How to promote your website?

June 02, 2022 - Anaïs Sautarel

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The aim of creating a website is to open a window on the world and show you exist, get you known and exchange.

However, on the internet, there are hundreds of millions of small windows like your website.

Therefore, how to stand out?

  • How to create a famous, renown and visited website?

  • How to get many visitors on your website and the deserved reputation?

Besides organic SEO and the use of relevant keywords, here is some advice that will enable your website to be more popular.

Animate and promote your website: start with quality

As we say, quality is essential for your success.

You will never waste your time creating quality content, especially through a blog: it’s the best way to add keywords, get viral and feed your website regularly.

The creation of high-quality content is the first thing to do to have a good reputation on the Web.

To sum up, the time spent on your website might be split in the following manner: you will spend about 20 % of the time in promoting it and 80 % in promoting it.

The quality of digital content, in a few words, consists of:

  • publishing and actualizing your content regularly (new and updated content)

  • offering documented and in-depth subjects about your area of expertise

  • dealing with thematics that answer internet users’ questions (their searches)

  • presenting in a clear, structured and attractive manner

Now you have a beautiful website, with high-level content, you are proud of. Let’s move on to promotion.

Get your website known for free: mobilize your contacts

The first persons you will ask are your close family and friends.

Improve your digital reputation: encourage your family and friends to act in real life

It’s obvious, but we don’t think about it every time. It’s like a type of invisible wall between the internet and real life that be coming together.


  • First, you can show your website to your close relations in real life

Write your web address on your business cards and other communication support. Email your professional or private acquaintances to tell them you created a new website.

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💡 Small tip to get your website known: don’t forget to add your URL to your professional email signature.

Work on your digital reputation: your virtual contacts

There are people you know in real life, and other people you just know on the internet. First, you may encourage these persons to visit your website, and you are right.

Look for your contacts on the internet…

Promote your website on social media

There are 2.7 billion people who use social networks in the world. Obviously, you can’t do without social media to promote your website.

Here are our tips to use social media for your website promotion:

👉 First, choose the most relevant social media for your brand

You won’t have time to update correctly and regularly an account on all social networks. Therefore, choose the social media that best suits your brand or business. To that end, define your buyer persona.

  • With 2.2 billion users, you can’t do without Facebook, which is the most widely adopted social platform. However, some professional sectors are most present on Pinterest (antiques, decoration…), YouTube (technology…) or Instagram (sport, beauty, fashion, travel, photography…).

  • The youth between 16 and 24 years old mainly use Snapchat and Instagram.

  • LinkedIn and Viadeo are interesting for BtoB.

👉 Create an optimized profile on social media

It’s important to show yourself in your best light on your social accounts and your website:

  • Keep your tone and design coherent between your website and spaces on social platforms.

  • Complete as much as possible your profiles so that algorithms suggest your content to a target audience who may be interested in your brand.

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👉 What and when should you publish on social media?

  • To publish on social media, use the AIDA model (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) to grab users’ attention. Use catchy titles and encourage users to like and share.

  • Pay attention to your intro (text that introduces your publication). Add emojis to draw attention.

  • Publish personal anecdotes, such as the wings of your business, for example. Show your team’s faces, give details and everything that might show a genuine, close and friendly image.

  • Adapt your content and publication times to your statistics and subscribers’ behaviours. Depending on their commitment rate and reactions, change your publication hours or vary the content of your publications.

  • Manage trolls and aggressive comments with kindness.

  • Try to mostly publish visual contents.

To create beautiful visual elements, you can use software such as Canva or BeFunky. Rippl will enable you to design animated images. It’s possible to use PicsArt like image bank.
  • Don’t be an exuberant sales representative. The most important thing is to not participate for promotional purpose only: bring your added value when you publish and leave comments, answers, messages…

  • Interact with your fans as much as possible and be quick to respond. To boost your commitment rate, ask questions, launch competitions, ask your community opinion…

  • Make strong appearances within Facebook discussion groups related to your business sector, for example. You will find a qualified public who exhibits engaged intent.

When should you publish?

It depends on the social network.

  • On Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, you should publish between once a week and once a day.

  • We’d be well advised to publish as much as possible on a platform like Twitter.

  • In general, it’s more efficient to program your publications at off-peak times to avoid competition.

👉 Add buttons to share

Add a button to share your blog articles systematically to post them easily, as well as on your newsletter.

👉 Share positive customer reviews

It’s always pleasant to get a compliment. By sharing your positive customer feedbacks on your social media, you become credible and strengthen the relationship of trust with your community.

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👉 Optimize SEO

  • On Twitter or Instagram, don’t forget to add hashtags.

  • On Facebook or YouTube, describe your publications so that algorithms rank you better.

👉 Try influence marketing

Influencers are YouTubers, bloggers, or Instagrammers who enjoy a wide faithful and committed community. The objective of influence marketing for businesses is to convey their message through an influencer to their public.

  • To launch an influence marketing campaign, you can start by determining the ambassadors who match your brand (who reach the same type of audience and have a universe like yours).

  • Get in touch with them in a customized way and show you know their contents and personality.

  • You can offer them the possibility to try products for free and give their opinion or use other influence marketing levers, possibly against remuneration.

👉 Have your eye on your competitors 👁️

Analyse your competitors: their actions and results. In general, they are a good source of observation and inspiration.

👉 Tools to better manage your social media

Online software such as Hootsuite, Agorapulse, Sprout Social or Tweetdeck will help you better manage your publications on social networks and analyse your statistics to improve your results.

