Website audit : a core requirement!

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Following the creation of an amazing website, the hard part lies ahead.

The website has to be optimized and maintained to get some great results!

An audit can also be considered during a website redesign, or just to get an overview of your website. The search engine optimization (also called SEO) can be really challenging sometimes.

  You have two options to get some wonderful outcomes:
  • Either you have some time to spend on it, and you decide to do this by yourself. In this case, you will read a bunch of books, visit a lot of websites, download some ebooks, and perhaps take some online courses.
  • To complete this huge task, you can also hire a professional who will perform the audit of your website, properly and in a short time.


That’s your choice and if you're not afraid of the long way to go, the two options can lead to very good performance.
Let’s discover together how to optimize your digital presence: What is a web audit? Why is it a requirement? What are the steps involved? How much does it cost?...

Are you ready to make a killing ? Let’s go !

Website Audit: The right idea to be ahead of the game online

In the stormy seas of the internet, visibility is the first issue, if you want to emerge, surface and stay afloat → in short, to succeed on the web.

If you’re visible on the web, you have already made the biggest part of the work, you’re almost done and have almost hit the jackpot.

Auditing your website will allow you to sift through your pages in all their dimensions, in order to improve your visibility.


This analysis will let you identify what’s going wrong but also what’s going well in order to boost it. And, in a second phase, it will help you to develop a foolproof strategy to improve your performance on the web.

Even if attracting internet users to your website is probably the biggest challenge on the web, it’s not sufficient on its own.

It's all very well to bring the crowd but the show has to be worth it!

You also have to entice the visitors and guide them, as soon as they set foot pointer on your pages.

What a piece of luck! Launching the audit of your website will also let you improve every single aspect of it and optimize its marketing performance.


Conduct a website audit : How does it work?

A full website audit relies on 3 logical and chronological axes:


  • SEO Strategy to attract new visitors to the site
  • UX (User Experience) to lead and retain them
  • Marketing to convince them (and convert visitors into leads)


SEO Audit: the foundation to build a strong visibility

As we just said, during a SEO audit of a website, we will look at it from every angle. We will take all its “measurements”: we will assess its performance, such as by using several SEO analytics tools.

You will have to take a (very) closer look at the following points:


  • The technical dimension of your website: we will check if the pages and their content are well secured, if they fit on all screens and if the navigation is mobile-friendly. The loading speed will also be measured.

  • The writing quality of your webpages: using keywords related to your business line is an imperative: they will be defined and strategically placed. The pages will be optimized for the search engines. The website architecture will be carefully designed, and the meta description enhanced.

  • Web pages browsing will be improved, including through an overhaul of the internal links and an improvement of your website's UX (user experience).

  • Your digital reputation will be strengthened, through a good backlink strategy and an optimized social media presence.


Website usability audit: The key issue to retain and influence the visitors

On the design side, we will check if the website offers a good user experience (UX). Overall, it must be welcoming and accessible, for any visitor who arrives on your website.

Welcoming, how?


  • By fitting on every screen, including mobile phones

  • By having a nice and modern design (not old-fashioned, too flashy or poorly organised…;-) Well, we’re sure you have understood.

  • By creating organized, structured and well spaced-out pages (not a pile of undefined information).;-))


Accessible, how?


  • With an efficient and intuitive navigation including accessible and visible buttons, links and menus (not a labyrinth;-))

  • With a well organized page structure (not a nonsensical cubist painting without rhyme or reason ;-))


Marketing audit of your website : the key to success on the web

Finally, to convert your visitors and to generate some leads, you will have to study the business side of your website, especially the purchase process.

The purchase funnel is this snare  circuit in which you trap your visitors, to compel encourage them to buy on your website:

  • Is it relevant to your targeted audience?

  • At which stage do the users leave the purchase process?

  • Have all the conversion possibilities been planned, considered and optimized?

You will also have to check and upgrade your texts (content, style and posting schedule), and the conversion tools (links, buttons, forms, pop-ups…), especially with the implementation of comparative tests (A/B tests).

Launch a website audit: The strategic recommendations

Following this extensive analysis, you will have to set up some strategies relevant to your situation. That’s not quite easy if you’re not used to it.

If you assign your website audit to web professionals, the expert team will write for you a full report with all their comments.

Above all, they will submit to you a number of specific and concrete actions to set up.



Global audit of your website

During the audit process, the key performance indicators of your website will be reviewed using different analysis methods.

There are some free online tools, which allow you to have an overview of your website, but an accurate survey will require you to use some paid options or the advanced version of these tools.

Free online tools to audit your website


  • Google Analytics: obviously, this is a must. That’s a dashboard showing key statistics to have a good idea of your website condition. For instance, you can see:
    - Your bounce rate (which should be between 40% and 60% for a presentation website)
    - The session length on your webpages (which should be over 1 min to be optimal)
    - The click through rate (Your conversion tools performance)


  • Google Search Console: this tool will help you steer your SEO strategy. Every data comes from Google.

  • Woorank: with this service, you will have a brief overview of your website issues, and also some summary tips for improving responsive design, SEO, usability and promotion of your website. 

  • is a tool which helps you to manage your keywords: It will let you organize them according to their density and with their synonyms.  

  • The Google mobile-friendly test: this google service allows to assess the display performances of your website on mobile devices.

  • The Google Speed Insight: with this Google tool, you measure the page load speed, depending on different devices.

  • MOZ Pro: When you’re talking about web audit, this service is a reference, mainly to check your pages SEO, including the keyword search, the linking strategy or the page structure…

  • SEMRush Pro: is probably the most used tool by the industry professionals, it provides some features to review SEO, SEA, your competitors' strategy, your online reputation, your content quality…

  • Raven: a SEMRush and Moz competitor, with more flexible rates according to your needs.

Full website audit: How to do?

As we said in this article introduction, if you have a fair bit of time to spend on it, you will be able to perform the analysis and the upgrade of your website on your own.

If you are already very busy with your job, or if computing is not your thing, you can also assign the full audit of your website to professionals.

Carry out an audit on your own: Get a situation overview

If you have no prior experience in SEO or Marketing, venturing to perform a full and effective audit of your website is really perilous. 

However, it can be a good idea, to measure its performance level at first, and then to consider, or not, launching a website audit conducted by professionals.

Professional website audit : The guarantee of accurate results

To improve the search engine optimization on your website, the 4 elements mentioned above (technique, browsing, writing quality and reputation) are assessed first.

Then, the specialists team with your help, provide a commented report.  

Throughout this interview, if things are done properly, you will get all the techniques and the SEO tools to follow up the audit, and to easily check and improve your site on your own in the future.

An action plan is developed to implement all the required changes, and reach the goals you set up on the web.

Website audit pricing

If you audit a website on your own, you can hardly do it for free: if you want a pretty thorough and interesting analysis, you will certainly have to use some paid tools.

A professional website audit lasts from 3 to 7 days, and costs a few hundred euros, between 500€ and 1,000€ in average. But it could be longer and more expensive if you have a very large site. 





In conclusion:

Once your website has been reviewed from every angle, 

… and every single pixel has been improved, 

you will finally be ready to notice some real progress, and get the results you didn’t even dare to dream of!

Don’t hesitate anymore and start your website audit now !
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