Best tips on how to find blog content ideas

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How to create a link to a website

To attract visitors to your website, you need to promote your website but you also need to create quality content. Here is some advice to help you find attractive content for your blog that will draw your visitors’ attention.

find quality content for your blog

Define your editorial Charter

  • First give careful thought to your editorial lign. The editorial lign is the communication strategy in terms of register of language, tone, topics … of your website. It depends on your target and your goals and defines your brand image. You will have to bear it in mind anytime.

  • Then you must define your wording. That is to say the vocabulary linked to your topics and tone.

  • Also try to plan your publications. To do so, create a posting agenda. In addition to topical issues, you can resort to popular festive holidays and regular seasonal events.

create beautiful content for my website
Create interesting content for your website or your blog

Set up your strategic monitoring

  • Newsjacking allows you to create a buzz around your website. You’ll have to try to identify the next topical issues to come. To do so, you should set up your strategic monitoring. You can use tools such as Google Alerts, Alerti, or Buzzsumo.

  • You can also use RSS Feeds, which directly inform you of all publications. You can use aggregators such as netvibes or

  • Social media are also efficient means to be kept up-to-date with the latest news. You’ll have to follow the influential sites and the key players of the sector. Be aware that on social networks, information sharing is at least as important as investigations. Thanks to the social block, SiteW allows you to share your content very easily on social media.

  • Some community sites such as Digg allow to highlight the most interesting webpages of the moment thanks to a voting system.

  • Finally, Social Bookmarking allows you to store, classify and share your favorite links. You can for example subscribe to Pearltrees or Evernote.

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