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Create a HTTPS Website

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Creating a HTTPS website (secure website) is generally rather complicated, but with SiteW, you only have to check a box. Find out what a HTTPS website is, what the associated benefits are and how you can make your website HTTPS.

To activate the secure mode (included in your package) on your Premium or Pro website, you just have to go to My websites>Settings>SEO and check the box “Secure website (HTTPS/SSL)”.

What does HTTPS website mean?

Your website is considered secure when the connection used to communicate with the hosting server is encrypted. The web address of a secure website starts with https:// (the letter S stands for “Secure”) whereas the web address of an unsecured website starts with http://. When you are on a HTTPS website, a green padlock and the word “secure” appear on the left of the website address in your web browser.


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Benefits of a HTTPS website

  • The sensitive data which is transmitted via the internet (such as password, credit cards, etc.) cannot be spied upon by a person who has broken into one of the equipments used by the network (wifi connection, phone line, optical fiber, router, …).
  • A green padlock appears in the browser address bar.
  • It improves your Google ranking.
  • It provides more credibility for your visitors.

How to make my website HTTPS?

We take care of everything!

SSL certificate

SiteW automatically takes care of registering and renewing the SSL certificate.
Indeed, a secure HTTPS connection requires a SSL certificate registered by a certification body (Symantec, Commodo, Let’s encrypt, …).

HTTPS redirection

We take care of redirecting your previous http:// address to the new https:// address, for this change to be taken into account by search engines.

HTTPS compatibility of your website

To make a website secure, all the files it uses must be uploaded via a secure HTTPS connection. All the files provided by SiteW (images, pages, stylesheets, etc), as well as those provided by our partners (Youtube videos in the Video block, Flickr images in the Image block, etc.) are provided via a secure HTTPS connection.
For the files coming from external websites (for example in a Widget/HTML block or in a Text block containing HTML code), SiteW automatically takes care of checking the compatibility of the files and converting them to HTTPS, whenever it is possible, or deactivating them (the incompatible blocks that have been deactivated are listed on the page that lists the possible improvements of your website).

This way, you are ensured to have a fully secure website and to get the famous green padlock.

Last update: April 15, 2020

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