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February 08, 2023 - Frédérique Biau

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It's easy today to pick up an image from the internet, there's something even better: creating your own images.

You can use custom illustrations to accompany your content perfectly, or compose your own creations and create an online photo site.

Or simply make a photo collage for your grandma! 👵

All options are possible, or almost!

In any case, to stand out, make a buzz on the internet, or create a photo site, it is essential to maintain your website with care, especially by adding images that hit the spot.

We've concocted a selection of the top 10 online image editing sites, that are very easy to use and totally free, that will help you create amazing illustrations .

Let 's go!

Using an online image editor and creating your own illustrations: why is it the best?

👉 To stand out

On the internet, there are already more than 1,6 billion websites in the world. And more than 2 million blogs are created every day.

Needless to say, in the volume of digital data, anything that can help you catch the eye of customers and make you stand out from the crowd is a big plus.

Illustrating your content is one of the basic elements of effective content creation.

To go further
Info stepup
To get the basics, you can check out our guide to royalty-free images. 👀

Finding great images is essential, but creating your own takes it to the next level!

Obviously, this is what will generate the most originality: with custom photos, you are sure to have a blog that is unique, and you increase your chances of intriguing, seducing and surprising your readers.

 👉 To work on your brand image

The second good reason to create your own illustrations: your visual identity.

If you have a business to run or want to promote your personal blog, it is important, if you want to succeed, to work on your branding.

In this context, visual elements will play one of the most important roles.

Indeed, images are one of the first things people see when they encounter your content. The human eye is always attracted to images.

So, good pictures can make a big difference, and propel you to success.

How to edit your photos or create images easily and for free? Why not use an online picture editing tool! Let’s zoom in on these...

Online photo editing services: advantages and disadvantages

Online image editing tools are super convenient, they flourish on the internet and more and more users are using them. They have undeniable advantages...

👍 Photo editing software allows you to embellish your photos online, often for free or at little cost.

👍 Using an online service saves you from downloading software on your computer, if your PC is not powerful enough, for example.

👍 It also allows you to access your edits from anywhere, as long as you have internet access.

👍 These tools are generally user-friendly and easy to use even for beginners.

But they also have some downsides...

😐 The editing tools offered by these services are less powerful than those of downloadable software.

😐 Using this type of service requires a very stable internet connection, at the risk of losing your work or slowing down the process, in case of network outage.

😐 Some of these photo editing programs are unsophisticated and/or with bad customer service.

Services that allow you to retouch or edit your pictures online are becoming more and more numerous on the web. We have scoured the internet, to select the best of the best: the most accessible, the most manageable, the most creative ... Let's go! 🚀

The best online photo editing software

Pixlr, the most powerful photo editor

Developed by Autodesk, Pixlr is a free image editing tool that is similar to Photoshop. It is very powerful, and includes most of the tools found in the software: including cropping, color replacement, clone tools, eraser, lasso ... You can also use layers, filters, etc.


Pixlr offers several different tools: an interface for beginners (Pixlr X - Express) and another for more experienced users (Pixlr E - Editor). It is therefore impossible to use both simple and advanced features at the same time. If you wish to do so, you will have to import and edit your image consecutively on both systems.

In addition, the Pixlr BG tool will allow you to easily crop your photos.

For the future, Pixlr is working on a new project called Pixlr Genesis which is a kind of virtual gallery.



You will also have access to a large database containing fonts, royalty-free photos, vectors, many templates (for social media, but not only: also for logos, flyers, etc.), videos and sounds, and 3D images.

pixlr data

This software is very popular and has a large community of loyal users. The Editor version is not necessarily very easy for beginners in photo editing; but if you are methodical and consistent, you will nevertheless find many tutorials on Youtube, to help you use the tool.

Some users, however, complain about the lack of resources (guides, FAQ) provided by the website itself.

💡 How does it work?

The editing process is simple, just upload an image, choose the resolution, and click the "Create" button.

You will have hundreds of effects and filters to choose from to modify your picture, according to your desire.

🤑 At what price?

The tool is free, but with the Premium package at $4,90 / month and the Creative package at $14,99 / month (annual rate) you can enjoy even more features, without ads.

In particular, you will have access to their entire library of royalty-free images, stickers, templates, fonts, etc.

