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April 04, 2023 - Anaïs Sautarel

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You know that increasing your online visibility requires a solid and effective content strategy. Adopting the content curation technique can have many benefits. However, you need to master certain codes and, above all, find the right tools to help you.

We propose that you discover the 4 essential tools for effective content curation. Tested and validated by our editorial team!

For reminder: content curation is the practice of selecting and sharing the most relevant content for your audience, adding your personal touch.

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What tools to use for your content curation?

There are many platforms specifically dedicated to content curation, all with varying levels of performance. It's up to you to determine which ones are best suited to your industry and the content you want to share.

Here is our list of the best content curation tools to test and adopt as soon as possible!


Feedly is an RSS feed aggregator that retrieves content around specific keywords.

Example of content curation tools: Feedly

With this tool, you can easily organize your content into categories, then read it later. The Feedly reading environment automatically gathers all the content sources preferred by users, covering many subjects in one place. It’s useful for monitoring your competitors' activity and the keywords highlighted in some articles.

Feedly promotes the sharing of content within networks of friends, collaborators, via feeds and shared boards. This allows teams to manage content, highlight it, and leave comments on articles.

With Feedly, you no longer have content management problems.

This tool offers cloud-based access for web browsers via a free registration. It is supported by native applications for Mac, as well as on IOS and Android smartphone applications.

There is a free version that supports 100% of the flow, with content organization capabilities and also sharing on different social platforms.

There is also a pro version and a team version that offer an unlimited flow and a higher level of support and much more advanced integrations.


  • Tool suitable for all types of companies

  • Multiple languages available

  • Cloud-based

  • Free version

  • Free trial

  • Subscription system

🤑 €6 per month and per user. This rate may change depending on the options offered.

We advise you to try the free version first to see if the tool fits your needs. You can then choose the version that best suits your needs.


Buzzsumo is one of the first tools on the market, specialized in content marketing.

Example of content curation tools: Buzzsumo

This platform allows you to share content with a large audience.

You can easily find a theme, view the different publications and see which ones were the most shared. This tool also allows you to spot the influencers in your field.

The tool is very practical, as it can sort content by dates, by type… and it also sets up alerts. It can help you consult backlinks and follow some authors.


  • Tool suitable for all types of companies

  • Cloud-based

  • Free trial


  • Available in only one language

  • No free version

  • High price

🤑 $99 / month


If you read a lot, Diigo is for you! It is a bookmark sharing website that allows you to share web pages and add tags and annotations.

Example of content curation tools: Diigo

With this tool, it's not just a matter of bookmarking your texts. Diigo allows you to highlight and attach sticky notes to specific parts of web pages.

The strong point of this tool is the relevance of the notes and highlighting, every time you come back to a web page, your sticky notes overlap with the original page. Exactly like you highlight on a book.

When you save a page on Diigo, you can download it. You can also search by tags, by text, but also by title and pages.


  • Suitable for all types of businesses

  • Cloud-based

  • Free version

  • Affordable price


  • No free trial

  • Available only in English

🤑 $7 / year


Quora is a forum that allows its users to create, edit, and organize question-answer pairs.

Example of content curation tools: Quora

The platform allows for organizing question-answer pairs by subject and allows users to collaborate.

It is a platform where you share knowledge and enrich your understanding. It is presented in the form of a news feed.

There is no limit to the number of questions or answers. You have the ability to vote for the questions or answers you consider to be the most relevant. The more positive votes you have, the more visibility your content will have.


  • Available for free on Android and iOS

  • Available in multiple languages

You now know the main content curation tools. Most of the tools presented are suitable for all types of businesses, you just have to choose the one that suits you best!

Anaïs Sautarel
As confident in the mountains as with foreign languages, our contents and tool travel around English-speaking and Spanish-speaking countries with me. 🌍

Last update: April 04, 2023

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