How to create a gaming website?

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Newbies or hard-core gamers, gaming enthusiasts,... you want to create a gaming website, sell video games online, or stream your games.

You should know that it is now possible to create a video game website for free - or at a very affordable price.

Not only is it possible, but with online software like ours, it's pretty damn easy, and pretty damn fun.

So how to create a killer gaming website? We'll tell you all about it and give you our tips.

How to create a gaming website?

Nowadays, to design a website of any kind, it is no longer necessary to use an expensive web agency.

The different website design services allow everyone to venture into the exciting world of web design for free.

This allows enthusiasts to share and exchange easily about their passion (photography, sports, cooking, fashion... or of course, video games!).

To create a video game website by yourself, at a lower price, or even without spending a single cent, you have two solutions:

  • You can use a CMS (Content Management System). This kind of software allows you to create a website by yourself. But this is not what we recommend if you don't know how to code. Because these tools are difficult to learn for beginners, and you may spend a lot of time searching the internet and forums, to create the website of your dreams.

  • Or you can use a website builder like ours. This is a new generation of software which allows you to build your site, by adding elements and modifying your website design, only using your mouse.

And that's pretty good, because using a mouse is second nature to you. :-)

Making a video game website: what, how, with whom?

So, how to make a game website with a website builder?

Well, it's very simple:

  • First create your account,

  • Then choose your package (free or advanced, depending on your needs) and your website template (we offer free templates for video games),

  • Finally, you can immediately start your website design.

As said above, you just have to drag the elements of the website with the mouse. Then you can customize these elements, in a few clicks. It's very intuitive, especially for screen lovers like you.

Here, below, are the different types of websites that can be created, about the fantasy world of video games.

How to create a website using php

Create a gaming website

If you want to start creating a gaming website, with the aim of chatting, talking or exchanging on this topic, here are the features that will be useful to you:

  • You will be able to stream your games directly on your gaming website, by connecting your website to your Twitch channel.
  • Adding a forum is a good idea, to launch new talks with your website visitors, and exchange with them.
  • Finally, sending a regular newsletter will allow you to create and maintain a community of gamers.

Create a website

Create an online game site for free

If you want to offer free online games on your website, you can add widgets to it.

Some services allow you to insert HTML code to integrate online games for kids, motorbike games, racing games, shooter games, games for girls, etc. on your website.

However, note that this practice, which was fashionable a few years ago, has fallen into disuse, and fewer and fewer sites offer this kind of service.

Creating a game blog

If you just want to make a gaming blog to create a place to share information about this topic, you can do it for only 3.99€ / month with our software.

A regularly updated video game blog will allow you to :

  • Keep your visitors up to date with the latest news in the gaming industry,

  • Establish a relationship with them, by enabling comments,

  • Create a dynamic and interactive place about gaming.

Create a blog

Sell video games online

Finally, if your gaming project is to start a business, you can create an video game online store, and sell on the internet, either in physical or dematerialized form (with a download system).

Our platform allows you to easily sell digital products on the internet.

Create an online store

Creating a gaming site: our best advice

Of course, you want to make a gaming website that is really efficient, that is to say, that it is not a desert island in the immensity of the internet, but rather a reference in the gaming industry ;)

In order to create a gaming website that will please gamers, and that will be visited regularly, you have to follow some essential guidelines: in order to make the most of your efforts, and to reach your goals quickly.

The process is simple, but you must be methodical:

  • Start by structuring your site and your pages, in a clear and user-friendly way.

  • And then create a nice design that suits your tastes, with colors, graphics, fonts... that you like.

  • Your game site is now ready to be published... And to make sparks fly!

But to achieve this, you have to make it known...

How to make a game site: make your site known

There are many ways to get people talking about you online.

  • You can start with the basics by working on the SEO of your gaming website.

  • And secondly, you can rely on a community, by creating a network and using interactivity, which are so important in the world of video games.

Web design portfolio

Build a gaming website: ranking your website

You can't do without SEO: because you can't afford to ignore this aspect, if you want to be visible on the internet.

Here are our tips for a good ranking of your gaming website:

  • Build the architecture of your site in a coherent way, and build your pages in such a way as to facilitate access to information (i.e. by using navigation tools such as buttons, links, menus, graphics...).

  • Regularly write long enough texts. Be talkative, and don't forget to add your keywords. Use secondary search terms: don't use too many of them, but above all, place them wisely.

  • Make sure your pages are not too big, they should load quickly, your site should be responsive and secure. → In SiteW, we take care of the security and responsive design of your website.

  • Link your pages together, via a linking strategy and try to be active online: by creating accounts on social media, or by participating in blogs, forums, sections... of other gamers.

Making a gaming website: creating a community

Of course, in the gaming world, network is essential. Video games are, most of the time, interactive by essence. And if you want to create a website, it is above all to make it a place of exchange.

To build a gaming community, focus on tools that allow interaction, such as links to social media, the possibility to register as a member of your site, a comment section, or a contact form, a poll, a quiz, a survey...

A blog, a newsletter or a forum will also have the benefit of creating more loyalty: your visitors will regularly come back to your website to read the most recent articles, to see the latest comments, or to see the answer to their questions. The newsletter will inform them about the news related to your website.

To promote your website, show yourself online: on platforms, blogs and websites related to gaming. Leave comments, participate in forums, write blog articles on your favorite topics (your favorite games, your personal tips, your favorite professional gamers...), write in collaboration with other gamers, participate in videos, events...


Create a website

Design a gaming website: keep your site alive

Once your community is created, you need to entertain them.

Organize contests, or launch challenges. Ask questions to your visitors, challenge them, ask for their opinion. In short, encourage them to participate as often as possible in your site.

Regularly update your pages, so that they don't get bored. These updates will also be good for your SEO.


You are now ready to create an entertaining and fun video game website. And above all, a website that brings together a community of gamers.

So, that's it: "place your bets, no more bets", and create your game site!

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