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Adding YouTube videos on your website is even easier

Web templateCreating a website with videos becomes even faster and easier. You can now enter directly the YouTube or Dailymotion page URL containing a video provided by YouTube or Dailymotion.

To get a great image quality and an optimal downloading time, the video Block uses the videos hosted on YouTube and Dailymotion.

If you want to create a homemade video, send it on your Youtube or your Dailymotion account and add it to your website by entering its URL directly .

  1. Copy the video URL
    Insert a YouTube video on your website

  2. Create the Video on your website
    Add a video on a website

If you do not want to use YouTube or Dailymotion, you can create videos from other video hosting services (such as Vimeo, etc...) using a Widget (available for all the Premium and Pro websites).

You can find more details about these packages on the page : Packages to create a website.

Last update: March 23, 2020