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November 30, 2021 - Anaïs Sautarel

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Whatever you create an online business, a professional website or just plan its creation, the cover page of a company is a key element you must take into account. How to succeed the creation of this important page for your business?

Creating a business website to develop your activity is an important step.

Your professional cover page enables you to:

  • reassure internet users

  • make your image professional

  • offer an experience

  • make all the difference

  • trigger a purchase

A few sentences aren’t enough to create a successful cover page for your company. You have to structure this page and add important information to make it effective. Put yourself in internet users’ place to know the information they want to find.

Here are 10 rules and tips to design a successful cover page for your company, by creating a professional website that will strengthen your brand and maximize your conversion rate.

#1 Find the title of your professional cover page

As you can often see, don’t use common and ordinary titles. The professional cover page often displays this type of titles:

  • About us

  • Our company

  • Presentation

  • Our philosophy

  • Who we are

  • Our story

  • In short

  • Learn more

These titles are quite ineffective for your SEO. Why? Google reads the keywords which are related to your cover page. The titles above bring no information about your company.

Draw your inspiration from the following titles different companies already use:

  • SiteW: Our mission is to help you get known on the internet.

  • Faguo: Faguo’s mission is to help our generation fight climate change.

  • Wimi: Simple and efficient teamwork!

  • Jalios: From intranet to digital workplace

  • Aircall: Call center software for customer-centric teams

👍 SiteW tip: our tool enables you to define the title of your page easily. You just need to choose your text type: paragraph or title.

#2 Make your cover page easy to accede

The creation of a successful cover page for your business is a good thing, but it’s useless if no internet users find it on your website. It’s more effective to have direct access to it from any page of your website. Therefore, you can add this page available from your menu.

#3 Share your professional baseline

If you are still looking for your baseline, here is advice to create a custom baseline. First, your baseline is different from your slogan. A slogan is a written, or oral business tag line. Your baseline must represent your activity and difference in a few words. It’s like your business signature.

Here are two baselines as examples:

  • Nokia: Connecting people

  • L’Oréal Paris: Because you’re worth it

cover page

Well, what will your baseline be?

#4 Present your business storytelling

Storytelling enables you to stand out from the competition and make your brand sustainable. You tell your story and share it to humanize your brand.

There are many ways to write your corporate storytelling. Remember that your story mustn’t bore internet users, but encourage them to take action. Therefore, tell a short and straightforward story with the following elements:

  • When was your company founded?

  • How did you come to create a company?

  • From what did you draw your inspiration?

  • Did you know watersheds (fundraisings, internationalization, etc.)?

But, above all, be original!

Storytelling embellishes the brand and presents its story positively, made it sweet. You can use an offbeat and fun tone to be close to internet users.

Here is the example of Dinh Van, a jewellery brand. The storytelling of this brand is based on luxury and French know-how. Dinh Van tells you its story and use concrete examples to support its expertise.

professional cover page

Create a professional website

#5 Publish a photo to present your teams

It’s the best way to humanize a service or a company. A photo creates a stronger link with your potential customers and conveys your corporate culture.

As a small business, you can display the portrayal of each team member. However, if you have many co-workers, opt for a custom group photo.

Today, most companies ensure they humanize their co-workers to strengthen a sense of safety, belonging, and empathy to a brand.

Here is the example of Yousign, an e-signature solution that presents its team members with a simple and effective photo.

cover page for business

👍 SiteW tip: To create a responsive, professional cover page, you can show a short and dynamic video to present your company.

#6 Define your missions in the “About us” section

The missions of a company answer the following question: why does your company exist, and what are its objectives? They give your corporate identity and explain your added value. Defining your missions internally also orientate each work and mission towards a common objective.

Here are some examples of corporate missions:

  • Nike: “Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.”

  • National Geographic: “The National Geographic Society uses the power of science, exploration, education, and storytelling to illuminate and protect the wonder of our world.”

  • Walt Disney: “The mission of The Walt Disney Company is to entertain, inform and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling, reflecting the iconic brands, creative minds and innovative technologies that make ours the world’s premier entertainment company.”  

  • LinkedIn : “To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.”

#7 Share your corporate values

Corporate values gather the behaviours, principles, and choices adopted internally. These values respect a global corporate vision and are the basis of your internal communication because they enable the team spirit between co-workers and the emergence of a strong corporate culture.

Sharing your values shows transparency about the internal operating mode. When you create a cover page for your business, you can add keywords supported by sentences, such as the following example:

cover page for a company

#8 Expose your labels, rewards, or certifications

Sharing your professionalism and success on the cover page enables you to make your image professional and reassure internet users about the quality of your services.

To that end, you can display the logos of your labels, rewards, or professional certifications to grab internet users’ attention.

Bain & Company display their rewards on the “About” page of their company.

#9 Add an incentive CTA

Your professional cover page encourages internet users to take action and maximize your conversion rate. This page enables you to make all the difference. Therefore, after reading this page and adding a call to action (CTA) to it, you must encourage internet users to move on to the next step. A CTA is a button that enables internet users to progress in the funnel.

This CTA can be differently shaped depending on your services:

  • Submit a quote

  • Ask for an audit

  • Test the service for free

  • Discover the products

  • Download a document

  • Ask for a demo

#10 Improve the SEO of your professional cover page

You must improve the SEO of a professional cover page right from its creation, by structuring its different elements. This page must be optimized and respect several rules.

  1. Define keywords: List the terms related to your company and activity to structure your page on these keywords.

  2. Structure titles: All the text elements of your page must respect a defined structure. Add one main title H1 (cf. #1), then add subtitles H2 depending on the different dealt parts.

  3. Use different blocks: To make the cover page of your business intuitive, use different blocks (text, image, video, button, etc.).

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The cover page of a company is a prerequisite for a successful and effective website. Before its creation, you must think about it to define and structure your future content.

Are you ready to create a business website and your custom cover page? 🚀

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Last update: November 30, 2021

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