Create a professional website

How to promote your website thanks to outreach marketing?

Outreach marketing is another way to promote your website or blog on the internet.

You build connections with other web actors who belong to the same business sector to cross your respective website traffics.

No matter what your methods, be the highest bidder and generous as possible when you exchange: the more you give, the more you get.

Here are our best tips for outreach marketing:

👉 First, get in touch with the owners of the websites mentioned on your website. It will enable you to exchange links or mentions with websites of reference.

👉 First, look for content creators who have the same audiences.

For example, if you are an optician, you might contact with the websites of retirement homes.

  • You’ll be able to find them just by searching on Google.

  • You can also use Google’s related searches. To that end, you can enter “related:” to find the websites with the same type of audience. (It’s very useful! ✌️)

  • You can be more precise thanks to Google’s search features:

    • They enable you to search from keywords in your website URL if you enter allinurl (analysis of the terms you’re interested in).

    • It’s possible to do the same type of search in relation to your website content if you enter allintext (and the keywords you’d like).

    • You can search from metadata with “allintitle”.

    • You can also search from anchors with “allinanchor”.

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👉 To get in touch with these powerful partners, remember the basic rules for emailing:

  • Keep it short and eye-catching (the most important information must be placed at the beginning).

  • Think about customization. Find out about your recipient and take advantage of the information in your emails. 

👉 If you don’t receive a response immediately, you can chase up (chase up 3 times at the most and change the object every time).

👉 Think about the future: try to make the success of your relation. Following the first contact and a possible collaboration, keep your recipient up to date on your news and maintain the link.

At this stage, you know the basic elements of a website promotion: exchange and content.

Now let’s discover how to do these two things at once.

Promote your website for free by creating collaborative content

It’s possible to create content which is even more exceptional: by collaborating with other bloggers and web actors.

First, think about guest blogging. By asking contributors, you enjoy their notoriety and contacts in addition to adding quality content to your blog. Moreover, if you write an article on their website, you will also have a backlink.

To find co-writers for guest blogging, browse the internet:

  • Look for influential websites which talk about your business sector and do guest blogging.

  • Even if they never did guest blogging, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them by offering an exchange:

    • To that end, email them (don’t be too talkative to not block them: we are all busy).

    • Start by flattering your interlocutor: “I follow your website from the beginning. It’s a masterpiece.” Butter your interlocutor up.

    • Offer the possibility to collaborate (be precise).

    • Tell the reasons why it will be interesting to work with you (for example, tell your number of followers on Facebook or the number of visits on your blog).

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If you have difficulties to get feedbacks, but you want to get in touch with the editorial team of a website, you can stand out discretely by leaving comments under their publications, sharing their publications or retweeting them regularly.
  • Try to collaborate to create contents

Except guest blogging articles, you can also organize blog articles by collaborating with several writers, organize webinars or invite experts for a video or podcast.

It’s another way to collaborate for your content, to expand your contacts, cross the traffics in your business sector and stand out by a qualified public.

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How to get your website known: use several media

To enhance your online reputation and be everywhere, you can use several online communication medium.

Here are some examples:

  • You can adapt your content to different forms (PDF, videos, podcasts, Slideshare…). Each medium has its own public, and you will reach new audiences.

  • You can also submit your website to general or specialized directories of websites, such as Tripadvisor or Dmoz…

If you are a local professional, it’ll be possible to sign up to Google My Business to be shown on Google pages depending on your geographical area or just on yellow pages.

  • Use email marketing

Effectively, a short email remains effective to generate traffic to your website.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to write a monthly newsletter and encourage your visitors to subscribe on your website. To that end, add links or buttons to subscribe to the strategic places of your website. For example, you can place them at the end of your articles, on your home page, especially in the sidebar.

  • Consider press relations

Talk about your website in the press is a good way to promote it. You can start by local press and then use it to contact with national or specialized press.

Lectors will look for your name or brand on Google.

  • Participate in forums and leave comments on other websites, leaving your website URL every time:

    • On questions/answers forums such as Wikihow, Yahoo!, Quora o Answers. If you notice publications related to your business sector, you can add a discreet link to your website, without being heavy-going.

Be helpful and give your public added value.

It will also be possible to visit social bookmarking websites that enable internet users to share their good tips in the form of links (Reddit, Digg,, Juxtapost…).

Get known online: other free tips

Here are additional tips to promote your website for free:

  • It’s better to publish as much as possible to enjoy optimal visibility.

  • Think about a process of internationalization: a multilingual website will help you to get new lectors worldwide.

  • Subscribers is a service that enables your lectors to be notified each time you publish on your blog (it’s quite cool ✌️).

If you want to give it all you’ve got and if you are ready to invest to get better results, you can also use charged solutions.

Enhance your digital reputation: advertising and audit

Online advertising or professional audit might also be to your advantage for your digital reputation.

  • It’s also possible to use Google Ads, Twitter, or Facebook Ads to promote your website: these charged services will also enable you to reach a qualified target audience, and then it’ll be easy to measure the impacts of the campaign.

Moreover, analyse your website traffic and make changes according to circumstances to become more popular.

  • You’ll also have the possibility to hire an expert’s services to enhance your online reputation and build a high-performance digital presence thanks to a website audit.

Build a website

That’s it!

Now you know how to promote your website for free and effectively with a few basic tips.

Get yourself talked about positively!

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