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March 09, 2023 - Claire Tourtoulou

2 minutes

Like every month, The SiteW technical team has worked hard to improve your website creation experience. In order to offer you wider possibilities of website customization, we present you today with our new feature which is certainly going to be very useful for your visual content: the full screen width option.

This new function will impact various blocks and it will be useful to improve your website webdesign according to your desires. Remember to upload big enough images for a good full screen display.

Image block

From now on, you will be able to customize even more the display of your images: you can now select additional options:

  • Full screen width: by checking this box, the image will be displayed across the full Screen. This may be useful to create banners or to enhance a specific image.
  • Keep ratio: this option will allow you to increase or decrease the size of your image with your mouse while keeping its ratio.
  • Cover: this option allows you to choose the size you want for your block and your image will be automatically centered and cropped according to the size chosen . This can be useful if you want to add an illustration to a specific area of a webpage.
  • Free size: with this option, your Image block will take up the size you want.
add a full width image to your website
Full width image as a header

Video block

You will now be able to add wonderful panoramic videos to your website. Please note that by checking the full screen width option, the default settings “Loop” and “Autoplay” will be activated.

Widget block/Separators

It is now possible to add a full screen width separator to your webpage in just one click. It is going to be much easier to improve your website design.

full width videos for your website content
Full width video - full width separator

Widget block/Shapes

You can use the new full screen width option with the rectangle shape of our Widget block. This will be useful to add a background to your images and text.

add a full width map to my website
Full width map for your footer

Map block

You will also be able to apply this option to our Map block.  This is going to be useful for your footer for example.

Please note that for a better navigation,  this function will disable the mouse scroll wheel zoom

You now know the latest innovations of our blocks: take the opportunity to update your website: get to your keyboard!

Claire Tourtoulou
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Last update: March 09, 2023