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February 08, 2023 - Anaïs Sautarel

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You are looking for a job. You are extremely talented and highly motivated. The internet may be a wonderful springboard for your career.

Thanks to a website builder like SiteW, you can create an online resume, in a few minutes, with your mouse.

How to build a professional and attractive resume website quickly? How to create a CV website that draws attention to yourself and makes you stand out from the crowd?

Here are our best tips to create an online CV that will make recruiters want to interview you for a job immediately.

Why should you create your online resume?

What are the benefits of writing an online CV?

Your resume is decisive: the recruiter will browse it quickly (they will just spend between 6 and 40 seconds). ⏰

But this essential paper (or online resume website) will play an important part in your destiny, and you must take care of it.

Today, the internet makes part of our daily life, and it has changed our habits as well as job seeking.

Online resume: the must-have
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The concept of digital image was born with the development of the internet: each entity (companies, associations, communities, particulars…) leaves more or less indelible, digital traces and creates a virtual double.

This double must also have its CV. Therefore, here are all the benefits of creating your online resume:

Improve your digital image

Everyone has access to this digital image at any time. Therefore, it’s essential to take care of it. If you master your digital image, you will be successful. On the contrary, if you lose control, you will have troubles.

In this way, your online resume must be a real marketing tool. For example, as seen it before, a recruiter who is interested in your application will have the possibility to search information about you in the following manner:

  • On your Viadeo or LinkedIn accounts

  • On your social network pages (Facebook, Instagram...)

  • On a personal blog

  • On press articles talking about previous realizations

Moreover, if the recruiter sees an attractive online resume that gives additional information about your professional background, you will score points.

online resume

Enjoy web advantages

Your online CV looks like an “improved application”.

Writing an online resume enables you to apply for a job, in the same way as in paper format, as well as enjoy digital technology, especially in terms of interactivity, for example.

The advantages of an online resume
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Writing an online CV enables you to introduce yourself in a more dynamic and complete way, while keeping your application clear. For example, if you use links, you give access to videos, documents, images, or other websites without hampering your CV read speed.

Recruiters and headhunters will type your name into Google. Apart from your Viadeo or LinkedIn accounts, it’s useful to find you online thanks to a thorough and professional website you master perfectly.

The internet increases the possibilities (documents, hyperlinks, images, videos…) to make a difference in the job market. Therefore, seize the opportunity. Your online resume is an added value and must-have. 💪

Now you are convinced, let’s see how to create your online resume easily.

online CV

Build a resume website easily

Building a resume website for your future applications is a real advantage in front of your competitors when you need to get a job interview. Everyone has a CV, but a few people are capable of coding a beautiful website easily that also shows their personality perfectly.

Fortunately, SiteW offers you the possibility to create a custom and functional website for your CV quickly. But first, here are some tips to create your online CV serenely:

Tips before creating your online resume

Three words may resume an effective online or paper CV: concise, clear and thorough.

As we have already seen, a professional resume must enable to know who you are dealing with in a few seconds, but it must also leave a good impression.

To that end, there is no secret:

  • Adopt the good presentation

You need a straightforward, clear, structured and necessary presentation. Get to the point: sobriety and simplicity must be your principles.

Your newest trainings or experiences must appear first. You can detail your knowledge, skills, or works. Be practical and prove you fit the job.

  • Choose the experiences you must highlight

Don’t fall into the trap: sending a generic and the same resume for all the job offers. It’s a common mistake and below-average performance, especially when you are a recent graduate.

In this way, the recruiter will immediately notice you and see that you’ve sent your application to all companies without distinction.

On the contrary, the custom CV enables to show your interest in the job, your motivation, and be more convincing by presenting your experience from an angle that best suits the job offer.

Therefore, select the professional experiences that best match the job you’re looking for to show the recruiter you have specific skills.

  • Respect the good structure

The tile and structure of your CV are important. It makes the reading and understanding of your application easier and faster. However, as seen above, the recruiter is in a hurry. Therefore, you need to make an impression as fast as possible.

It also enables you to highlight some elements, grab, and guide the recruiter’s attention by creating strengthening and development effects.

You can choose the most relevant title for your CV: “Recent graduate in [your training]” or a specific, professional experience, specific skills, a degree…

It’s the same thing for the structure of your CV: for example, if you have just finished your studies, first, you’ll write your training. On the contrary, you’ll present your professional experiences first if you are in the world of work since a long time.

Obviously, don’t make spelling error to remain credible.

build a resume website

Here are the common advice that enable to create an excellent online resume. Now let’s put theory into practice. 🛠

Resume website with SiteW: the method

Time, budget, efficacy, result constraints… When you are seeking for a job, you need to consider several questions before creating a CV website. Fortunately, SiteW removes all these constraints in the following manner:

  • Create your website and choose your package

SiteW has a big advantage. It is available on search engines, that is to say from any computer.

Create your account with a current email address and a secure password.

sign up sitew

Then choose the SiteW package that suits your needs. For a short online resume, you can use the Starter package to start evaluating the pertinence of an online CV and its results.

👉 However, if you want to have a domain name and improve the quality of your resume website considerably, subscribe to a package. For a few euros a month, you have many essential tools and solutions to create a successful online resume.

Book a domain name

sitew packages

  • Use a template

The strength of SiteW is to offer customizable templates you will configure as you please. You can choose a template among many templates. ✏️

If you have a web design soul, it’s possible to use blank templates to start from scratch and create your website from A to Z.

sitew templates

  • Add features

On the editor, you just need to choose the blocks you want to add to your online resume and drag them on your website thanks to the drag and drop system.

