How to manage a Facebook page: Follow these essential steps

March 09, 2023 - Anaïs Sautarel

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“Is it useful to manage a page on Facebook?”

Here are a few figures about Facebook:

  • 2.7 billion users worldwide

  • More than 2 million photos each 20 minutes

  • 6 million companies that use Facebook ads

Use social networks to develop your website visibility. SiteW gives you some tips to manage your Facebook page that will be a powerful tool to get your business or website known.


Why should you manage a page on Facebook?

It’s a legitimate question because nowadays, there are many social networks. You have just created your website. So, why should you manage a Facebook business page?

We will see that managing a Facebook page is formidable to get your business known, and quick to implement.

Facebook advantages

It’s said that Facebook is an outdated social network that nobody uses or interacts on it.

However, this social network is still a powerful targeting and communication tool. A Facebook page might enable you to:

  • reach a large audience,

  • get precise and quality information about your community,

  • get your website, business and other social network known.

Moreover, Facebook has many business features.

How to manage a Facebook business page?

With all the advantages a Facebook page has, you might think that it’s difficult to implement, or you’ll have to pay for it.

In reality, you just need a personal Facebook account to manage a Facebook business page.

To create a page, go to the interface for the creation of a Facebook page.

how to manage facebook page

Then fulfil all the information about your page:

  • name of the page,

  • category,

  • description,

  • illustrations…

A thumbnail opens to the right of the screen when you fulfil your information.

Facebook encourages you to choose a relevant category for your page to rank high on search engines. Moreover, note that only the official representative of your company can create a business page from their account.

Now your page is ready. 

Configure and customize your Facebook page

The creation of your Facebook page is easy, contrary to its configuration and customization, which will take more time.

You are not the first business that creates a Facebook page. That’s why your Facebook page must be well-thought, well-designed and customized for your audience to stand out from the competition.

If you follow these few steps, you’ll be sure not forget anything to build an effective and beneficial Facebook business page.

Define the intention of your Facebook page

First, you must define the intention of your Facebook page.

At what step of your strategy will it occur:

  • During the promotion of your content?

  • During customer and traffic acquisition?

  • When you retain your community?

  • When you highlight events?

In short, your Facebook page might occur at several steps of your digital strategy. Therefore, you must determine its utility to define your editorial line at best…

But don’t worry! We will see that later in this article.

Moreover, to start on good bases, you must define your target audience. It will also be an essential guiding line to determine the content you want to publish, your tone, or the ads to embed.

If you have determined the intention and target audience of your Facebook page, let’s move on to the next point.manage a page on facebook

Assert your graphic charter

There is one problem with social networks. A Facebook page, an Instagram account, or any other social network have the same layout.

To stand out from the competition and be visible in your community, you must assert your graphic charter as soon as possible.

To that end, you can follow these tips:

  • Add a profile picture

Remember that the format of profile pictures is round on Facebook. Therefore, adapt your logo or image to this specific format.

  • Add a cover picture

The sizes of the cover picture are 851×315px. This format is quite long, but not much large. So, adapt your picture accordingly.

The cover picture might also be a good way to remember other social networks, the URL of your website, or present your team.

  • Use the same graphic charter on your publications

Images and videos leave many reactions on Facebook. Thus, if you want to display your brand image, first, think about your graphic charter of your publications. You’ll be immediately identifiable in the news feed.

Customize your publications

If the community follows your company on social networks, it’s for being close to you and your team.

Therefore, your target audience likes custom publications that correspond to your graphic charter and Facebook trends. Don’t hesitate to use humour and ask your community to interact.

Complete your biography and contact details. You professionalize and customize your Facebook page even more.

Moreover, to humanize even more your page, opt for transparency.

Don’t moderate too much: report spams, but leave negative comments while replying with kindness. Your followers will appreciate your honesty.

Create an editorial line

Following on from the previous steps, first, create your editorial line.

This will enable you to manage a coherent and harmonious Facebook business page with a target content. Thus, when the community goes to your Facebook page, they will exactly know what they will find on it.

The community will also know when your next publications will be. You’ll refine this data during your adventure on Facebook, and you’ll be able to fix appointments with your community at certain times of the day, the week, or the month.

You can schedule your publications or use tools for automatic publications, such as Hootsuite. They’ll enable you to have a regular and strong publishing schedule.

As you probably understand, you must customize and configure your Facebook page so that your audience identifies you immediately despite its limiting layout.

Your page is now created! 

Now, you must give your Facebook page the best by animating it regularly to get your business known on Facebook.

Here are some steps and essential tips to encourage your followers to interact, go crazy for your Facebook page, and see it.

facebook business page

Animate your Facebook page

If you want your Facebook page to boost your website and business, its management will take time.