❤️ 💔
  • Free and relatively easy to use editor (version X)
  • Free and royalty-free image bank
  • No watermark
  • Contains essential photo editing features
  • Vector image library
  • Layer function to edit each component separately
  • Clipping and background removal features
  • Ability to add text or stickers to personalize the photo
  • Automatic image correction option
  • Ability to make collages
  • Option to add animations (parallax, fade...).
  • The Editor version is not always easy for beginners
  • The photo sharing features are limited
  • The various effects are only slightly modifiable
  • Impossible to use advanced and simple tools at the same time.

Fotor, another famous photo editor

Fotor is another essential software for online photo editing. You will also have access to all the basic functions to modify and improve your images (retouching colors, adding text, icons or stickers, correcting portraits, applying various effects...), all without advertising.

It will also be possible to create photo collages, design images for social media, or compose banners, for example.

The ability to process images in batches makes it a very attractive tool for photographers.

If you encounter difficulties, tutorials are available.

On Fotor, you will be able to delete your background and replace it with an overlay.


💡 How does it work?

On the Fotor website, click on the "Retouch" button to enter the editor. All photo formats are accepted. You can also start a graphic design, prepare a presentation or make a collage.

🤑 At what price?

The most basic features are accessible for free. But you'll have access to their royalty-free media library, as well as advanced tools, only if you subscribe to the Pro version at $3,33 / month (which you can try for free for 3 days).

With the Pro+ plan at $7.5 / month, you get access to all the features, as well as the cloud to store your creations.


fotor collage

You can turn your basic photos into masterpieces, using the GoArt application.


Many inspiring examples are available.

❤️ 💔
  • Easy to use
  • Large selection of templates for collages and graphic design
  • Many filters, effects, frames and stickers
  • The GoArt application that allows you to turn an image into a work of art is quite original
  • The tool tends to freeze from time to time, and requires restarting the service to get back to a more fluid setup
  • The service is free, but if you want to access more features, you will have to pay a subscription.

Picmonkey, a fun and intuitive online photo editing tool

Picmonkey is one of the most popular online image editing tools, now owned by Shutterstock.

You'll find all the essential features like cropping, brightness, shadows, saturation or contrast; and you can also add filters, text or stickers.

A background editing function is also available, and the multi-layer system will allow you to make changes per layer.


This editing site is very easy and perfect for everyday use. You can use it for your social media, but also to create collages, business cards or your website banner.

You will have access to multiple templates, as well as a library of photos, videos and vector images.


The service also offers features based on branding.For example, a tool to choose colors.


PicMonkey has focused its service business on intuitiveness and fun: the buttons are large, colorful and easily readable. The interface is clear, user-friendly and attractive.


💡 How does it work?

Just sign up with an email address and start on a paid plan with a 7-day free trial, or with the free version.

🤑 At what price?

PicMonkey offers 3 different formulas:

  • The free plan allows you to access the simplest features

  • The basic plan, free for 7 days, is then billed to you $89,88 / year, with 1 GB of storage on their cloud server, and access to video editing software, and to the database containing royalty-free videos and photos.

  • The Pro plan allows you, for $143,40 / year, to add unlimited storage to keep and manage your files.

  • Finally, for $274 / year, the Business plan allows you to use all the most advanced features.

❤️ 💔
  • Powerful collage maker
  • Fun, intuitive and accessible to all
  • The tool to choose colors is original and can help you to design your visual identity.
  • Without a  subscription, there is a watermark
  • It is necessary to enter personal information to register
  • The rates are high

Pizap, to make funny portraits of your friends


Pizap is another very good photo editing platform, which offers you all the features you need such as cropping, resizing, rotation, but also the application of effects and filters, the addition of stickers, frames, texts...

You will also have access to retouching tools to correct portraits (red eyes, skin tone correction, etc), add light or contrast.

You can also create collages and prepare your images for social media.


A bank of stock images is at your disposal, as well as pre-established models.


So you can start from a predefined template to begin a graphic design, or even make a meme. 👇


💡 How does it work?

On the Pizap homepage, click on the photo editing button and upload your image. Then edit it with the tools at hand, and finish by uploading it.

🤑 At what price?

A free version is available, but you'll need to subscribe to the paid plan to access the most advanced tools: for $4.99 / month (paid annually), you'll have access to the service without ads and to all the functions.

