Make quality content for your blog: follow the guide!

November 16, 2022 - Frédérique Biau

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84% of consumers expect a company to create entertaining and expert content.

This leads to the question that every content creator should ask themselves: What content should I create?

We all face a blank page, when inspiration fails.

In this case, what to do?

Here are some tips to always have new ideas and stay creative in your content creation: follow the guide!

Make quality content by looking at others

This seems obvious, and yet there are several techniques to get inspired by others while creating unique content.

Indeed, it's not just a matter of copying your neighbor's style. However, with the right methods, you can draw inspiration from others to feed your thoughts and define your editorial line.

Look at your direct competition

When we talk about being inspired by others, we usually think of competition.

blog post ideas

But you'll quickly realize that, in an industry, everyone is watching what everyone else is doing, which prevents new ideas from flourishing.

To get fresh ideas or to get a new angle on a topic popular with the public, you can do this:

  • Question the articles you read

As you read your competitors' content, you'll see questions pop up that this content doesn't answer. Indeed, it is difficult to address all the aspects of one topic in a single article.

So you may ask yourself: What would I add?

It could be a list of tools, an example, a technical description, more education...

  • Take a look at the foreign competition

Reading blogs from other countries is a great way to get content ideas. This way, you avoid creating duplicate content, and you benefit from another viewpoint, another expertise, or even another writing style.

  • Visit the comment section

As seen above, looking at your competitors is not meant to copy, but to complement or add value to their content. However, you may not have new ideas by reading their contents.

So read the comment section of your competitors. You may see questions that get repeated, or an interesting deeper insight.

"Fashion goes out of style, style never does."

However, fashions often come back around, and despite Lagerfeld's advice, sometimes you have to be fashionable to attract visitors.

Then digital trends come into play. By monitoring trends, you can identify:

  • A trending topic,

  • A topic that comes up every year,

  • A popular keyword

For this, you can use Google Trends. This Google tool allows you to know the volume of searches, and therefore the popularity of a keyword. The tool shows a chart over a time period that allows you to monitor the trend of keywords.

blog content ideas: google trends

With this tool, you can distinguish:

  • Rising trends, which are topics that are more and more of interest to the general public,

  • Seasonal trends, which are topics that interest users at a given period of time, on a recurring basis.

This gives you ideas for your content and also allows you to avoid topics or keywords that are already starting to be outdated. So writing for the web will be much easier for you!

Look at content created by others

Looking at the competition is fine.

But why not look beyond your competitors?

Inspiration can come from anywhere, even from a baking blog while your blog is about digital marketing. The best ideas often come from totally different sources. This way, you can create a blog with original and inspiring content.

So check out websites that specialize in areas that interest you and are not related to your business.

You can also take a look at podcasts or print media.

You've got it: drawing inspiration from others is powerful, as long as you do it correctly. Moreover, unique content with your own style will attract more readers.

Speaking of your readers, why not seek inspiration on social media?ideas for a blog post

Use social media to make quality content

You will agree that your content is at the heart of your Inbound Marketing strategy. This means that it should be adapted to your audience.

A good way to find inspiration is to look directly at what people are talking about on social media.

What are people talking about?

A public conversation on social media can be a source of inspiration on its own.

You can get inspiration from the conversations that people have with each other, especially on platforms dedicated to discussion, such as Reddit.

That's right: Reddit is a goldmine of topics.

All you have to do is subscribe to a news feed or a discussion thread about your interest or project to get a lot of topics to write about every day.

And if you're looking to get inspiration for your illustrations, Pinterest will be your best bet. Infographics are a content format that often generate excellent results and can help you cover topics that people are really interested in.

best blog content ideas: pinterest

Ask your own community

Why look any further?

Sometimes your community will give you good advice more useful than any other.

You can ask them:

  • For their ideas, opinions and feedback,

  • For their testimony,

  • The topics they are interested in reading about,

  • What they prefer between two options,

  • What they do not want to see...

Indeed, social media offers several features to involve and interact with your audience.

Moreover, these polls are easy to set up. You save time by creating web content that your audience will want to engage with.

