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In our last article, we saw what Competitive Intelligence (CI) is about and why it is important if you want to grow your business. In this second article, we will list some websites that may help you save time. Indeed, Competitive Intelligence, though essential, can be a bit tedious.

There exist different methods to organise Competitive Intelligence, in the same way, there are numerous websites related to CI, each of which presenting a different aspect of it, allowing you to handle it in a very comprehensive/complete way.

CI tools

Mind mapping websites

These sites will allow you to organize your thoughts on a visual way in the form of a tree diagram (or mind map) based on associative thinking. This site also allows to add links. is a tool which can help you with brainstorming thanks to mind maps.

RSS Feed tools

RSS Feeds are essential for CI. RSS Feeds are files whose content is automatically produced when websites are updated. RSS Feeds are read using news reader software. allows you to create a page which gathers the articles from your favorite websites, blogs and even social networks. offers the same type of service allowing to browse the latest posts from your favorite websites and to share these data with others. is a stylish aggregator. It is like a magazine of all the social networks.

monitoring tools

Tools without RSS Feeds

These trendy tools will allow you to keep up-to-date with posts from websites without RSS Feeds. allows you to create a News Feed even from websites which don’t normally support it, and thus to follow the latest posts. Moreover, it gives you the possibility to customize your Feed.  allows you to access the latest articles from your favorite websites or the latest posts concerning specific topics (Design, Technology, Movies, Fashion, Cars…) allows to collect data, to edit it and share it. or Press Jack allow you to create your own Newspaper with the content you find on the web.
Here you are ready to set up your CI strategy. We wish you good luck and every success.

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Last update: December 17, 2020

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