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You have created a blog or a website: you need to define your editorial lign and learn how to write web content. Indeed, writing for the Internet has its own writing rules. SiteW allows you to easily add a custom Text block to your website, in order to create the content that suits you. Here is some blog writing tips that will help you with writing content for the Web.


blog writing tips for writing for the Internet


Blog writing tip n°1: make simple short sentences

  • First of all, as far as web writing is concerned, you should keep it simple. Try to be concise (web articles are 50% shorter than newspaper articles). Use short sentences (max 20 words). Be straightforward and dynamic. Write in the present tense and preferably in the active voice.  Your words must be simple and clear.

  • Writing for the Internet is far from being simple. Work on titles and subtitles. Your title should sum up the whole article’s content. If your article is long, write an introduction. Keep in mind that most website users only read the top of the pages, only scanning the rest of the text afterwards.

  • Prioritize and cluster your content, thanks to short structured paragraphs (max 75 words). You should write one idea per paragraph and use 4 or 5 paragraphs on average. 

Writing for the Internet: use clear layout

  • As far as layout is concerned, choose nice and readable fonts. You can choose up to 3 different fonts. Choose fonts which match one another. Some online tools like typetester can help you by allowing you to compare several fonts on the same page.

  • Don’t use uppercase letters which tend to make the text less readable.

  • When you write for the Internet, you shouldn't justify your text because unjustified texts will draw your visitor’s attention.

  • Your title must be bigger than the body of your article. But make sure it is not too big. Otherwise, the reader may focus on the top of the page. Conversely, a smaller title should encourage your reader to scroll down.

how to write web content

Writing content for the web: choose attractive illustrations

  • Last blog writing tip: choose pretty images. When you write content for the web, it is always better to illustrate your text, especially if it is long, because adding pictures will make it easier to read. We invite you to read our guide: How to find pictures on the Internet? Choose your pictures according to the topic of your article and according to their attractiveness: they must be pretty and contrasting. They must be original and informational (mustn’t look like an ad).

You've just read some blog writing tips that will help you with writing for the Internet. You now know better how to write web content.

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