How to create a multilingual website ?

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Create free blog Free webs SiteW is the ideal tool to create a pro multilingual website. Easy creation, fast and free. Change the current language with a flag, individual menu for each language. This guide presents how to quickly create a multilingual website in an additional language from a previously created English website.

Duplication of pages and blocks allows to quickly create a multilingual free website. We suggest you to use a premium Website to create a multilingual website since this will allow to create unlimited pages which will enable the creation of 7 bilingual pages.

For this guide, we will use an English website that we want to also propose in French. If you don't already own a SiteW website, you may create a website for free and easily.

1. Moving of English text displayed on the background page to English webpages

This operation needs to be done if you added some text on the background page or if you wish to translate your website title. First of all, each block containing some English text (except for the menu block) must be duplicated to each English page and then removed from the background page.

  1. Go to the background page by clicking on the link.
  2. Select the block by clicking on it.
  3. Click on .
  4. Choose your first webpage as destination.
  5. Repeat operations from 3. by choosing the next page as destination.
  6. Once the block has been duplicated on all English webpages, return the background page.
  7. Select the block you just copy on all pages and delete it by clicking on the Del key.
  8. Repeat operations for all text blocks containing English text.

2. Add language selection flags

You may download the flags displayed below (Use the right mouse button and choose Save image as).

  1. Go to the first page.
  2. Add an image block.
  3. Send the flags and choose one.
  4. Put the flag wherever it is best on the page.
  5. Do the same for the second flag.
  6. Duplicate both flags on all your pages.

3. Copy the English pages

  1. Go to the first page.
  2. Use the duplication function by clicking on in the bottom tool bar.
  3. Write the French name for the page.
  4. Copy all the pages of your website so that for each English page there is a corresponding French page.

4. Add links on the flags

  1. Go to the first page.
  2. Select the French flag you added at step 2
  3. Click on the link icon.
  4. Choose the French page corresponding to this page and validate.
  5. Repeat these operations for each page of your website.

5. Creation of French and English automatic menus

  1. Go to the first English page.
  2. Select the menu block by clicking on it, and then click on Manage pages.
  3. In the column Pages to be listed, select all English pages and select the same for the column Page displaying this menu.
  4. Go to the first French page.
  5. Add a menu block to your website and click on Manage pages.
  6. In the column Pages to be listed, select all French pages and select the same for the column Page displaying this menu.

6. Page translation

You can now translate the content of your text blocks on the French pages.


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