How to create a personal website?

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Creating a website is not only for professionals!

You can want to make a webpage for very good personal reasons:

👉 To share your passion 

👉 To inform people about a topic you care about

👉 To create a community around a topic you love

👉 To organize a small private event

👉 To make a family website (blog, online photo album, souvenir album…)

👉 To tell about a trip or an experience, etc.

Today, we can make a simple website by ourselves, easily, quickly and for free. Including by using a website builder like the one we offer on SiteW.

So how to create a personal website that you love, that is not too difficult nor too expensive to make? Well, let’s see that together! 

How to easily create a free personal website?

A web design software like ours is certainly the most suitable solution to make a personal website.

Why? For all the following reasons:

👉 Using a web agency to make a simple personal website would be useless, and above all much too expensive.

👉 Using a CMS like Wordpress enables sophisticated developments, but it is difficult to learn how to use this kind of software (unless you are keen on computing, or if you are a web designer or a web developer).

👉 On the contrary, with a website editor (like the one we offer to our users), you can:

  • Freely build your website, just using your mouse

  • Create a totally unique and custom website, in no time

  • Manage it, in an autonomous way

  • Do all that for free, or at low cost (3.99€/month for the Blog package, and 7.99€/ month for the Premium package)

On our platform, you just need 4 steps to start a personal website:

  1. Start by creating your account

  2. Name your website

  3. Select your website template

  4. Choose your package

Now you only have to add your own content (features, images, text, videos…) and customize your website design (shapes, stripes, colors, fonts, page backgrounds, buttons, etc.).

Launch yourself, it's free!

Making a personal website: create the website design of your dreams

You certainly want your website to reflect your identity and your tastes. You certainly want to design a webpage that looks the way you want, and which you can be proud of.

By the way, you are right: do you know that internet users only need a few seconds to decide whether they stay on your website or leave?

That’s why you are right to care about your website appearance.

If you decide to start your personal website on our platform, you will have access to many tools to customize your website design, down to the smallest detail.

On the green tab, you will have the possibility to change:

👉 Typography

👉 Website background and content zone

👉 Appearance of blocks, buttons, links, menus, input fields...

👉 Website colors

👉 Transition animations

👉 And, for the most advanced users, style sheet

As far as graphics is concerned, you will also be able to add, with a simple click, icons, images, videos, shapes and stripes, illustrations, custom buttons…, by using Drag and Drop.

How to make a personal website and why?

As seen in the introduction, we can want to create a personal website for multiple reasons.

Our web design tool was developed to fit the largest possible number of situations. That’s why we offer:

👉 Many templates about various topics: fashion, beauty, travel, animals, photography, art and crafts, marriage, cooking, sport, decoration...

👉 Features that meet any of your needs 

👉 Tools that allow to precisely manage your website, according to your goals and the use you want to make of it (sharing your passion with a large audience, exchanging with relatives and friends, creating a community…) 

👉 A technology that gives you the possibility to design a unique website, element by element.

Thus, whether you need to create a gaming forum, to make a photography website, to start a marriage blog, a video website, to build a travel blog, a recipe blog, a fashion website, or to create a sport blog, we have everything you need. 

Personal website design: the features you need

Depending on the nature of your website, you won’t have the same needs, nor the same expectations. Our web design tool was designed for everyone, and we are working hard to offer a large variety of features.

On our platform, you can add:

👉 A blog, if you want to create a friendly space:

  • where you can add your photos and travel storie

  • where you can share your recipes, or your beauty or health tips...

👉 A forum, if you want to exchange about a specific topic

👉 A comment section, if for example, you are a video maker, and you want to hear from your followers.

👉 A contact form, to make communication easier with your website visitors. 

👉 An agenda, if you are an amateur artist and want to add your upcoming exhibitions or concerts.

👉 A Google map if you want to use your website to organize a private event.

Then you will have the possibility to restrict access to your pages, using a password (or a member access). And you will also be able to disable search engine indexation.

If you are a photographer, or a painter, you can protect your files in just one click, by discouraging copy, disabling mouse right click and source code access.

Finally, you will have the possibility to send email campaigns, if you want to create and maintain a community around your personal website.

Make your personal website known: the art of increasing your visibility

When you start a personal website, you have two options:

  • Either you want to stay discreet, and only share your website with your friends and family (in that case, you will need to limit your website access with a password, or by disabling search engine indexation). 

  • Or, on the contrary, you may want your personal website to be a place of exchange and sharing. In this case, you have to promote your website...

Improve your website ranking

To be visible on the internet, you will improve your SEO by working on the following points:

👉 Keywords and writing. Add much text. Your texts should be rich and long, and should contain the search terms entered by users to find your website. And above all, don’t forget to update your website.

👉 Your website structure. It should be built in a coherent way. Your web pages should not be too far from your homepage. Insert relevant internal links.

👉 The technical aspect. Your website should be effective and secure. On our platform, you don’t have to worry about this aspect, because we take everything in charge. 

👉 Your website statistics. Look closely at your website data, using Google tools, and you will be able to draw the right conclusions, in order to improve your personal website.


Launch yourself, it's free! 

Personal website design: making a website is fine, promoting it is even better

Once your SEO strategy is established, you need to make you known on the web.

To do so, nothing complicated:

👉 Create viral content, for example by using a blog, or by posting videos, illustrations, computer graphics… And spread them through social media.

👉 You can also collaborate with other blogs, or participate in forums.

👉 Another possibility can be to participate in online events (webinars, online training).

👉 It is also possible to launch challenges and contests.

Don’t forget to add your own value on every intervention, in order to draw attention, be remembered and leave a good impression. 

Whatever project you have in mind, you now know how to make a personal website, and above all how to make the most of it, depending on your expectations. 

We are looking forward to counting you among our great community of webmasters!

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