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February 08, 2023 - Anaïs Sautarel

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It’s easy to create a professional website, but making it effective requires to know key elements before starting web design.

Choosing the adapted tool, defining your website colours, structuring it… Follow each step to create an effective website. Here is a guide with the steps to follow for the creation of an effective blog, showcase website or online store.

Choose a web design tool that suits your project

To create a professional website, first, choose the adapted tool that will offer you the best user experience and help you in your project depending on:

  • The type of website: do you want to create a blog, showcase website or online store?

  • Your budget: what is your budget for your website creation?

  • Your computer skills: are you expert or beginner?

  • The customer support’s availability: can you get in touch with them easily?

Choose a tool depending on the type of website

Among all the web design tools, you will choose the tool that adapts to the type of website you want to create. SiteW enables you to create a blog, showcase website or online store.

Select a tool to create an effective blog

Do you want to create an independent blog or add a blog to your website? You need an effective tool to release your editorial creativity.

SiteW offers an Essential package that suits your project from €6.60 per month. Your website will have unlimited pages, no ads, optimized SEO and a quick answer from the technical support.

Select a tool to create an effective showcase website

Do you want to create a showcase website to present your business and enjoy an optimal online presence? Opt for an easy-to-use and comprehensive tool with many features to present your business at best.

SiteW offers professionals and organizations an Advanced package from €12.50 per month. You’ll create a comprehensive website with a custom design, an emailing tool and a quick-to-react customer support.

Select a tool to create an effective online store

Do you have a project for online selling? Choose a comprehensive tool for an attractive and optimal online store. Some website builders suggest additional features to help you manage your business.

SiteW has three e-commerce packages that adapt to the creation of an online store: the Essential package from €20.80 per month, the Advanced package from €32.50 per month, and the Unlimited package from €57.50. The most comprehensive package will enable you to create a comprehensive online store and make its administration easier: a tool for stock management, billing, and custom customer support 7/7.

Choose a tool depending on your budget

You want to pay off your investment, and you are right.

Your budget probably makes part of your main criteria when you choose your web design tool. In general, online services for web design enable monthly subscription. Your subscription depends on your budget and project. The cost of a website may change a lot in function of the service provider: CMS, freelancer, website builder… These different services have different prices.

sitew packages

Create your website

Get started your website creation for free.

No required means of payment, no time limit.

Choose a tool depending on your computer skills

Each online solution offers a different tool. Some tools are difficult to use, depending on your computer and/or programming skills.

Whatever you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced web designer, SiteW offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool.

  • Its drag and drop system enables to move each block in a single click where you want on a page of your website.

  • You have access to a startup guide that presents a brief introduction to the tool.

  • The tool has 3 different tabs.

  • The block icons illustrate all the different available features clearly and effectively.

Choose a tool depending on the customer support’s availability

Any questions about the tool’s functioning? Do you have difficulties? Do you need web design tips?

The quality of customer service is essential when you choose an online service for web design. Select a solution close to your customers to help you in your project effectively.

Most SiteW’s customer reviews show the availability and efficiency of our technical support. Our website builder offers a quick and custom customer support.

create a professional website

Choose an effective domain name for your website

The domain name will be your first choice during your website creation. It’s the URL of your website (for example, A domain name is unique and needs to be booked.

An effective domain name needs to respect the following rules:

  • Easy to remember: internet users remember a simple domain name more easily

  • Easy to spell: a domain name which is easy to understand and spell makes word of mouth easier for everybody

  • Add a brand or keyword: you can add the name of your store, organization, family name, etc. to your domain name. You can also add a keyword that refers to your activity (for example, marketing, baking, plumbing…).

Here is a short list with elements to avoid when you choose your domain name: figures, hyphens, double-barrelled or unpronounceable name, wordplays.

👍 SiteW tips: If you choose SiteW as your web design tool, we protect your domain name totally. It’ll be automatically hosted and booked during the creation of your profesional website. Just release your creativity to choose a domain name.

Build a website for free

Define a graphic charter for your website

A graphic charter makes part of the creation of your website visual identity and also makes browsing more fluid and user-friendly. A graphic charter includes colours, fonts, and a logo.