❤️ 💔
  • Offers a maximum resolution of 1310 x 737 pixels
  • Easy to learn tool
  • The service offers a new feature to make your own memes.
  • Only the paid version allows you to avoid the numerous ads
  • With the free version, you will not be able to download your creations in high resolution.
  • The color management algorithm leaves something to be desired.

Befunky, 'artsy' photo editor


This excellent online photo editor is a simple and very fast tool that gives you multiple options, and allows you to give your images a creative touch. But also create great presentations for your branding projects, or designs for your company, simple photo collages, or even Christmas cards, birth or wedding announcements.


Once again, you will have access to all the basic features such as cropping or resizing, shadow, light and contrast.

But if you subscribe to the paid plan, you will also be able to apply filters and effects, use layers, add text, custom fonts, icons or graphic shapes, or change the background.


Each effect is configurable with options like intensity or speed. You can use the included effects, such as "Artsy" (painting or cartoon effects) and "Enhance DLX" (automatic image enhancement tool) to create artistic and truly unique images.

befunky-cartoonizer 💡 How does it work?

When starting the editor, you can either upload a personal image or use one of the photos suggested. Save when you are done.

🤑 At what price?

The BeFunky Plus package, priced at $4.99 /month (annual payment subscription), offers all the features offered by the service, without advertising.

❤️ 💔
  • The Drag & Drop technology makes the use of the tool easier
  • The interface is simple and translated into many languages (select language at the bottom of the page)
  • The artsy aspect of the software will allow you to give free rein to your imagination
  • You can resume your work where you left off, even if you did not save
  • The collage maker is very powerful.
  • There are many ads in the free version
  • Most of the features are only available  for the paid versions.

Polarr, for Instagrammers

This online image editor is widely popular among Instagram users.

You can easily edit portraits, but also add custom filters and effects in a few clicks and for free.

However, if you want to make more advanced edits, you'll need to purchase a paid subscription, so you can use layers and filters.


One of their assets is their many tutorials to teach you tips on editing.

The tool also allows you to set up keyboard shortcuts that will make your life much easier, if you are a social media manager or an influencer, or if you post often on social media or on your blog.


The software is also available as a Chrome extension.

💡 How does it work?

There is no need to register, just enter the editor, with one click.

🤑 At what price?

The paid version is $2,49 / month for the annual payment.

❤️ 💔
  • On the Polarr Creators page, you can find many resources explaining how to use their service or giving tips on editing
  • Because of its very basic nature, photo editing is simplified and faster.
  • The tool is rather weak compared to the above-mentioned competitors
  • The paid plan is not expensive, it doesn't offer very advanced features. It is therefore not very advantageous.


Ipiccy, free but basic

Ipiccy is an online tool accessible to beginners. You will have access to basic editing tools: resizing, cropping, rotation, color adjustment, sharpness, contrast, light, etc.


You will be able to create collages and make graphic designs. You will be able to use layers, retouch portraits, and add filters and effects, as well as frames and various textures.


More advanced tools will allow you to modify curves and levels.


💡 How does it work?

You don't need to create an account: you can start working on your images immediately.

🤑 At what price?

The service is free.

❤️ 💔
  • All features are available for free.
  • The features are quite basic
  • JPEG files are accepted, but not RAW files

Photopea, a good alternative to Photoshop

Photopea is a very powerful online image editor comparable to Photoshop, although it can be used from a browser. It accepts PSD, RAW, XCF, Sketch, SVG, GIF and other formats.


The interface is very user-friendly and resembles that of Photoshop, so you will not be at a loss if you know the software well.

Photopea allows the integration of scripts and the use of masks and layers. You can of course also apply filters or use vectors.


You can easily create designs for social media (memes, animations...), corporate branding (on the web and on paper), your website or blog (infographics, newsletter, cover illustrations...) and your personal projects (cards, invitations...).


💡 How does it work?

No need to register, to start editing your images. Just click on the button you want.

🤑 At what price?

Photopea offers a free ad-supported plan and a premium version to enjoy the service without ads, and advanced options, which costs $9 per month or $10 for three months.

