Search Engine Optimization

Improve your search engine rankings

SiteW helps you appear in the first rankings.

The registration of your website on Google is done automatically by using the information sent by SiteW.

Every 30 days, if your website has been modified, we warn Google so that it visits your website and updates its data about it. If you subscribed to the Premium, E-Commerce or Pro package, we warn Google (and 12 other search engines) every time you publish your website.
Once Google has been notified, your website is read before being added to its index.

The position of your website in the search results depends on your site content and on its popularity. You can find advice on how to improve your Google rankings in our guides:

The Premium, E-Commerce or Pro packages also offer detailed and unlimited statistics, to analyze the origin and the keywords used by your visitors. You can find all the advantages of these packages (Domain name, more pages, more designs, more blocks, ...) on the Packages page.

Display advertisements on Yahoo, Google, Bing and Facebook

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  • Display ads on search engines
    and increase traffic towards your website.
  • Choose the keywords about your business
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  • Define the duration of your campaign
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  • Stop or resume your campaigns
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Your website Google integration or update can take time (several weeks). That's why, to ensure an immediate visibility, you can display your website as a commercial link (displayed on the top right of search engine results).

Many search engines provide a service to display ads on their search results: