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The Von Restorff effect is often used in Marketing. It is drawn from the results of a psychological study on human natural memory. Hedwig Von Restorff was a young doctor of psychology when she discovered some unique aspects of the human memory. These discoveries are widely used in Marketing and can allow you to increase your click rate by 230% if you know how to use it. Thus your visitors can immediately remember your brand.

Von Rerstorff effect to boost your online sales
The Von Restorff Effect can help you improve your click rate

How does it work?

Von Restorff first highlighted what she called the “isolation effect” (or "distinctive encoding") which consists in making a detail stand out on a uniform background or on an overloaded background. It is to be noted that the human eye and brain are always in search of visual discrepancies. It is what we call the “habit break”.

How to use it?

The use of animated GIF or even of an upside down image can be seen as a habit break. Surprising details are more likely to be remembered. With SiteW Flash block, you can easily add animations and banners to your website. And with the Image block, you can insert as many pictures as you need.

You can draw attention to light, color, size, circumstances, image, animation, words and sounds. Attention is linked to surprise, amazement and to other stimuli. Our Music block will allow you to add sounds.

Von Restorff effect for your website
Boost your online sales with this marketing hack

Nota bene

Please note that there is a counter effect to this phenomenon. Your attention and memory ability can be completely captured by the Von Restorff effect. Thus, the secondary information may not be seen or be forgotten by your visitors, who remember less.

We advise you to take the Von Restorff effect into account when you create your calls to action. Indeed, as seen in our previous article: How to increase your sales with calls to action?, it is essental to highlight your calls to action. The von Restorff effect can help you with this task.
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