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SME/SMB Special: No prior knowledge is necessary to create a well indexed introduction website with SiteW. Numerous small businesses already use SiteW to showcase their services.

The packages offered by SiteW are perfectly adapted to freelancers, companies in creation, as well as, small and medium businesses (SMB). You can create a free website, or use the Premium package or the Pro package. Website creation review

1. Create your business website

Create a Premium site with a free trial. This will allow your business to get an official domain name, as well as, an official email address.

2. Choice of a domain name

Try to find a name that is similar to the name of your business, and that may contain some keywords related to your field of activity (this will enable an improved ranking for your company website). You can create a name using dashes (-) and numbers. This name should be short so that it can be easily remembered.

3. The company's products and services

Create some pages that showcase your business's products and services. Do not hesitate to add images in order to better illustrate the products and services offered, at the same time do not neglect the text that should properly describe your products. Your website should contain a large number of words concerning your activity so that your visitors can easily find your business's website.

4. Contact information

In order for your customers to be able to contact your company, add the address and co-ordinates of your offices on one page. Indicate your official email address. You can add an interactive Map block (available for free websites) thanks to which your visitors will be able to easily locate your office. A contact form will enable your visitors to contact your business by email directly from your website.

Last update: November 18, 2018