Search the different blocks to select the blocks that will help you the most for job hunting. Download block to convert your CV or portfolio to PDF, Text block to write overview paragraphs, Image block to show photos of you and your works…

You have already finished and published your online resume.

SiteW enables you to create a digital CV quickly and become more professional and credible for your future interviews. 🚀

However, an online resume is good, but an optimized, user-friendly and beautiful online CV is better.

Create your resume website

Start to create your online resume for free.
No payment method is needed, no time limit.

Here are our tips to create an online CV that will instantly be at the top of the applications:

A successful resume website

A resume website needs three essential elements to work: visibility, features and design.

We will deal with these three elements to advise you:

The visibility of your website

If you create a digital CV, your application will rank higher thanks to SEO. To that end, implement a SEO strategy. Add keywords related to your professional sector, skills, training, job titles you wish for.

Indicate all the existing synonyms and possible appellations. Update your professional website regularly because search engines highlight new information.

To improve your SEO, you can also pay attention to your URL and tags. It’s useless to talk for the sake of talking, and just add keywords. You may be less efficient. Therefore, optimize your URL and tags.

Therefore, add keywords to your tags to show Google the subject and structure of your online resume and book a domain name to rank high.

In this way, when a recruiter will seek your family name and first name on the internet, they will directly find your online resume thanks to an optimized URL.

The features you can add to your online resume

As you have already understood, contrary to a print CV, an online resume has creative and useful features. That’s why you need to think about the features to add to your CV to boost it and make it effective for recruiters:

  • The Button block

On our platform, you can add links to the websites of your former businesses easily. Therefore, use the Button block to add clickable links and enable recruiters to read your career history easily.

SiteW Button block

  • The Form block

Our tool enables you to add a contact form so that recruiters can contact you in just one click. You can customize and adapt this form so that it meets your needs and wishes. You can change its structure, fields, title, and colours.

A CAPTCHA secure your exchanges between your future employer and you.

SiteW Form block

  • The Video block

The Video block enables you to add a video to your website. Regarding design, the video can also be an interesting feature to create your online resume in the form of video.

🎥 Is it a good idea to create a video CV? Today, creativity and dynamism are highlighted. Our world goes fast, is saturated with images and movements. Obviously, switch between the document to the video for your CV.

SiteW Video block

Effectively, it’s a great idea, but be careful: it’s an additional element of a written application, but it doesn’t replace it.

👉 Contrary to an online resume, the SEO benefits aren’t excluded.

👉 Recruiters have a few time to devote to you, and the video doesn’t be read transversally as fast as an online CV.

  • The Social block

When you are searching for a job, you need to be on professional social networks with your online resume, as both are complementary.

In this way, you enjoy excellent networking capabilities thanks to your LinkedIn or Viadeo profiles. Your private website also enables you to create your own space where you feel free to make your design. You also have many more important possibilities (images, videos, documents…) to draw attention to yourself and work on your personal branding.

You’re better creating links between your professional social network profiles and your online resume. To that end, use the Social block to add your social networks to your website and enable to link both.

SiteW Social block

The design of your resume website: a real advantage

An online resume will provide more freedom in terms of design than a Word document or a LinkedIn page.

Regarding an (online) CV, you need to be sober for its design and redaction. The most important thing is to draw attention to yourself and not divide the recruiter’s attention.

However, for more creative jobs, you might be a bit daring by linking your CV to your portfolio, for example.

Our tool provides access to all the design features you need to create a successful online resume:

  • The Icon block

The Icon block enables you to add small icons to your online resume. They are useful to define categories, highlight some elements or become buttons you can click on.

Effectively, you can add a link to your icons so that they become real browsing elements.

SiteW Icon block

  • The Shape and Strip blocks

These blocks enable you to add graphic elements such as geometric shapes or separators and customize them as you wish. It might be interesting to use these blocks to structure your online resume visually.

As mentioned above, the clarity of your resume is essential for the recruiter. Therefore, don’t hesitate to use all the SiteW tools to optimize your online resume visually.

SiteW Shape block

  • Customize the page background, menu, colours

You can customize everything on SiteW. Therefore, go to the Design section of the editor to edit your resume website globally to save time and be more consistent.

🎨 Add a clear and easy to understand menu to enable the recruiter to browse easily, as well as colours that represent you. A CV works thanks to keywords and visual elements help make an impression on the recruiter.

SiteW Menu block

  • The fonts

The fonts are the essential design elements of your CV. You need them.

SiteW fonts

Here are the essential principles about the most common fonts:

👉 Helvetica: it’s the favourite font of specialists. It’s elegant, sober, and professional. It’s the best choice if you have any special idea.

👉 Garamond: this font is pleasant to read. It’s professional, and recruiters like it in general.

👉 Arial or Calibri: these classic two fonts are ordinary and perfect if you don’t know what to choose.

👉 Times New Roman: it’s the widely used font. You never take any risk if you choose it for your online resume, but this choice may be interpreted as a lack of originality and daring.

In any case, remember that the presentation of an online application also need to be consistent and harmonious. Don’t use too small fonts so that your application will be illegible, but don’t use big fonts because you’ll lose elegance.

For example, you can make fonts harmonious, but don’t overwrite your online resume or make it illegible. Now you know all the tips for an effective and successful online resume thanks to SiteW.

Now, it’s your turn! 🎉

Anaïs Sautarel
As confident in the mountains as with foreign languages, our contents and tool travel around English-speaking and Spanish-speaking countries with me. 🌍

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