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Even though one page websites are trendy, multi page websites remain the most commonly used type of website. As seen in our guide “Single page websites vs multi page websites”, it mainly depends on your content, and possibly on your marketing goals. This article will give you some general guidelines about multi page website design.


Decide on the number of pages you need


Define the pages of your website

The way you define the pages of your website obviously depends on your needs. But it can be useful to get to know the basic pages that you should include in your website:

- Homepage
The homepage is the main page of your website. You have to take special care of it, for this is the first thing that your visitors will see. So it should make them want to stay on your website and it plays an important role as far as your brand image is concerned.
- Service or product
This page should precisely explain what benefits your visitors can potentially get from your products/services.
- About
This page presents your team, your company, its history, its values, etc. It should make you stand out from your competitors and help build trust in your visitors.
- Contact
The contact page allows you to show your location on a map, as well as your contact details, and possibly your opening hours. You can add a form, that allows your visitors to contact you directly on your website, without having to send you an email.
- Legal notice
Legal notice is mandatory in most countries. SiteW makes easy for you to add a legal notice to your website, by providing you a dedicated tool, that you can find in the Settings, on the My Websites page.

Some of the following pages can be added to these basic pages, according to your business:

How to create a link to a website

- User testimonials
Once again, it is all about building your customers' trust, by showing user testimonials or your past achievements. You can also allow your visitors to give their opinion on your products or services, via a comment thread.
- Quote request
If you have to provide quotes, it will be easy for you to add an online quote request form to your website.
- Booking
If you manage a tourism or an accommodation website, or even a freelance website or a sports club website, you may find it useful to add a calendar that shows your availability or your schedule. You can also add a booking system, if it is necessary.
If you sell a product or a service that is very innovative or specific, you can find it useful to add a Frequently Asked Questions page to your website.
- Blog
Adding a blog to your website will always be an asset: it will allow you to animate your community and make them want to come back to your site, to share your expertise, to update your website in order to improve your SEO...
- Online shop
If your website is business related,  integrating an online shop will allow you to improve your service and expand your catchment area.
- Forum
Finally, if your website is about a specific topic that generates debates and talks, creating a forum can be a very good addition.

Select the package that meets your need

SiteW offers several packages in order to perfectly suit your specific needs. The selected plan will depend, among other things, on the volume of content you want to add to your website and on the number of pages you need. For example, for a simple website, used as a showcase site, the Starter plan, that allows to create a 5 page website for free, will be perfect. On the other hand, if you want to sell online, the Pro package that allows to create an online shop will be best fitted.
Besides the amount of information that you want to include in your website, the nature of your content must also be taken into account: if, for instance, you want to create a website focused on interacting with your community, by adding a blog or a forum, the Premium package will suit your needs.

How to create and order your pages?


Create your pages

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On SiteW, the process of creating pages is very simple:
Go to the website modification page
Click on the Pages tab
Click on the + in the toolbar at the bottom of the orange panel
Name your pages by clicking directly on them, and enter the search engine description in the appropriate fields: Google title and description, URL, keywords...

Order your pages

To order your pages and arrange them in hierarchies, the process is once again very intuitive, since you only need your mouse: move the pages up and down to change their order and right or left to create subpages or parent-pages.

Create and customize your menu


Add a navigation menu to your website

To do so, you just have to drag and drop the Menu block icon, by using your mouse, from the blue panel to your page. If you want the menu to appear on all pages, remember to click on the background page of your website, on the orange tab.

Set your menu

To set your menu up, start by selecting it by clicking on it. Then, in the blue panel, on the left, click on the button “Manage pages”. In the window that opens, you can determine which pages should appear in the created menu and which pages should or shouldn’t show the menu.
Click on the Design tab to customize your menu appearance. You can set its position (vertical or horizontal), define the alignment, select a style, set the border weight, the font size, choose the colors according to the state (hover, selected or normal).

Manage your pages and subpages

As far as page and subpage management is concerned, you can read our guide on submenu creation. To sum it up, you just have, for the main menu, to uncheck the boxes related to your subpages in the column “Listed pages”, and, for the submenu, to check only the boxes related to the subpages and their parent-pages, in both columns.

You now have a clear and synthetic vision of the basic content that should be added to your multi-page website. You have a better idea of the number and nature of the pages you should create, and you also know how to proceed to add and manage these pages. It is your turn now!

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