But don’t panic! These tips will make your job easier:

Reply to the private messages

This might seem obvious, but the main objective of a Facebook page for your community is to be able to interact with you.

More and more users get in touch with a business directly through social media, as most of them are judging the phone constraining.

Thus, if you reply to your private messages quickly, you also improve the quality of your customer relationship, as well as their confidence in you.

Moreover, Facebook configured a visible piece of data displayed on a Facebook business page. Thanks to this information, users know your average response time, which is calculated on a complete month.  

Ensure this information catches users to improve your image.

Organize contests

Contests probably are the most inviting and popular contents on Facebook and social media in general.

This requires to fix rules, find a convincing prize, and offer a real added value.

Organizing a contest will boost your visibility and catch a new community. However, it isn’t the only solution. You must privilege the quality of your diary content to retain this new audience.

Talk about your followers

Social media represent a good opportunity to put your community at the heart of your business.

Your Facebook page enables you to:

  • Receive customers’ testimonials

  • Create surveys

  • Involve your community in your business life

  • Give your audience a chance to speak

  • Share users’ content

To that end, you can use the Facebook Stories.

These ephemeral posts offer many possibilities to showcase your community and involve them in your business. Moreover, it strengthens the relationship of trust over the long term, and fix your business in users’ mind.

Adapt to the news

One of the best ways to animate your Facebook page easily is to adapt to the current news.

To that end, you can change your template or graphic charter according to:

  • the seasons or the periods of the year,

  • a specific event of your business,

  • the news…

This doesn’t lead to major changes and will enable you to dynamize your business Facebook page.

Now your Facebook page is animated, dynamic and attractive for your community.

However, as you already know, social media show no pity, and sinking into oblivion might be fatal.

Thus, to retain your community in the long term, it’s better to get information about the different ways to make your Facebook page persist and enjoy a perpetual visibility for your business.

Discover all these tips just here:


Manage your Facebook page over the long term

Pay attention to the algorithm and the latest news

On Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Google, among others, the algorithm and the latest news dictate contents highlighted by the platform.

As you already know, Facebook Stories is a new feature you must take into consideration for your digital strategy. If you have an online store, you can implement social shopping, that is to say, it’s the possibility to highlight your products on Facebook.

You can probably notice that your statistics collapse or increase suddenly. This might be due to a change of the algorithm which refines and meets different criterion.

So, just have a look at the Facebook algorithm called Edgerank.

Note that Facebook showcases publications with visual elements such as photos or videos, as these contents encourage followers to interact. Edgerank also takes analogies into account, that is to say, the number of likes, the latest posts…

That’s why you should regularly publish.

But before, just read the following tip:

Don’t spam your followers

It’s essential to create regular content for your social and web visibility.

However, don’t publish more than 4 posts each day. Otherwise, you might face two obstacles:

  • Globally, your publications will be less inventing. The Facebook algorithm doesn’t work in function of the dates of publication, but the interest of the followers to keep them on the news feed as long as possible. Too many publications will make you less visible and relevant.

  • It’s possible that Facebook reports spam when it analyses your publications, which reduces even more your visibility.

To be fair and relevant when you publish content, just think about this next tip:

Follow your statistics

Your Facebook statistics are essential to know the behaviour of your community.

Just learn how to master your Facebook statistics. They’re complete and useful to know your followers, as well as:

  • the publication time that best works,

  • the most popular type of content.

To that end, go to Wiselytics to have a global and precise vision of the impact of your Facebook page. Thus, you’ll be able to refine your strategy, and get your business even better known.

Promote your business Facebook page

If your Facebook page is for promoting your business and website, it must be also shared to obtain more traffic and visibility.

To that end, you can implement two actions:

  • Share your page on your website

For example, you can add Facebook buttons to your website. Thus, your website community will be able to follow you on your social media easily.

To that end, SiteW offers you a Social block to add a Facebook button you can click on to your website easily. You can also create a Facebook application.

manage a facebook business page

  • Use the Facebook tools

Facebook has several features to showcase your publications.

You can promote your publications by using Facebook Ads. Because Facebook is a powerful and precise targeting tool, ads bring important paid traffic.

You also have the ability to highlight your contents thanks to the free options of Facebook: lock the publication at the top of the page, use hashtags or mentions thanks to @.

Get certification

What’s about the Facebook certification?

This is a small blue symbol next to the name of your page that certificates the page belongs to the promoted business.

This certification is essential because it increases your professional image for users a lot, and protects yourself against possible identity theft.

To get this certification, you must realize a Facebook test to obtain the Blueprint logo.

Now you know all the best tips to manage a Facebook page to get your business known.

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