Improve your SMO and SEO by using Facebook Ads.

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create a website, facebookAs we saw it, SMO has become very important as far as business communication is concerned. Thus it has to be taken into account when you create your website. In our latest article, we told you how you can advertise on Twitter. We are now about to see how Facebook Ads work.

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Choose appropriate solutions depending on your goals

On Facebook, you can choose an advertising solution depending on your objectives:

  • More Page Post Engagement: allows you to get more post likes, comments and shares.
  • More Page Likes
  • More Clicks to Website: allows to increase the number of visitors on your website.
  • More Website Conversions: allows to know which type of message your followers like most and how they react to them.
  • App Installs and Engagement
  • Event Responses: allows you to promote your event. People can take part in your event and the event is added to their calendar. They receive a reminder some time before the event.
  • Offer Claims: allows you to offer discounts…
  • Video Views
  • Audience targeting: allows to target your audience according to various criteria such as gender, age, location, language, level of training.. You can also choose people with children, married people etc.

How much do Facebook Ads cost?

There are 2 payment modes:

  • pay per thousand impressions: this payment mode is better if you want to improve your web-reputation.
  • pay per action: This payment mode is better if you want to increase your conversion rate.

Facebook Ads work as an auction system in which you define your own investment. The more you bid, the more your ads are shown comparing to your competitors'. You can also set a maximum budget for an ad campaign.

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Measure your ad results

First you can analyze Facebook Insights in order to gauge the effectiveness of your ad campaign.
But you can also resort to the Adverts Manager.
These adverts reporting tools allow you to learn about various points:

  • Campaigns: this section allows you to check your campaigns.
  • Pages: this section allows you to see all the activities related to your fan pages.
  • Reports: this section allows you to see how many people have seen your ads and how they reacted to them.
  • Audience Insights: this section allows you to search for audiences that correspond to your activity or your products.
  • Settings: this section allows you to manage your account: notifications, payment modes etc.
  • Billing: this section allows you to manage your ad budget.
  • Conversion tracking: this section allows you to track your conversion rate.
  • Power Editor : is a tool allowing you to create several versions of the same ads for large audiences.
  • Account history: this section allows you to follow all your account activities.
  • Audiences: this section allows you to check the audience settings you have selected before.

You now have an overview of the way Facebook Ads work. It is up to you now to choose the more appropriate solution depending on your needs.

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