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You make videos as an artist, or simply as a content creator. You may already have a YouTube channel. But you should know that you will benefit from creating a video website in addition to it.

Why? Because with software like ours, it's free.

And also for good reasons like: visibility, personal branding, the creation and development of a community…

So why, and more importantly how to create a website to post videos? Are you ready?... Quiet on the set... Action! ;-)


Creating a video website: why should you create a video website in addition to your YouTube channel?

If you use a social platform like YouTube to share your videos online, you should know that you can benefit from many more advantages by building your own website in addition to it.

Here are the best reasons for video makers to create their own online presence:

  • Making a website will allow you to create a virtual place that you can design as you wish, with your own graphics, colors, and where you can add your presentation, descriptions, biography, etc.

  • A video website will allow you to develop your personal brand image, thanks to your website design.

  • You will be able to effectively improve your SEO, by using keywords related to your video topics.

  • If you are interested in selling online, you will have the possibility to sell videos on the web, or to create a member section, allowing paying subscribers to access exclusive video content.

  • Your website will allow you to create and grow your community, and to interact with them better, thanks to many tools.

Create a website

How to quickly create a video website, and put it online for free?

You have made up your mind, you are convinced, you want to build a video site!

You should know that you can do it for free or at a low cost, using a website design software:

  • A CMS (Content Management System), if and only if you master web development. Because in this case, you alone will have to deal with the technical aspects of your site, including security issues.

  • A website builder (like the one we offer at SiteW), if you are not a computer expert, but you are skilled with your mouse: on our platform, you just have to drag and drop the elements of your website, like a building game. And of course, you don't have to worry about the complex technical part, because we take care of it all. Any questions? Contact our technical support!

Once you have selected your provider, you can start making a video site. We give you our advice to make it... Terribly effective.

Free web templates

Creating a video site: showcasing your work 

Before you get down to the nitty-gritty of building your video website, start by thinking about your audience:

  • Who are they?

  • Where do they come from?

  • What are they looking for when they watch your videos?

The better you know your audience, the better you'll be able to create a website that meets their needs. And to know your audience inside and out, you can use the buyer persona technique.

Once this first step is over, you can work on the design and content of your site with full knowledge of the facts.

Adding videos to your website with SiteW

With our software, you can add your videos with a single click of your mouse.

Our file manager gives you immediate access to your personal folders, to your files stored on the Cloud, but also to public videos (YouTube, Twitch, Dailymotion and Vimeo).

You can add your files, and then manage them in a very simple way (sort them, move them, delete them...).

Go for it, it's free

Creating a video website allows you to work on your brand image

As mentioned above, unlike YouTube, a video website allows the creation of a special place that is totally customizable.

So it is the best opportunity to build your personal branding or your brand image: choose your colors, your typography, and the main lines of your design.

This will create feelings and emotions that your visitors will unconsciously associate with you or your business.

Use your website design to enhance your videos

The design of your website can also play a role for the visual enhancement of your videos.

You can use shapes, icons, lines, or customize your page background to highlight your creations, emphasize a particular video, and encourage your audience to click (watch your videos).

But in addition to promoting your work, your site will help you gain visibility.

Making a video website will help you to get known

Making a video website can help increase your number of views and subscribers, in short, grow your community.

How can it help? In two main ways:

  • Through SEO.

  • And with interactive tools.

Make a video website to build your community

As an artist, or as a youtuber / video maker, you have to create a community and grow it. A website will allow you to communicate more with your audience.

Here are some interactive tools you may find useful:

  • A contact form allowing your visitors to send you messages,

  • A calendar showing the release dates of your videos,

  • A blog showing, for example, the backstage of the shooting, or giving technical tips...,

  • A forum where you can answer your subscribers' questions,

  • And so on.

How to create website with joomla

Making a video website: indexing your videos

 Although your videos are visual, it is very important to add text, if you want to optimize your visibility on the Internet. Because it is these texts that will be used by search engine robots, to understand and rank your website.

Here are our SEO tips to improve the visibility of your video website:

  • Start by defining your keywords, depending on the topics of your videos. And of course, place them strategically on your pages (titles and subtitles, tags, beginning of paragraphs, URLs, metadata...)

  • Be careful about the technical aspects of your video website. On our platform, your website will be automatically protected, fast to load and responsive. Phew: we take care of everything, you don't have to worry about it.

  • Customize the metadata of your website. Metadata is content that is specifically written for search engines.

  • Don't forget to regularly update your website: make changes, add new content.

  • Finally, take care of your digital reputation! For that, don't hesitate to visit other sites, and leave your mark (comments, participation, collaboration...), and try to generate backlinks to your website, by using partnerships.

Specific advice related to the ranking of videos:

  • Describe your videos by writing texts: explain your process of creation, the challenges encountered during the shooting, the technical details, etc. You can also link a blog post to your video.

  • Don't forget to fill in the metadata of your videos, with carefully selected keywords.

  • Videos can be heavy: be careful that your page loads well. A slow loading time is bad, both for the user experience and for SEO.

Sell videos online 

  • If your goal is not necessarily to share videos online, but rather to sell specific or professional videos, for example online training videos, or personal videos (corporate, wedding, celebration, birthday videos, etc.) that you have shot for your customers as a video maker, you should know that you have the possibility to sell digital products on our platform.

  • If you are a youtuber, and you want to allow your followers to access exclusive content on your website, you should know that, on our platform, you have the possibility to create “members-only” pages.

Create an online store 

Now you're all set: ready to get tons of views on your videos, thanks to the creation of an awesome video website.

So, are you ready? Get started! 

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