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Widget block / customizable button

Available on theses packages:
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  • Blog
  • Premium
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  • Pro

Widget block - ButtonFor your comfort our website creation tool has improved: the sub-block Widget/Button is now a full block, easier to manage and easier to customize. To know everything about it, just read the guide: Button block.

The Customizable button gadget allows you to add buttons to your website, which improve your website's browsing. You can add a button enabling your visitors to go to one of your website's pages or to an external page (for instance: You can find this gadget's options as well as a few examples in this guide.

The Customizable button gadget is part of the Widget block, the general presentation of this block is available in the Widget block guide.

The buttons, that you can create with this gadget, enable your visitors to go to:  

  • One of your website's pages
  • An external page (for instance:
  • Your visitor's email program, if you add an email address to the button's link. 

The possible modifications of the button gadget are:

  • Button's colour
  • Text colour
  • Button's text
  • Choice of your text's font (amongst loads of modern fonts)
  • Button's link
  • Rounded corners
  • Text spacing 

Here are the different types of buttons that you can create with the Button gadget (please note that the rollovers are not active in these exemples):

Type 1: Create website icon

Type 2:   Website creation software

Type 3:    Create banner for website

Type 4:    How to create a website wikihow

Type 5:    How to create a website using

Type 6:    How to create a website using php

Last update: March 23, 2020