In addition, you can promote this content, by reminding your audience that they participated in its creation.

Involve experts

Running out of things to say? Ask others.

If you have the opportunity, reach out to experts or influencers in your field to help write your next post.

This has a multitude of benefits for your acquisition strategy:

  • You create different, expert and unique content,

  • You benefit from more visibility and therefore potential new qualified leads.

  • You consolidate your brand image,

  • You expand your network.

Of course, this requires time to prepare and contact people in order to achieve a satisfactory result. However, the benefits are worth it and allow you to create content in the long term.

Use algorithms and autocomplete

And why not use social media?

Their algorithms are based on users' interests, and that's exactly what you're looking for too.

This technique is generally used to search keywords when creating content. However, it can also allow you to come up with new ideas, new perspectives, new ways of seeing.

You should immediately think of Google's autocomplete tool. But, for a more detailed and complete method, take a look at YouTube as well. As the second most used search engine, you might be surprised by the new ideas sparked by these suggestions…

how to find blog content ideas

With all these techniques, you probably already have several ideas in mind.

However, you're still looking for the unique idea that no one else would have thought of, that no one else, but you can have.

So here are some more tips on how to get ideas from...

... your own blog.

New ideas with old things

What if you start with yourself?

Indeed, you probably have a lot of ideas, questions, or projects in mind to create ever more qualitative content.

You can start by...

…Getting inspired by your own life

You probably ask yourself a lot of questions when reading an article, discovering a technology and starting a project.

And, if you ask yourself these questions, you are probably not alone.

Indeed, drawing inspiration from your own experiences can be the key to producing unique, qualitative and accessible content for users. It will also allow you to put feelings into your content, and write a personal and detailed article.

Moreover, starting from your own ideas can also give you motivation and boost your creativity.

how to find content for blog

Make a list of potential articles

This is probably the most important tip for creating quality content in the long run.

You've probably already had a relevant and qualitative content idea at an inappropriate time. Often, that's when the best ideas are born.

It is therefore essential to always have a list of all the topics that come to mind. Some may be abandoned, but others may become your blog's most popular content.

To do so, follow these tips:

  • Get rid of the layout 

It doesn't matter how good the list looks. It must be able to be completed at any time of the day, in any situation.

  • All your ideas in one document

Gathering your ideas on a single platform is the best way not to lose them. So gather your ideas in a document that is accessible from all your devices, like a Google Doc or Sheet.

  • Make sure you check it regularly

Finally, try to consult your ideas often to feed your thoughts and inspire you. You can also involve your team in the task to get different visions.

Use existing content

You've already had a lot of ideas.

Reading your existing content can be a great source of inspiration for your future articles.

After visiting other blogs, read your own blog and ask yourself these questions:

  • Which article can be improved?

  • What aspect hasn't been explored?

  • Can you take a successful article and rewrite it with a new slant?

This will create a coherence in your blog, and will allow you to create an internal linking structure that will be beneficial to your SEO. This way, you naturally get effective semantic silos.

how to find content ideas for blog

Write content about your own company

What could be more unique, original and personalized than talking about your brand, your team and your company?

Apart from drawing on your own experience, you can’t do anything more unique and original.

It can be time consuming to make yourself or your company a case study. However, your article may be quoted in other articles, and your users will benefit from an expertise not seen anywhere else.

Talking about your business can be done through:

  • A study of your sales,

  • Your own working methods,

  • Your way of writing articles,

  • Your tips for teamwork...

On this subject, you can be inspired by Brian Dean's articles on Backlinko. On his blog, you can find content about his own life.

You just have to find the line between sharing your experience and bragging or egocentricity, which can annoy your readers.

We know: finding interesting and relevant content is often a nightmare for the blogger.

However, with these tips, you'll be able to create quality content in no time and keep your creativity alive. Avoid the blank page, we can't wait to read your next article!

Frédérique Biau
Editor and translator
I am passionate about science fiction, new technologies, writing and art in general. I started my career as a Cultural Manager. It is with pleasure and enthusiasm that I am a writer and web translator with 9 years of experience. ✍️

Last update: November 16, 2022

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