How to create a personal website?

February 08, 2023 - Frédérique Biau

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Creating a website is not reserved for professionals!

Today, you can create a simple website by yourself, easily, quickly and for free. Especially by using a website builder like the one we offer at SiteW.

So how can you create a personal website that will delight you, without it being too complicated or too expensive? Well, let's find out together!

Why create a personal website?

you may want to make your own website for very good private reasons:

  •  To share your passion

Indeed, the main goal of a personal website is to share your passion, your experience, your tips and your knowledge in a specific area. For example, if you are passionate about cinema, you can create a personal blog about this topic in order to create a community, analyze movies and certain sequences.

  • Add value to your resume

Today, knowing and mastering the tools of the web and the possibilities they offer are essential for (almost) every job. By creating your personal website and including it on your CV, you have a new experience with an example of your skills.

  • Create a community around a topic you are passionate about.

You’d like to talk about your passion with your friends and family but they don't know much about it? Creating a community is a great way to exchange, broaden your views and learn even faster while becoming an expert in the field.

  • Organize a small private event

You are organizing a party, a family reunion, a conference, a presentation... Why not create a website to centralize the information and make it easily accessible? With simple and intuitive solutions, you can create a modern website without effort.

  • Create a family website (blog, photo sharing website, digital memory album...)

Your personal site allows you to you share memories with your family through a secure website accessible with a password.

  • Tell about a trip or an experience

Finally, your personal site is a dedicated space where you can talk about anything with your community. A travel guide, a professional or personal experience... Don't hesitate to share your life lessons with others, through your personal site.

For your project,
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Creating a personal website seems to be the best solution for you.

Then the question arises...

How to create a personal website?

As we have seen, creating a personal website is now accessible to everyone. Whether you are an expert in web design or a beginner, you will find a solution for your website creation project.

And, to start the preparation of your personal website serenely, here is is a two step method:

Step 1 : Prepare your site creation

Before starting the creation of your personal website, you can consider these points to gain time and efficiency.

Don't panic: just follow the steps right here 👇

  • Prepare your domain name

Indeed, every website starts with a suitable domain name. Whether it's your last name, your first name, the name of your project or your artist name, think about registering your domain name in order to rank your website.

Registering a domain name only takes a few minutes, and this step is usually included in the website design package.

  • Think about your design strategy.

When thinking about your design, you also think about the messages you will send to your audience. You can think about your logo, define your colors, and your typography to have a general idea of your brand identity before starting.

  • Establish your long-term goals

Is your site intended to become a blog? An online store? Will it remain a presentation

website for the rest of your projects?

By asking yourself these questions, you can choose the right package and determine exactly how much time you want to spend on your website.

Your goal is essential!
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If you only want to create a family photo album or if your website is an essential part of your professional life, your expectations will not be the same!
  • Think about the international aspect 

Do you want to internationalize your personal website and create a French, German or Spanish-speaking community around it? You can think about internationalization by starting your personal website in order to prepare your content in advance.

Step 2: Using SiteW

A website creation software like ours is the most adapted solution to create a personal website. Indeed, SiteW provides you with a fun and easy interface with tools designed by skillful developers.

Why SiteW? For all the following reasons:

  • To make your website freely, simply by using your mouse

The Website Builder is based on a technology that allows you to create a unique website, element by element. All the blocks are just waiting to be dragged and dropped into your website to be configured according to your needs.

  • Then be able to manage it, in a totally independent way

On SiteW, the tools allow you to manage your website precisely according to your objectives and the use you intend to make of it (sharing with a lot of people, exchange with your close friends, creation of a community... While being in a secure and professional environment, you have the choice to manage your website the way you want.

  • And above all, you can do all this for free, or at very competitive rates (€6.60/month for a yearly subscription to the Essential package, and €8/month for a monthly subscription). Our Unlimited package enables you to create an unlimited showcase website for €17.50/month and €21 for a monthly subscription.

sitew pricing

  • On our platform, it only takes 4 steps to start a personal site:

👉 Start by creating your account

👉 Name your site

👉 Select your website template

Many templates are available around various topics: fashion, beauty, travel, animals, photography, arts and crafts, wedding, cooking, sports, interior design...

sitew templates

👉 Choose the package that suits you

All that's left to do is add your own content (features, images, text, videos...), and customize your website design (shapes, bands, colors, fonts, icons, page backgrounds, buttons, etc.).

By the way, here are our design tips, all the features to make your website a success.

Get started, it's free!

A personal website that is even more efficient

How do you rank a personal website?

When you start making a personal website:

👉 Either you want your website to be private and only share it with your friends and family (in which case, you can restrict the access with a password for example, and by disabling indexing)

👉 Or, on the contrary, you want your site to be a place of exchange and sharing, and in this case, you need to promote your site...