❤️ 💔
  • Accepts a wide range of file formats, including .AI files (Adobe Illustrator) if you need to edit a logo or an icon, for example
  • Available in many languages (the desired language can be selected in the menu)
  • You will have access to all the features for editing photos.
  • Powerful retouching tool with many options.
  • The tool is comparable toPhotoshop and is therefore not really suitable for beginners
  • You need a subscription to get rid of ads.

Canva, a versatile photo editing tool


Canva is like the Swiss Army knife of online graphic editing tools: used by more than 10 million people worldwide, it offers many predefined templates for all kinds of applications, categorized by type.

You can find something for just about anything, by using different templates: blog post headers, book covers, presentations, photo albums, posters, videos, letters, reports, resumes, menus, logos, invoices, invitations, infographics... The list seems endless.


Then use the various design tools that are very intuitive and completely customizable: you can add filters, animations, stickers, frames, etc. and change their size, positioning, color, opacity, by using your mouse.

If you subscribe to a paid plan, you can use the background eraser. You can then save your creations in the cloud.


You will also have access to the library of royalty-free stock images, animations, videos, icons and vectors. Their partnerships with service providers like Giphy, Prisma, Google Photos, Bitmoji... allow them to offer additional options.

Features reserved for professionals are available with a subscription, such as the design planner or the "visual identity" service.


💡 How does it work?

Just sign up and you can start designing your own designs for free.

🤑 At what price?

  • The free version offers the essential features, 5 GB of storage and access to 250,000 templates

  • The Pro version ($109,99 / year) offers more than 100 million photos and videos, and no less than 610 000 predefined templates, as well as 100 GB of storage.

  • The Enterprise version ($27 / month for a minimum of 25 people) provides unlimited storage and access to pro features for visual identity.

❤️ 💔
  • The free offer is very generous and complete
  • The interface is very accessible and can be used by anyone
  • The service offers a large number of filters.
  • The number of accepted formats is limited
  • The photo editing functions are very limited
  • All the designs created with the free version contain a watermark and you have to pay 1€ to remove it.

Sumopaint, powerful online photo editing tool 


Sumopaint is very powerful and is not equal, but close to Photoshop, in that it offers rather advanced graphic editing features. Of course, it is not as powerful, but it is much cheaper.


You will find an interface very similar to the famous photo editing software. But also complementary mini-applications: an interface to create pixelated designs, a photo editing tool allowing simple adjustments and the application of filters, a 3D visualization tool, an online video editing software, and an online tool to edit sound, as well as a service offering the possibility to code.



Some features are paid for, but it's a great compromise if you're hesitant to invest in a professional software.

💡 How does it work?

You don't have to register to enjoy the free online tool.

🤑 At what price?

  • The free version allows limited online access.

  • The Pro version at $9 / month or $89 / year allows downloads and gives access to all features.

  • The Edu version ($2 / month) offers in addition learning material and is reserved for students and teachers.

❤️ 💔
  • Available in many languages.
  • Many multimedia possibilities.
  • The applications (videos, sounds, images, 3D...) are relatively limited

All right, here we are with many great online tools... So how do we make the best choice?

Online photo editing service: how to choose the one that suits you best?

How do I choose the best online photo editor? The one that will meet your expectations in terms of visual creations.

In short, the software that will allow you to catch the eye of your customers, and to remain in their minds for a long time!

To make your selection, it is important to qualify and quantify your needs:

  • Do you need to edit many images? Or only one from time to time?

  • Do you want to make quick and superficial changes? Or on the contrary, do you want to make big changes to your images?

  • What features would be useful to you?

  • Are you used to using photo editing software or are you a beginner?

  • What budget do you have for designing your visuals?

After answering all these questions, you should start sniffing around for the best partner. To further refine your selection, here are the 3 main types of actions you can perform when editing your work...

The 3 basic operations for image editing

  1. Developing your photos: this is the most basic operation, i.e. the first settings such as contrast, saturation, sharpness, shadows, etc.

  2. Managing your files: you will also need to store your images, download them, order them, sort them using keywords, etc.

  3. Fine-tuning: Finally, you may want to make some fine-tuning changes, such as correcting details or highlighting certain parts of the image.

We have just shared with you our TOP 10 best online photo editing tools.

It's up to you to make the best choice to design stunning visuals! And create beautiful designs for your blog or website... 💻

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