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How to create a link to a website

You may have strived for high quality in your blog content, you may have written interesting articles with pretty pictures, you will still be compelled to promote your website, if you want to attract numerous visitors. Aside from natural indexing and keywording, we give you some advice in order to improve the popularity of your website.

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Use your network

  • Then, you cannot neglect the social media, that have become a key communication channel on the Internet. SiteW offers you a social block allowing you to add very easily social media buttons to your website.

  • You can also consider guest-blogging. By calling in contributors, you will enjoy their notoriety and their relationship network, in addition to the quality content they will provide.

  • You should also mention your sources and contact them, which will allow you to exchange links or references with major websites.

Use different media

  • You can also duplicate your content on various media (pdf, videos, slideshare...), because each of them has their own public and you’ll thus be able to reach other target audiences.

  • You can also register in general or specific web directories. If you are a local professionnal, you can subscribe to Google Adresses to appear on Google according to your geographic target areas.

  • Take part in discussion forums and leave comments on other websites, not forgetting to leave the url of your website.

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Other tips

  • It is better to publish as often as possible in order to improve your website’s visibility.

  • You can also consider internationalising : a multilingual website can help you acquire new visitors from all across the world. SiteW allows you to create a bilingual or multilingual website in just a few clicks.

  • Finally, you can use services like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads in order to promote your website. These paying services allow you to reach the right targeted audience and you will then be able to easily measure the impact of the campaign.



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