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February 08, 2023 - Frédérique Biau

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In these times of crisis, merchants are among the first to have to make huge efforts to adapt to current conditions.

If your company is unfortunately part of the businesses impacted by the closure imposed by the lockdown, you're certainly considering the Click and Collect option.

Indeed, in-store pickup allows you to continue making sales, despite the current restrictions.

All you have to do is create an online store (this can be done in just a few clicks on our platform), and add, with a single mouse click, the delivery methods you wish.

It's very simple and we will explain it all to you.

How to set up a Click and Collect service?

 👉 To create an online store with our tool, here is how to proceed:

  • Open your account

  • Name your new website

  • Choose your template

  • Select one of our two online sales packages.

You are then on the site creation page, you can start to customize your web pages (add your texts and images, and modify the design according to your taste).

👉 To add an online sales option, it's done in one step:

You just have to drag / drop the Shop block, which you will find at the bottom of the blue panel, on the left side of the screen.

online store

Now all you have to do is add your products and set up the sales options.

👉 Select the Click and Collect shipping method for your online store:

On SiteW, we offer you the possibility to configure all the settings related to your online store.

To add a 'Pick up in store' option for your online customers:

1. Select your Store block by clicking on it

2. In the content tab (blue panel), select the shipping costs

3. Click on the Add a shipping method button

4. Choose 'Pick up in store'.store pick up

5. Configure by filling in the different fields, if necessary:

  • Name to display

  • Description

  • Packaging weight

  • Definition of the product categories, for which the in-store pick up option is available or not

  • Option to round up the price or not

    • store options

6. Finally, define the shipping costs (the click and collect option is configured for free shipping) and determine the delivery time (don't touch anything, if you have the products in stock)

💡 Of course, you will be able to add other shipping options (Pick up point delivery, home delivery), and we offer different shipping providers.

Add Click and Collect to your ecommerce website

How to make the most of click and collect?

To create a successful online store that helps you maintain (and maybe even increase) your sales, you need to pay attention to these three points:

🚀 The design of your ecommerce website (both its appearance and its user-friendliness)

🚀 The digital marketing techniques to better convince and convert your visitors

🚀 Your website SEO to optimize your visibility on the web.

Creating a beautiful design for your Click and collect service

The appearance of your site is important in that it reflects your brand image, and will instantly impress your visitors.

The design of your ecommerce site must be consistent with all your communication strategy and with the graphics of your brand.

In general, stay neutral:

  • Maintain a visual unity between the elements of a category (links, titles, buttons, menus...).

  • Don't use more than three different colors, and be sure to select shades that blend together perfectly.

  • Avoid using more than three different fonts.

  • Carefully select your photos, illustrations and videos: they should look professional and have a good resolution.

  • Don't overload your website, keep the layout simple, clean and neat.

  • Don't use too many effects, GIFs and animations.

Need some inspiration? 🎨

Feel free to check out our guide on choosing colors, as well as our article on web design trends.

Take care of your store user experience

In addition to the simplicity and sobriety of the design, you can also take advantage of the following tips to make your site easier to navigate.

By applying them, you will allow your visitors to have a more pleasant experience on your site:

  • Always make sure your design serves your content - and never the other way around.

  • Adapt your website design to the expectations of your target audience (your actual and potential customers).

  • Don't neglect the mobile version of your website: most of the Internet users browse the web on their mobile device. And m-commerce (online shopping via mobile devices) is becoming more and more popular. Not to mention that having a responsive website will have a positive impact on your Google ranking.

  • Avoid long texts, alternate text and images instead. And catch people' attention by creating sections (paragraphs, frames, lists...) and variations (changing background colors, character attributes - italic, bold...).

  • Place navigation elements (buttons, links, menus, footer...) in familiar and easy-to-reach places.

To help you and get more information, we recommend that you consult our guide on how to create a beautiful website.

How to convert visitors with your click and collect service?

👉 In order to increase your online sales, you need to make your visitors feel confident, in order to break down the barriers to purchase. To do this, depending on your case, you can for example:

  • Display your guarantees, labels and certifications

  • Publish customer reviews

  • Insert videos and photos showing your products in use

  • Give visitors information on payment, refunds and returns

  • Add an FAQ section to inform your visitors about your products and other possible questions

  • Offer in-store pick up 😉 If your customers are used to coming directly to your store to buy your products

 👉 To be convincing and encourage your visitors to purchase:

  • Work carefully on your product descriptions: to do this, try to put yourself in the consumers' shoes, telling them the benefits they will get from using your products. And above all, be precise, clear, synthetic and attractive. You can, for example, play on the sense of urgency, by displaying your stock status.

  • Work on the clarity of navigation: organize your products by category, add a search bar to find products more easily, add a button to the shopping cart...

  • Build an efficient conversion funnel, by determining the potential user paths on your website and building your website structure accordingly. Put your call-to-action buttons in visible and easily accessible places. You can also add custom forms (contact, survey, online quote request...).

  • Create email campaigns if necessary. It is an excellent conversion tool. Send newsletters, automated emails or promotional emails. The important thing is to always personalize your emails (by targeting your recipients), but also to bring added value (tips, tricks, offers and deals...).

Add Click and Collect to your ecommerce website

In store pick up option: how to be more visible on the internet?

Finally, to optimize your online sales, the last step (but not the least!) is the promotion of your online store.

👉 SEO for your click and collect service:

  • Carefully choose your keywords: Your website should be found easily, by entering the name of your business in Google search. But new visitors should be able to find you easily, by typing keywords related to your business, into Google.

  • Place your keywords everywhere on your website (focus on one main keyword per page), and also in the meta descriptions, the URLs and titles. And in your product descriptions, of course!

  • Your website must be technically perfect, especially in terms of security and loading speed

Security and loading speed on SiteW
Info stepup
We take care of this part for you!
  • Work on your e-reputation, by trying to create some backlinks (incoming links to your pages) on other websites (for example, the website of your town hall or online directories). You can also participate in forums or discussion groups related to your field.
  • Add new content to your website on a regular basis (this can be done by adding a blog, a forum, or a FAQ section).
  • Finally, analyze the statistics of your website, by using the Google tools (Google Search Console or Google Analytics), in order to determine which types of content are the most popular with your audience. And adapt your strategy consequently.

You now know how to set up a click and collect service, but also how to optimize your online sales performance.

We wish you all the courage in the world to go through this unusual period, trying to seize this opportunity, to bounce back and launch a successful career on the internet. 🚀

Frédérique Biau
Editor and translator
I am passionate about science fiction, new technologies, writing and art in general. I started my career as a Cultural Manager. It is with pleasure and enthusiasm that I am a writer and web translator with 9 years of experience. ✍️

Last update: February 08, 2023

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