Choose colours

On a comprehensive palette, choose 5 colours at the most to define your website identity according to:

  • your business sector

  • your missions  

Some colours are related to business sectors or commitments.

  • Blue → technology

  • Green → environment

  • Black → luxury

Choose colours that contrast with each other to offer your professional website a real visual identity.

If you create a website while you launch into business, you will probably need to create a logo. To find inspiration, surf the internet and visit the different websites that belong to the same business sector. You can design your own logo without computer skills thanks to tools such as Canva. 

If you already have your logo, you just need to import the file during your website creation.

Opt for the same font

Choose your font according to the tool used for the creation of your website. It’s important to keep your texts homogeneous. Choose 3 fonts at the most: a font for paragraphs, a font for titles, and a font for secondary texts.

If you use the SiteW tool, you will have the possibility to choose your text font among 18 different fonts. There is a font for everyone.

Structure your website effectively

You have chosen an online solution, domain name and graphic charter, and you are ready to create your website? First, consider, structure and organize its creation, that is to say your website structure.

An effective structure enables you to optimize user experience and your website natural SEO.

Consider your website design   

Before handling your web design tool, consider and schematize your website creation. Take a blank sheet, a pen, and let’s go!

First, list your website content:   

  • Features

  • Team presentation

  • Company’s history

  • Testimonials and customer reviews

  • Means of contact: chat, form, phone number, email address…

Design a SiteW website

List the appropriate keywords

Keywords play an important part in your website structure and SEO. The objective is to gather the keywords related to your business and/or services and mainly searched by internet users. To evaluate relevant and effective keywords, you can use different tools such as SEMrush, Ubersuggest or Keyword surfer.

Here is an example: you want to create a jewellery online store. The objective is to list the keywords and volumes related to your business to know main internet users’ searches:

  • child jewels: 3600 searches per month

  • baby jewels: 1900 searches per month

  • baptism jewels: 1600 searches per month

  • birth jewels: 590 searches per month

👍 SiteW tip: If you analyse the volume of each keyword, you can also check SEO difficulty and CPC (Cost Per Click) to see how difficult it is to rank in Google’s first results. If these 2 indicators are high, it’ll be difficult to rank in first results pages.

Structure your website content   

Your website content needs to be structured on different pages, split into categories and subcategories. These levels are called “silos”, that is to say that a page, category, and subcategory deal with the same topic.

You can structure your pages in different ways while keeping a coherent structure.

create a website

Promote your website effectively

We do our best so that you avoid web design errors. After defining the structure of your website, you can start to create your professional website with the tool. Create each page of your website and link all your pages together. Pay attention to each page content that participate in the optimization of browsing and SEO.

Create the pages of your website

First, create the homepage of your website and then its subpages. Add text and blocks depending on the features you want to offer.

Add text to the pages of your website

The text on your pages enables you to optimize your website SEO. Your text needs to be structured and organized.

On SiteW, when you add a Text block, you need to choose your text: title or paragraph. Titles will optimize your website structure and tell Google the subject of each paragraph and your website topic.

text block of sitew

Add blocks to the pages of your website

The other pages enable you to optimize user experience, offering interactions: map, search bar, image, video, button, link to social media, etc.

The drag and drop system of SiteW enables you to add your blocks easily to your website pages.

music block of sitew

Structure the pages of your website

The structure of your website pages is essential for optimal browsing and SEO. When you create a new page, follow these 2 steps:

  • link the new page to your website to develop your link building strategy

  • configure the information of each page for search engines

Implement a link building strategy on your website

When you create pages, you can add them to your main menu at the top of the page or another page with a clickable button or keyword. The links between your pages make part of your website net linking strategy.

Optimize your pages for search engines

Configure each page so that your website ranks high on search engines. Precise:

  • your page title for Google

  • your page description for Google

  • your page URL

With the SiteW editor, the “Pages” tab enables you to accede to these modifications.

menu block of sitew

Now, you can publish your website. You have completed web design process. Just update pages regularly or add news to complete your website.

Are you ready to create an effective website?

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