section, in the editor on the left.

This section allows you to add relevant keywords on your image.

SEO settings

You can also insert keywords into your page tags, by going to the Pages section of the editor.

There you will find a list of all your pages and by double-clicking on one of them you will have access to the meta tags on the left.

The essential features

For a complete and functional website, several features are essential, especially when it comes to creating and animating your community.

Of course, in the gaming world, the network is essential. Gaming is, most of the time, interactive per se. And if you want to create a website, you certainly want to make it a place of exchange.

SiteW offers you many features to create and animate your community and build their loyalty:

  • Create a community

To establish a gaming community, use tools that allow interaction, such as links to social media. To do so, use the Social Media block.

Social block of SiteW

This block allows you to add buttons to your social media to your website, but also buttons to share your website or to display your social media feed.

If you want to add buttons to your social media, for example, you can choose the aspect and the color of the buttons easily.

social networks

Don't forget to fill in the links to your social media accounts!

If you have a Twitch channel, a Discord or a Reddit account, you can also integrate them using the Icon block.

Icon block of SiteW

The Icon block, located in the Content section, gives you the choice between a multitude of different icons and logos to add links to your social media other than Youtube, Instagram or Twitter.

  • Keep your community loyal

Now you need to build loyalty among your community. To do so, SiteW provides you with several features, starting with the Member block.

Member block of SiteW

The Member block is presented in the same way as the Button block, totally configurable and customizable.

Placed at the top of your website on the home page and on all pages, it displays a login window for the people who want  to be part of your community.

Once someone becomes a Member, they will be able to participate in the forum and write comments.

Yes, the forum.

To add a forum, you just need to drag and drop the Forum block into a page of your site.

Forum block of SiteW

You can suggest topics in which your community is interested, in order to discuss and exchange on gaming.

  • Animate your community

Finally, you must be able to animate your community. Once again, several of our tools can help you in this task in order to keep your community involved.

For example, the Form block allows your community members to contact you directly.

Form block of SiteW

These forms are secured and ready to use, you just have to customize them to fit your needs and expectations.

If you want to have a special relationship with your community, you can also add a Newsletter button so that your most loyal followers can subscribe and get your newsletter. The newsletter will inform them about the news related to your website.

Newsletter block of SiteW

You can directly enable GDPR for your Newsletter to be compliant with the consent laws and easily collect email addresses.

You can also organize a contest or launch challenges, on your social networks to promote your site and animate your community.

Create a game site

A perfect design

Finally, to perfect your site and optimize it to the maximum, your design must be impeccable.

Since you are dealing with cutting-edge technology, your website should look expert, professional and serious.

For this, you should know that your site is already optimized for mobile by creating it with SiteW.

At least, that's done!

But if you want to customize your site and add graphic elements, you can use these blocks:

  • The Image and Video blocks

What better way to illustrate your gaming website than with images and videos? Using the dedicated functions, you can add your own images or videos, or pick one from an image bank.

Image block of SiteW

You have cropping and positioning tools to place your image or video exactly where you want.

You can also insert videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or Twitch.

Video block of SiteW

  • The Illustration block

Finally, the Illustration block allows you to enhance your site with a set of modern and customizable graphic elements from a wide variety of available designs.Illustration block of SiteW

This will give your website originality without effort.

You now know all the tips to create a gaming website easily with SiteW.

Grab your joystick and play! 🕹

Yasmina Souidi
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