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How to create a personal website ?

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Create a website online for freeStarter special : get a free personal space to create your pages and add your photos and videos on Internet very easily. Just like with a blog, you can regularly update your website.

1. Create a free personal website

To create your free personal website, first choose a name for the website. You must also enter an Internet address, which will allow your friends to visit your personal website. Create my personal website with SiteW.

2. Add your personal info

Add the information that you want to share on the pages of your website. You can freely share personal photos, personal videos and even personal musical creations. If you simply wish to share your tastes and passions, you can create a personal space containing YouTube videos or music from a widget.

3. Promote your personal website

To allow your friends to have access to your pages, let them know the address of your website by Email or by sending them messages on your MySpace or Facebook page.

By adding a comment block, your friends will be able to leave messages on your personal website, just like with a blog.

4. Update your personal website

By creating your personal website with SiteW, you can easily update your personal site, just like with a blog. Your friends can also get regular news from you by surfing on your website.





Last update: December 17, 2020

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