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February 08, 2023 - Frédérique Biau

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Artistic creation necessarily means exchange and sharing. Artists and their audience are in constant dialogue: creators offer their vision of the world, express their feelings, describe their life experiences... And their spectators give them their interpretation, their emotions, their understanding.

What better way than a website, with its interactive tools, to develop the communication between an artist and their audience?

Create an artist website and create a digital place that reflects you, to promote your talent, that allows you to promote your work and to exchange with your audience.

Starting a professional website for an artist: why, how, at what cost, how to succeed, how to maintain it? We'll paint the picture for you!

Creating an artist website: why and how can the internet serve art?

As we have just seen, with its interactive dimension that encourages communication, but also through the creative opportunities offered by digital technology, the internet is particularly suitable for artistic design.

Whether you are a painter, sculptor, jewelry maker or photographer, creating an artist website will allow you to:

  • increase the visibility of your work

  • extend your community

  • develop communication with your audience

Create a website

Making an artist website: promoting your art on the web

Creating an artist website offers you a place to express yourself, in parallel to the real world, which knows neither frontiers nor limits.

Take advantage of it to showcase your talent: exhibit your works, explain your artistic process, tell your biography, talk about your news....

In short, make it your own space: the showcase of your creativity.

Creating an artist website to expand your community

Designing an artist website can also help you reach an ever-growing audience, particularly through digital tools that promote sharing.

A calendar to display your upcoming events, a contact or quote request form, a FAQ section or a forum, an artist blog... All these features will allow you to create that special relationship with the people who appreciate your work:

👉 By showing the backstage of your work,

👉 By encouraging  them to contact you, and to ask you questions,

👉 By informing them about your upcoming projects...

Inform the public about your artistic vision

It is one thing to look at a finished work, and a completely different thing to understand the creative process that led to it.

Your artist website is the right place to talk about things we rarely talk about. Images, videos, texts, sound recordings, the provision of various documents, will allow you to illustrate your work process, and to make it available to your visitors.

Créer site artiste

How to create an artist website that will dazzle your audience?

Building an artist website is about creating a virtual place to show your work, talk about it, highlight it, sell it (or your services), and inform your audience.

Creating an online portfolio

An online portfolio is the starting point of any artist website: it's the bare minimum for a remarkable digital presence.

A digital portfolio allows you to present your creations nicely and easily:

  • Choose representative images,

  • And update your image gallery regularly.

  • Make sure that the image size is sufficient for a clear and qualitative result, but not too large so as not to affect the speed of page loading.

Of course, in addition to your portfolio, a website is an exceptional tool that will allow you to express your creativity like no other, and to showcase your talent in total freedom.

Shapes, colours, typography, icons, buttons, stripes and lines, page backgrounds... you will have an unlimited number of web design features that you can use as you wish, without restraining your imagination.

💡 On our platform, you can add a slideshow in one click. You can select the style, and configure the options: height and spacing of the images, hover animations, enlargement on click, full screen width, Parallax effect...

Making an artist website: inserting a calendar

As a visual artist, you have to exhibit your work, organize training sessions or workshops, make appointments...

With our tool, adding a calendar gives you the possibility to display your show dates, your training sessions, your conferences and events, and possibly to allow online booking, if it corresponds to your needs.

Create an artist website to promote interactivity

As we have seen several times, the creation of an artist website is a unique and unprecedented opportunity to communicate freely with your audience.

Inserting a custom form makes it easier to contact you, whether to ask questions, request your services, or ask for your rates.

You can also add links to your social media pages, create a blog about your artistic approach, or allow your visitors to leave comments about your work and share their thoughts on your content.

Designing an artist website: how to protect your works on the internet?

Protecting intellectual rights is a thorny issue on the internet: the easy access to images encourages internet users to copy and use them illegally (often out of mere ignorance of the law).

💡 On our platform, we offer artists to easily protect their content: this function allows to prevent file copy by disabling the right click and the source code.

How to sell my work online?

Some service providers offer an online payment system, allowing the sale of products (paintings, reproductions, photo prints, goodies...) or digital products (services, training courses...).

This is the case of our website creation tool. For €20.80 per month, you can open a small online store to sell a few products, and for €39 per month, you will have a complete ecommerce website with many web marketing tools (email campaign tools, invoicing tools, promotional tools, stock and shipping management, products and cart options, etc.).

Your artist website is now ready: beautiful and radiant as a star, and ready to impress the crowds. All that's left is for you to make it known to Internet users.

Création site artiste

Create your artist website and promote it efficiently

As an artist, you know the problem of promotion better than anyone. Having a quality website is important, but promoting it is essential.

Make your artist website known: SEO is the first step

Ranking your artist website is the keystone of a good visibility on the web.

  • Register a domain name to give authority to your site

  • Add your keywords: your artistic movement and your artistic field, your artist name, possibly your geographical location...

  • Place them in the metadata of your pages (description dedicated to search engines), in the titles, subtitles, tags and at the beginning of paragraphs.

  • Insert texts, be talkative. Google's robots analyze your site through the text, so take care of your textual content.

  • Optimize your navigation with links and buttons, a good page structure (paragraphs, title hierarchy, internal links), and a good site structure.

  • Be sure that your site is technically impeccable (responsive design, loading speed, page security). The great thing about SiteW is that we take care of this part for you.

 Improve your website reputation

Finally, to make your website a star of the web, it is also important to work on its reputation on the web.

For this, you can use several means:

👉 Be present on social media: select those that correspond to your audience, and publish regularly.

👉 Create backlinks (links to your pages) on other sites (artists' blogs or forums, online training or events...)

👉 Produce content with high viral potential: that is to say easily shareable because it contains added value (unpublished information, humor, entertainment, expertise...).

Create a website

You are now ready to embark on a new creative adventure in the digital world.

Create your artist website, and let your talent shine!

Frédérique Biau
Editor and translator
I am passionate about science fiction, new technologies, writing and art in general. I started my career as a Cultural Manager. It is with pleasure and enthusiasm that I am a writer and web translator with 9 years of experience. ✍️

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