To be visible on the web, you will especially focus on the SEO aspect by working on the following points: 

  • Keywords and writing content

Add many texts, rich and dense enough, containing the search terms that were entered to find your site. And above all, update your pages regularly by adding fresh content and making sure that your keywords are as relevant as possible

  • The structure of your site

The structure of your site should be defined in a coherent way. Your pages shouldn't be more than 3 clicks away from the homepage. Develop a logical internal linking strategy to build semantic links and guide the reader.

  • The technical dimension

Your site must be efficient and secure. On our platform, you don't have to worry about this, because we take care of everything!

  • The statistics of your site

Take a close look at the statistics of your website, thanks to Google tools, and draw the appropriate conclusions to improve your personal site. This way, you will be able to adapt your SEO strategy to your targeted markets.

                     Once your SEO strategy is in place, you need to get people talking about your website on the internet!

To do this, consider these tips:

👉 Create viral content, for example through your blog, or by posting videos, images, infographics... And spread it, through social media. For example, infographics are highly appreciated and easily shared by users.

👉 You can participate in other blogs, in forums or in the digital media. Thus, you'll be considered an expert in your field and attract a targeted audience that appreciates your content.

👉 You can also participate in online events (webinars, trainings...).

👉 It is also possible for you to launch challenges and contests.

Extra tip
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Bring your added value in every post, in order to mark the minds and leave a good impression.

The essential SiteW features

Depending on the nature of your personal website, you will not have the same needs, nor the same expectations. As our service is aimed at the general public, we work hard to diversify our tools.

On our platform, you can add :

  • A blog, if your goal is to create a friendly space where you can add your photos, tell your travel stories and share your recipes, your beauty or health tips...

Blog block of SiteW

  • A forum, if you wish to discuss a particular topic

Forum block of SiteW

  • A comment thread, if, for example, you are a video content creator and you want to encourage your followers to post comments.

Comment block of SiteW

  • A contact form, to facilitate exchange with visitors.

Form block of SiteW

  • A calendar, if you are an amateur artist, and have exhibitions or concerts planned.

Calendar block of SiteW

  • A location map, if you want to use your site to organize a private event.

Map block of SiteW

  • But, you will also have the possibility to limit your website access, using a password (or to restrict access to members only), as well as to de-index your site.

page protection

If you are a photographer or painter, you can also protect your files in one click, by discouraging copying, or by disabling the right click and the source code.

A design that suits you

A personal website should reflect your taste. You certainly want to design a website that fits you, and that you can be proud of.

Did you know?
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It only takes a few seconds for a user to decide whether to stay on your site, or leave it.

That's why you should take care of your website's appearance.

If you start building your personal website on our platform, you will have access to many tools to customize the look of your private website, down to the smallest detail.

On the green tab, related to design, you will have the possibility to modify:

  • The typography

You can choose from a multitude of fonts that you can try and modify in order to fit your requirements.


  • The background of the site and the content area

Transparent, colorful, gradient... You can change your site's background and content area in order to maintain a design consistency with no effort.

page background

  • The appearance of blocks, buttons, links, menus, input fields

It also allows you to save time by creating preset designs for each of your elements.

Button block of SiteW

  • The colors of your site

For this, you can either use an existing palette, or create your own by using our color chart.

Colour palette of SiteW

  • Transition effects 

You can add a transition effect between pages to bring originality and dynamism to your personal website.

For the more advanced users, the style sheet allows you to add new features by contacting our team.

In terms of graphic elements, you can add, with a single click, thanks to the drag and drop technology, the following blocks:

  • Icons

The Icon block allows you to add simple design elements to illustrate your site. You can also add links to these icons to turn them into buttons.

Icon block of SiteW

  • Images and videos

The Image and Video blocks allow you to add photos and videos from your computer, or from royalty-free websites.

For example, you can embed videos from Youtube, Twitch or Dailymotion.

Video block of SiteW

  • Shapes and Bands

To divide your content, highlight a button or bring structure to your site, use the Shape block or the Widget block (separator). For example, the Widget block allows you to add a line to your page and customize it according to your design.

Strip block of SiteW

  • Illustrations

Finally, the Illustration block gives you access to a wide range of modern and attractive design elements to make your website more dynamic. All you have to do is search the image bank and choose your favorite illustration!

Illustration block of SiteW

Whatever your project is, you now know how to make a personal website, and especially how to really take advantage of it, according to your needs and requirements.

We look forward to having you as part of our great community!

Get started, it's free!

Frédérique Biau
Editor and translator
I am passionate about science fiction, new technologies, writing and art in general. I started my career as a Cultural Manager. It is with pleasure and enthusiasm that I am a writer and web translator with 9 years of experience. ✍️

Last update: February 08, 2023

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