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February 08, 2023 - Anaïs Sautarel

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As a business owner, whether you are a freelancer or a company director, you know that you must create your online professional presence.

As a company director, your notoriety, and chances of success are likely to increase thanks to a business website.

However, how to create a professional business website that provides a real return on investment? How to design a professional and effective website, you will never regret?

Design, budget, advice for creation, tips… You will know everything to create a website for business within a few minutes.

Why should you create a website for business?

Creating your online business is no easy task, and website creation may seem time-consuming for few results.

However, in 2021, a company’s online presence and brand image make a huge difference in creating customer loyalty and building your business success.

Here are the reasons why a website for business is one of your best ideas:

  • To enhance your visibility

Obviously, the first aim of a corporate website is to enhance your visibility. With qualitative SEO and an effective marketing strategy, you can build a strong online brand image.

Today, users like a company that is close to consumers and reachable thanks to a digital platform. Therefore, a professional business website is essential.

  • To introduce your company

Thanks to a website, you have control of your business presentation. You will have the possibility to create a business presentation page that describes you. You can champion your values and your vision on a specific space for your company. In this way, you centralize all the information and give a comprehensive and professional environment to future customers.

A website will give you everything to create and develop a successful business.

  • To increase your sales

What would be better than an online store or online subscription service to increase the sales of your company and improve your turnover? In this way, you give visibility on a new marketplace to you and enable many people to know you.

  • To convince new partners

If you have a brand-new company, creating a website is essential. As well as being a quality and professionalism caution, the digital platform enables to highlight your customers’ reviews and feedbacks on your company to produce concrete social proofs of your work to new partners.

  • To optimize teamwork

Finally, your website can also make event production with your teammates easier. With a comprehensive website, you answer basic questions and avoid misunderstandings or loss of time.

Create a professional website

To go further
Info stepup
Before going into business, don’t forget to choose the legal status of your company.

With all these arguments, the question “Why should you create a website for business?” no longer arises.

And to reach your goal, here is a comprehensive and effective guide to get a professional and optimized result without technical knowledge.

The guide for effective corporate website

As you already run your company, you need to be effective to create your website.

However, in order that your creation goes further and quicker, take these points into consideration:

The preambles to the creation

  • Creating specifications

To answer the question, you can write a specification for the creation of your company website to sum up all your specific needs.

This written document will have your objectives on the Web, your contents, your graphic charter, and the conditions for website monitoring and maintenance.

This written and sound specification will enable you to communicate with your teams more easily, and make decisions quickly when a modification is necessary. In this way, you never go off your objectives, and you can create your professional business website serenely.

  • Knowing your public

Your professional website will be the virtual interface between your company and your effective or potential customers. In this way, your pages will have to show your brand identity and respond to your public’s specific expectations.

To study and know your audience, it’s possible to create your marketing persona from surveys and customer reviews on review platforms or social networks.

In any case, you must collect much information about your current customers to know their preferences, consumer habits, and behaviour on the Internet to adapt your messages and marketing at best.

  • Your business objectives

First, you will define your business objectives. Do you want to sell your products? Do you want your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter? Do you want Internet users to gather information on your service (and download a document, for example)? Will your website be your company’s showcase website or real additional business?

You will first have to determine it to choose the package that will suit you best and enable you to view the outlook for development.

Everything is ready!

But specifications and business objectives aren’t a website.

However, you will soon reach your goal thanks to SiteW, your easy and effective solution for professional business website creation.

SiteW: your partner in this adventure

SiteW makes life easier, by offering you all the necessary functionalities and tools for your online success.

You just need an email address and a password.

  • Domain name and package

Choosing the domain name for your company is strategic.

Today, “.com” is still the most popular extension for business websites, but you can choose the “.uk” extension, for example.

Try to choose a name which is similar to your company’s one.

💡 For example, there is other possibility for freelancers: choosing a name with keywords related to your business. In any case, this name must be short, so that visitors can remember and recognize it easily.

The SiteW packages include your domain name and enable you to customize your URL and improve your SEO. From the Essential package to the Unlimited package, you enjoy all the advantages of a website, whatever it is a showcase website or an online store. Our packages are monthly or yearly subscriptions.

sitew packages

You can also choose the Starter package to familiarize yourself with the editor and create a 5-page website.

Create a professional website

  • Your perfect template

And then, let’s continue with the template for your corporate website. SiteW offers you many optimized and professional-designed templates to have a functional and attractive basis.

SiteW business template

Don’t worry: you can customize and edit all the templates to create a unique website.

  • Online marketing for your business

The main objective of your website is to enhance your marketing strategy, by getting your company known and developing your brand image.

To that end, SiteW offers you specific and professional blocks to create a perfect business website for your digital marketing.

👉 Corporate information

First, your company must have a website as a support with all the information about it.

To ensure a professional design to your corporate online showcase, you can use the Map or the Hours blocks.

The Map block enables you to find your company on a map, so that users have easier access to it.

SiteW Map block

The Hours block gives basic information about your business: for example, the hours you can welcome users and customers. You have a modern and professional block you can edit according to your needs.

SiteW Hours block

👉 Contact details

Moreover, your website for business is essential to enable users to get in touch with you easily.

