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How much does it cost to build a website?

SiteW wants to make web page creation accessible to all by offering free website hosting.

Cost of website development

If you resort to a web agency or a web designer, your cost of website development will be high and you won’t be able to manage your website by yourself. With SiteW, on the contrary, you create a free web page and you are the sole manager of your website.

How much to build a website?

With SiteW, you can enjoy a free website builder and hosting. You can even create a free web page and then choose your cost of website development according to your needs. With SiteW, you can enjoy a low cost web hosting.

Why SiteW is the best choice for your website?
How to create website using php
Create a website easily.
With SiteW, you are able to easily create your own professional website without technical knowledge.
A total creative freedom.
Release your creativity to give your projects the best and develop your online presence. We take care of the rest!
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How to create website using php
Start your website quickly.
With a few clicks, you publish your website, add all our functionalities to create the website of your dreams.
Our team is at your side to succeed.
Our team is based in France and is totally available to quickly help you when you need it.
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Site W puts a free web builder at your disposal for you to be able to build your own website

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Lower your cost of website development

With SiteW, you can create a free web page, then enhance your website by subscribing to a Premium package. You will get all the necessary elements to build a comprehensive website that is ranked well in the search engines.

Small business website designer

Create a professional website that stands out from your competitors. SiteW is a small business website designer that offers you a low cost web hosting. You will enjoy unlimited web page creation with all the options you want.

Low cost or free web hosting
Advantages of our free website builder and hosting:

Your project deserves the best of our website creation software!<br>Enjoy all our functionalities to start your website creation, take charge of your online presence!

  • Design

    Creating the design of your dreams is a piece of cake with the SiteW free web creator.
  • Evolutive

    We offer you the lowest cost of website development: easily enhance your free website and make it professional.
  • Statistics

    Follow the number of visits of your one page website or online shop or professional website with our statistical tools.
  • Assistance

    You are not left to yourself for your free web creation: we are here to accompany you.
  • Hosting

    We offer you a free web hosting for your website. All your data is safely stored in our Cloud technology.
  • SEO tools

    Our cheap web design company will help you make your website visible with our SEO tools.
  • Social media

    Use our free web builder and share your website on social media to increase its visibility.
  • Responsive

    With our free web creator, you are sure your website is responsive and is accessible from all devices.

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