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You want to create a website, but there are a lot of online services and you do not know which one to choose.

There are several website builders on the web, and you may hesitate before launching yourself. Wix seems like a good idea, but you haven't discovered SiteW yet! So, here is a description of the two website builders, in order to help you get started.

Wix and SiteW: Their history

Wix is an Israeli company founded in Tel Aviv in 2006.

Their tool works on the same system as SiteW: drag and drop. So you have website templates, blocks and features to configure that you can simply drag and drop onto your page.

At Wix, they mainly focused on the design of the tool itself. Their goal is to allow you to create a professional website without any knowledge required. With a lot of creativity and time, you will probably succeed in creating a site you like.

It is in France that the founders of SiteW decided to set up their offices in 2007. ⛰

The goal is to launch a France based service (team, support, servers) that allows users all over the world to create a complete website easily. The service offers to create a blog, a personal or professional site or a complete online store.

It is an intuitive and affordable tool adapted to any user, that is also based on drag and drop.

The main objective of these solutions is to make website design easy for everyone. That's why assistance is very important.

Get started, it's free with SiteW!

Wix vs SiteW: What about customer service?

The customer support is the biggest weakness of Wix, according to the users' opinions. They report inadequate or even non-existent technical support. SiteW users have rated the tool, on the independent review platform Trustpilot, with 4.8/5, whereas Wix has only got 1.5/5 stars. This rating can be explained by several reasons, including the weakness of the customer service which is the most recurrent argument.

Wix offers on their website, a F.A.Q to answer the questions of users who may have difficulty. However, several customers say they did not find the appropriate answer for their question. It is also very difficult to reach the customer support team by phone.

Wix also has a blog for the users who want to find answers by themselves. However, this blog is not very active.

At SiteW, you have free customer support that listens to users and quickly gives precise answers. If you have a paid plan, you will receive an answer in less than 4 hours!

The SiteW team is made up of passionate people sharing common values: transparency and the support of customers in their project. Because, unlike market giants such as Wix, quality and proximity are our core values.

We want to keep our current customers happy, by pampering them, rather than attracting new ones in a mass approach. Therefore, the team will answer you by quickly offering the right solution.

You also have access to the SiteW blog, which is regularly updated, in order to explore the topics that interest you the most.

Wix packages to create your website

Let's compare Wix's and SiteW's plans.

With Wix, if you want to avoid ads on your website, it will cost you $8.50 per month. The SiteW tool offers you to create a website for free, without advertising, except for a small mention of SiteW for the free plan.

Create a showcase website with Wix

If you want to create a blog or a professional website, Wix offers 4 paid plans. These plans differ from each other by extra features such as ad vouchers, or additional hours of video, for example. The variation of prices is high between the four packages.

  • Wix Connect domain plan ($5,40 / month)

This is the first paid plan offered by Wix. If you choose this plan at $5,40 per month, you can connect a domain to your site.

  • Wix Combo plan  ($10,20 / month)

For $5 more, that is to say $10,20 Wix allows you to customize your domain name. Be careful, this feature included in every package is free for 1 year only. After that, additional fees will be charged to keep your domain name.

This plan also includes extra features, such as ad vouchers.

  • Wix Unlimited plan  ($17,40 / month)

Beware of Wix Unlimited plan which is called unlimited, but does not give you access to all the features, but to unlimited bandwidth, which corresponds to the volume of data transferred in a given time, for $12.50 per month.

  • Wix VIP plan  ($31,20 / month)

Wix VIP plan is the most expensive plan, if you want to create a showcase site. With this plan, Wix also offers you priority support, even though it is still criticized by users. We will come back to this point soon, so that you can know more about it. 

pricing website wix

Create an online store with Wix

Wix offers specific plans for companies and businesses.

Wix offers 3 plans to create your online store: Business Basic plan, Business Unlimited plan and Business VIP plan. These plans differ from each other by extra features: priority assistance and the creation of a custom logo. 

pricing online store wix

👉 Wix Business Basic plan

The Business Basic plan is the most affordable plan at Wix, if you want to create an online store. This plan costs $20,40 per month and offers similar features to those already described. You will however have access to 5 hours of video, that will allow you to showcase your products and team.

👉 Wix Business Unlimited plan

For $31,20 per month, Wix offers you more hours of video, more storage capacity, and a custom logo. This is the most popular plan.

👉 Wix Business VIP plan

The Business VIP plan is the most complete plan. It costs $42 per month, and offers a larger storage capacity and better customer service than the previous one, in order to develop your business.

The SiteW packages

The SiteW packages are less numerous and simpler.


Thus you have:

  • A Starter package
  • A Blog package
  • A Premium package
  • An E-commerce package
  • A Pro package

The difference between the SiteW packages lies in technical characteristics, in order to offer a real added value.

The Starter package is relatively limited, but it can allow you to easily create a simple website . Indeed, your website cannot be more than five pages, and you can't register a domain or benefit from the SEO assistance.

Then, the Blog package gives you access to most of the features, as well as SEO tools, and you can even create professional email addresses. With a paid plan on SiteW, you can register a domain name to start your web adventure.

At SiteW, the most expensive package available adapted to make a showcase site is the "Premium" package at $7,99, which is more than three times cheaper. Thanks to this package, you will be able to connect your website with Google tools: Google Analytics and Google Search Console, in order to allow you to better manage your website.

At SiteW, the most affordable package to create an online store is the E-commerce package at 19,99€ per month. It differs from the Premium package by features related to online transactions:

  • Online payment methods and providers,
  • Or general sales conditions.

At SiteW, customer service is a priority when you create an online store. That's why a response in less than 4 hours on weekdays is required for all paid subscriptions! The equivalent of this plan, at SiteW, is the "pro" package at $23,99 per month.

You will be able to offer an unlimited number of products for sale, manage your stocks, invoices, and even your promotions, in order to manage your website in the best and most complete way.

Create a website with SiteW

Once you have chosen the most suitable offer for your project, you can start creating your website with modules and features. These features allow you to obtain a more complete website.

With the Israeli solution Wix, the addition of features increases the price, via external applications that generate an increase in the base price.

However, some features are very advanced to allow even the most experienced users to create a very sophisticated and customized website. It is therefore up to you to find out which features interest you most, and take them into account in your budget.

By using SiteW, all the features are included in the Premium package, to create your showcase website and in the Pro package, to create your online store. The free access to these features allows these packages to be the most complete of their categories, and therefore to create a website at a lower cost.

A low ranking for your site created with Wix

Many users reported SEO issues for their website created with Wix. When the tool was created in 2006, it was not SEO-friendly because of several aspects, including an inability to optimize the Title tag of blogs...

In 2015, the company then received a Google penalty, resulting in a ranking loss for websites created with Wix. The following year, Wix tried to solve these big problems reported by users, but even today, some negative reviews mention this.

However, these issues are now solved and, in 2016, Wix is considered one of the best solutions on the market. Some features are still underdeveloped, such as Google Image optimization. You also don't have access to some advanced SEO tools like sitemap, but good SEO techniques will help you gain visibility on Google.

Wix has worked hard to provide good SEO services, but it may still be not enough for bigger blogs.

Get starterd with SiteW!

With this guide, you now know the strengths and weaknesses of both solutions. Wix offers high quality website templates, a lot of modernity and flexible plans, but it can be very expensive with less SEO help.

On the other hand, SiteW is a smaller website builder that focuses on quality support, but may not be enough for more advanced users.

You now have all the keys in hand to select your website design tool.

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