To that end, you can use a Text block to tell your phone number and email address easily, and also create a contact page to gather this data.

SiteW Text block

Moreover, don’t forget your social networks thanks to the Social block. You can easily configure the block to add your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube accounts.

SiteW Social block

👉 Digital marketing

CRM and marketing technics will favour the success of your professional business website. SiteW offers you several blocks to help you improve your marketing methods.

You have the Newsletter block to offer users exclusive content. Users will have the possibility to fill in with their address and receive your newsletter regularly.

SiteW Newsletter block

To improve even more Inbound Marketing, you can add the Download block to offer users downloadable contents. In this way, they will be able to use it regularly and enjoy well-made content. Moreover, it reinforces your expert image in users’ mind.

SiteW Download block

You can also create emailing campaigns, automatic emails… but you can read the guides on the subject.

The first version of your company website is ready.

If you want to go further in your website creation without more difficulties, here are all our additional tips.

From SEO to design, you will have a professional result easily.

Our additional tips


Remember this word: SEO. It will be your main objective during the lifespan of your website.

Natural SEO indeed stands for your corporate website optimization to suit both users and algorithms to get the highest possible ranking in search engine results pages.

In short, SEO determines your online visibility.

To go deeply into your SEO strategy, pay attention to these elements:

  • The choice of your keywords

Keywords play an important part in search engines. Therefore, you must choose the keywords that best identify your company. Choose the main keywords you will highlight, then users will type them into search engines to find your business. For example, if you run an accounting firm, and you want it to be accessible, you can choose “accounting solution”, “easy accounting”, “accessible accounting”…

Choose less competitive long tail queries, that is to say, choose specific and searched key terms. For example, a single keyword such as “accounting” may be too wide, contrary to “easy and effective accounting” which is more specific and less competitive.

A successful company website relies a lot on keywords relevancy and their use into your website contents. Thus, you must place them strategically on your website: into your contents, tags, and URL.

💡 Remember that your current and future customers will type their query into Google, so it is important to speak clearly without using your professional jargon!
  • Your website structure

Structure is also an important element in your website SEO. Google’s algorithms also rely on the links between your pages, the semantic coherence of your website, and the global structure to understand your topic and enhance your SEO.

That’s why structure is important and must be clear as well as specific. To that end, you can add a menu to set the main structure of your website. You can easily edit your menu from the Pages panel to change titles.

SiteW SEO panel

Moreover, add your backlinks and outbound links: internal linking, link building… These links point to pages of your website or pages of other top websites. The relevancy and quality of these links will show that you have a professional website that will rank high.

  • The technical aspect of your professional business website

Pay attention to your website performances: loading speed, browsing fluidity, security

Google will penalize a website which is badly optimized or barely functional in favour of user-friendly websites.

But you don’t need to deal with this aspect with SiteW.

Essential features

SiteW gives you the possibility to add essential features to optimize and build a successful website in a few minutes.

These features mainly relate to your online marketing for your corporate website.

Here are these features:

  • Calls to action

A call to action (CTA) is the button users must click. These buttons indeed enable to land on payment pages or important information to discover your business.

You can easily add these buttons thanks to the Button block in the Content panel. You just need to drag and drop it wherever you want on your page.

SiteW Button block

You just need to customize them using the colours of your website.

  • Custom forms

To enable users to register for an event, have information and get in touch with you, the custom form is essential.

The Form block enables you to have a secure, user-friendly and customizable form to enable users to communicate with you quickly.

SiteW Form block

  • Subscription blocks

Finally, you can implement a subscription form, so your followers can accede to their personal space. Thus, you will be able to create exclusive contents or custom services for users to help them during their experience with your company.

As well as the Button block, the Member block is easy to customize and offers you a secure and intuitive subscription block.

SiteW Member block

Design and user experience

UX (user experience) makes part of these well-kept secrets to create a successful professional website.

Your website structure, layout clarity, the availability of the information, the analysis of the possible paths on your websites… are essential elements taken into consideration to ensure you build a website which is easy to navigate for your visitors.

To make your website nice to visit, you can add the following blocks:

  • The Image and Video blocks

To add images and videos of your company and teams, you can easily use these blocks. You just need to place them where your future image or video will be and download your contents.

Otherwise, you can also choose a picture or video in the gallery of royalty-free images or on YouTube to add to your website.

SiteW Image block

  • The Illustration and Icon blocks

Do you want a website for business without any graphic design skills? Don’t worry because SiteW has everything you need.

The Illustration block offers modern and customizable illustrations, adapted to your graphic charter, to make your website even more dynamic.

Moreover, the Icon block will enable you to add modern graphic elements. Instead of writing “Mail”, add a related icon to be more effective.

SiteW Icon block

  • The Form and Stripe blocks

Finally, to structure your company website visually and graphically, you can use the Form block or the Strip block. In this way, you can add simple geometrical shapes to separate page space and highlight some elements.

SiteW Strip block

Release your creativity!

To conclude on professional website creation

Now you know the whole process to create a business website.

Creating your professional page is challenging, but it will be one of your most beautiful success, we are willing to celebrate!

Create a professional website

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