Increase your twitter followers and strengthen your brand image !

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Twitter, Create a websiteTwitter is undeniably one of the most influential social media with 271 million active users in the world, 500,000,000 tweets per day and 320,000 newly created accounts per minute. It is largely used by professionnals, since 50% to 70% of companies have their Twitter account. But how to increase your Twitter followers? Here are some tips that will help manage your twitter accounts and develop your brand image.

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How to increase your twitter followers : first learn how to behave on Twitter


When your create and manage Twitter acccounts, you need to get used to using the following words: #Hashtag, TL (timeline), DM (direct message), Twelcome (welcome to my TL), Twittos (Twitter users), RT (retweet), Followers.

Rules of courtesy

  • It is considered polite to welcome each one of your new followers, by means of an automatic message.

  • Do not forget the @ mentions allowing you to refer to other users and remember to thank all the users that have retweeted your posts.

  • The FF (FollowFriday) mention allows you to recommend some interesting accounts to your followers.

Publication rules

  • Tweets must contain max 140 signs. Try to use only 120 in order to be easily quoted and retweeted.

  • You can also use #hashtags. Do not use too many of them (max 2) and remember to use geolocation to improve your visibility.

Widen your network and increase your twitter followers

  • When you manage social networks, Twitter will allow you to make some new contacts and therefore to increase your twitter followers.

  • Do not hesitate to contact the other users either with a tweet containing a @mention, or thanks to a private message.

  • Follow the social media accounts linked to your interests, to your business sector. You can easily find them thanks to the hashtags.

  • You can insert Twitter buttons on your website. SiteW’s Social block will allow you to easily insert this type of links on your website (Premium and Pro Packages). You will be able either to add a Addthis button allowing you to share your content on social media, or to add a link to your website, to your Twitter account (all packages). To do so, go to the page My Websites>Settings>Social Networks.

How to increase twitter followers
How to easily increase your Twitter followers

Real time monitoring tools

  • Thanks to its short messaging system, Twitter allows you, better than other social media, to follow the latest news.

  • It also enables you to keep updated on what your competitors are doing and to quickly react.

  • Remember that 84% of journalists have their Twitter account.

Manage your Twitter accounts and strengthen your brand image

  • You will have to custom your page and vary your content. Stay active. Make your page public in order to maximise your visibility. Describe your profile in details. You can use customization tools such as

  • Thanks to the Hashtag search system, you will be able to easily read your customers’ opinions.

  • Interact with your customers. Answer their questions and poll them.

What are the customers’ expectations on Twitter?

On Twitter, 90% of the customers wish to get discounts on products, 88% even want free products. Many of them only want to find about new products (79%). They are also seeking after fun contents.

What about content when you manage social networks?

As a social network manager, you have to be brief and entertaining. Try to tweet thrice a day. The tweets containing photos, videos, links or quotes are more likely to be retweeted. Tweets are more read on thursdays, saturdays and sundays. Websites like will help you determine when to tweet.

How to increase your twitter followers by choosing the right hashtags?

Hashtags may be very useful when you want to increase your Twitter followers. To help you with that task, you can resort to hashtag directories such as or

Try to be well organised

  • You can create lists in order to improve your organization. Tools like will help you manage your lists and your followers.

  • Lastly, will enable you to get statistics on your tweets.

You now know some tips about how to increase your twitter followers. You are now ready to become an effective social network manager!


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