Find out how to manage your Facebook fan page and use it to promote your business

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create a website, facebookFacebook represents 1 billion users in the world, 300 million photos per day, 3.2 billion “Likes” per day, 42 million business fanpages. SiteW gives you some advice that will help you use your facebook fanpage as a promotional tool for your website or for your business.

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Presentation and content of your Facebook fanpage

  • Your Facebook fanpage must match your business brand. Your customers should recognize your company right from the beginning. Choose a pretty cover photo and change it regularly according to your latest news.

  • Post on a regular basis but not too often: make sure not to spam your subscribers/followers’ News Feeds (max 2 to 4 posts per day).

  • Take care when adding links to your posts. You can modify the description and the title of the links that you want to share by clicking on them.

  • Talk about your customers on your fanpage: photos, customer stories...

Liven up your Facebook fanpage

  • As a community manager, introduce yourself, speak on your own behalf. Your followers will love to know more about you and this will humanize your relations.

  • Try to offer exclusive advantages to your followers. Why not organize a give-away reserved for your Facebook subscribers?

  • Try to be active within the community. Do not hesitate to like and share your followers’ contents.

  • Regularly update your fanpage. The latest news of your business sector may inspire you to do so. You can plan your posts or even use an automatic web-publishing tool like Hootsuite.

  • Post photos and videos that you can adapt to Facebook.

  • Do not moderate too strictly: remove the spams, but leave the negative comments. Your followers will appreciate your honesty and your transparency.

  • Engage your fans, ask them for their opinions, ask open questions, encourage them to comment.

  • Do not hesitate, if you have the possibility to moderate your fanpage on a daily basis, to let your fans publish on your fanpage. Indeed, these posts, contrary to comments, will not show up in your followers’ News Feeds.

manage your fanpage and promote your business
Manage your fanpage and promote your business

Try to acquire new subscribers and increase Facebook Likes on your fanpage

  • Set up a strategy to acquire new subscribers. You can for example add Facebook buttons to your website. To do so, you can use SiteW Social block.

  • Finally, hosting fan-exclusive offers is an easy way to increase Facebook Likes.

Improve the way you use Facebook

  • Stay up-to-date on Facebook changes and innovations. Facebook never stops evolving. Consider customizing your tabs for example.

  • Promote your posts. You can use Facebook Ads to do so. Promote your contents using Facebook free options: use hashtags and @ mentions, pin your posts to the top of your page’s timeline, highlight your posts.

  • Learn about Edgerank (Facebook algorithm). Facebook favors posts containing photos or videos. The number of Likes is also taken into account, as well as the newness of the posts (hence the need to publish often).

  • Consider Social shopping which allows you to sell your products on Facebook.

  • Dig into Facebook statistics: they are comprehensive and very useful to know your followers better, to find the best time to publish your posts or to determine what type of content is most popular. You can use Wiselytics to measure the reach of your Facebook fanpage and try to increase your Facebook Likes.

You now know everything you need to manage your Facebook fanpage and make your business famous on social media!


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