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Free website templateYou created a website with SiteW and you would like to do some content and search engine optimization?
Thanks to this tutorial, discover all the statistics about your website traffic.

  • Visit counter, pageviews, day by day
  • Time spent on your website and on each page
  • The most read pages and the pages where visitors spent the most time
  • Visitors' origins: search engines, referring websites, ads...
  • Keywords used to find your website on the search engines
  • Geographical origins of the visitors

To access the statistics page of your website, go to the page My websites and click on the "Statistics" button.

Main dashboard

The main dashboard is the main page of the statistics. It allows you to have an overview of your website traffic.

The top of the page allows you to choose the website to analyse (if you created several) and the analysis period.
You can choose a predefined period (last 15 days, last 30 days, current month...) or choose a custom period(0).

New websites
The first part shows different metrics variations during the chosen period:
How to create website with joomla
  • New visits: Number of unique visits (a visitor coming several times on your websites will only be counted once).
  • Visits: Number of visits (a visitor can visit your website several times).
  • Pageviews: Number of pages viewed by the visitors (a visitor can visit a page several times).
  • Pageviews per visit: Average of page viewed per visit.
  • Average time on site: Time spent visiting your website per visit.
  • Bounce rate: Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page.

Click on the small blue graphs to update the main graphic, and check the exact figures, day by day(1).

The second part of the main dashboard displays global stats about:

  • Traffic sources: Retrieve how your visitors accessed your website for the first time (link on a referring site, direct address in their browser, search engine, online ads...).
  • Website content: list of the most popular pages.
  • Keywords(2): list of the keywords entered in the search engines from which visitors found your website.
  • Visitor locations (2): From which country, region and city your visitors come from.
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Click on the link "View report" to see the detailed statistics.

(0) You can choose a custom period and access unlimited stats if you created a Pro or Premium website.
(1) Starter websites can only access the number of pageviews in the main graph. The following graphs "Visits", "New visits", "Pageviews per visits", "Average time on site" et "Bounce rate" are restricted to website created with the Premium and Pro packages.
(2) Only the websites created with the Premium and Pro packages can have access to the keywords and to the geographical origins.


Traffic sources

This page is available by clicking on the "view report" link of the main dashboard "Traffic sources" zone.

New websites The visitors origin is sorted into 4 categories:
  • Direct : A visitor is considered as arrived directly on your website if he typed the URL (for example, in his browser address bar.
  • Referring : A referring website is a site containing a link pointing to your website (friendly site, directory, blog...). This category lists the visitors coming from such links.
    In the table, you can find which websites are sending you visitors. To know the exact page where the link is, click on the website name(3).
  • Search: This category lists the number of visitors coming from a search engine. The table shows the number of visits, pageviews for each search engine sending visitors to your website.
  • Paid: If you display ads for your website (for example from Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter, Yahoo Search Marketing), the visitors coming from these services will be counted in the "Paid" category.

To enhance your website positioning in search engines and thus receive more traffic, feel free to check our SEO guide.

(3) This option is only available if you created a website with the Premium or Pro packages.


Website content

This page is available by clicking on the "view report" link of the main dashboard "Website content" zone.

Two graphs are available by using the buttons located on the top right :

  • Website builder free hosting displays a circular diagram showing the most viewed pages
  • Create blog free displays a graphic showing how many times a page is viewed, day by day(4).Create slideshow for website

The table details your website pageviews:

  • number of visits
  • time spent on the page
  • bounce rate (% of visitors who only viewed this page).
Free web
(4) To view the graph showing the pageviews day by day, you must create a website with the Premium or Pro package.


Keywords typed in search engines

This page is available by clicking on the "view report" link of the main dashboard "Keywords" zone(5).

Create slideshow for website

The circular diagram shows the most frequently used keywords by the visitors to find your website.
You can find the complete list of keywords in the table above. It shows, for each keyword:

  • the number of visits
  • the number of pageviews
  • the time spent on your website
  • the bounce rate

Click on the links to check your website positioning on Google for each keyword.
If your website has more than 25 keywords, you can click on the "more keywords" link at the bottom of the page to view the end of the list.

As a reminder, you can find tips and tricks to optimize your search engine positionning in our Search Engine Optimization tutorial.

 (5) The "Keywords" page is only available for website created with the Premium and Pro packages.


Geographical location


Free website template

This page is available by clicking on the "view report" link of the main dashboard "Geographical origins" zone(6).

Five maps with different parts of the world allows you to see very quickly where your visitors are from.
Click on the grey graphics to zoom on a world region.

The table lists all the countries from where your site has been read. For each country, you have access to:

  • the number of  visits
  • the number of pageviews
  • and the average time spent on your site.

Would you like to know more precisely where the visitors are from?

Regions: To know the region of the visitors, simply click on a country name.
Cities: As for the regions, simply click on a region to display the city list.

(6) The "Visitor location" page is only available for website created with the Premium and Pro packages.


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