How to advertise on Twitter?

January 18, 2023 - Anaïs Sautarel

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On Twitter, one user on two doesn’t tweet.

They just search information.

However, the specificity of Twitter is to create engaged communities that won’t hesitate to interact with your tweets through a like, a retweet, or a comment. In other words, Twitter is a goldmine where the audience is different of the Instagram or Facebook’s one.

So, don’t hesitate any longer and learn everything you need to know to advertise on Twitter:

First step: Ensure you have a Twitter account

Here is an essential step: you must create a professional Twitter account to start using an advertising tool of this social platform. Twitter is often ignored when we implement a marketing strategy because it is considered like a niche platform and has a particular community. However, a Twitter account may be useful, and its creation just takes a few minutes:

Create your username

It’s easy to create your Twitter username. You just need to go directly to Twitter and ask to create an account.

When you create your Twitter account, use a secure password and email address you consult regularly.

Understand Twitter Ads

After the creation of your Twitter account, you can go to Twitter Ads. Thanks to Twitter Ads, by connecting your brand-new account, you will be able to access the interface to create ads campaigns of the social media.

Twitter Ads

As you can see, you just need to enter your country and your time zone will be automatically defined. It enables Twitter Ads to start targeting your audience for your future advertising campaign.

Thanks to your Twitter account, you saw that the creation of an Ads Twitter account is a child’s play.

Create a Twitter Ads campaign step-by-step

Now, you have configured your Twitter Ads account, you can launch a campaign. It’s easy, but you need method. Here is how to proceed in a few steps:

Step 1: Define the objective of your campaign

When you launch a campaign on Twitter Ads, the platform offers different types of advertising campaigns to start.

Twitter advertising

Among the different objectives offered by Twitter Ads, you will find:

  • The commitment thanks to tweets

  • The clicks and conversions on your website from your Twitter account

  • The incitation of users to download an app to boost commitment…

These campaigns can take different forms (cf. below). Please note that you can access many options for the creation of a Twitter campaign. Therefore, spend time on exploring all the possibilities of the platform to make the most appropriate choice.

Step 2: Name your campaign

After defining the objective of your campaign, you will see a window displayed that asks you different types of information, we will detail below.

This first information is the name of your campaign.

How to advertise on Twitter

This name will enable you to identify this campaign among others when you must browse the different campaigns you have implemented.

Step 3: Define your budget

Then, you will find an insert to define your budget and the duration of your campaign.

Twitter advertising

This important step determines the necessary financings depending on your campaign, as well as your campaign temporality. If it is too short, nobody will see it. If it is too long, it will have a lower impact.

With your advertising teams, anticipate and determine these settings to save time and be sure of making the right choices when you create your Twitter campaign.

Step 4: Form groups

It’s one of the most important steps during the creation of your campaign: target groups. To that end, just click “Next” in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen to define these groups.

The establishment of these groups changes depending on the type of campaign you have before chosen.


You can also name these different groups depending on their characteristics to easily find and use them again for your future advertising campaigns.

Step 5: Improve targeting

This option for configuring groups may be precise. With a precise definition of your target audience, your ads campaign will correctly work.

You can select the type of device on which the target user visits Twitter, type and category, interests…

Twitter analytics

Of course, don’t sabotage your campaign with a too much selective targeting that won’t be profitable for you. However, all the useful information to complete your campaign successfully may be fulfilled in the different groups you have created to not miss your advertising targets.

Step 6: Choose the form of your campaign

Now you just have to launch your campaign. Depending on the type of objective, this campaign may take different forms:

  • Sponsored tweets,

  • Sponsored trends,

  • Sponsored messages…

These different forms will be indicated as being sponsored contents and will be displayed on target users’ feed.

Step 7: Analyse your results

After the launch of your campaign, you must analyse its results. This is an important step to understand the possible mistakes made on your previous campaigns and improve the next ones. Thanks to the Statistics option of your Twitter Ads account, you will have a clear idea and real data on the reach of your ads and its effects.

Creating a Twitter campaign is easy thanks to Twitter Ads.

Tips for a successful Twitter campaign

Now you know how to create your campaign, but how to optimize it?

To not miss the mark and make the most of Twitter, here are some instructions to follow:

Opt for human side

An advertising campaign may discourage most users, who only see marketing and commercial objectives behind such a process. Sponsored contents indeed attract or repeal.

For an advertising campaign that reaches people who are indifferent to ads, opt for human side and the users’ knowledge of the platform.

For example, on Twitter, trolls and jokes are the king. Don’t hesitate to distort a meme or use figurative grammar to reach Twitter users who are exposed to it permanently.

Moreover, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and show the human side of your campaign. Thus, you will reach more users by showing a human is implementing the campaign instead of a robot.

Make it simple

Beyond limited characters, make it simple on Twitter. With hashtags, light tone, and emojis, you are able to make your campaign attractive, but also old-school.

So, consult Twitter regularly to strike a balance and not exaggerate Twitter codes to be taken seriously.

A clear call-to-action

An advertising campaign is based on a call-to-action. If this user’s call-to-action doesn’t work, the advertising campaign has no longer interest.

Ensure the link to redirect users is perfectly readable and functional, whether it is a call-to-action button or anything else. Users mustn’t hesitate over the action to take, otherwise your campaign will be a fail.

Use visual elements

To catch users’ attention when they consult the Twitter feed each day, you must stand out from the competition. To that end, you should use adapted visual elements that impact to grab the attention.

Test again and again

To have the best strategy, you must test several ones. Your first campaign on Twitter, such as on any other social media, may not offer the expected results, but good news! This will offer you a strong basis to improve your future campaigns, learn more about your community and not miss your target audience for your next campaigns.

Now you know all the Twitter Ads conditions. Now you can make the right decisions about the way you will communicate on this social media. 📱

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