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March 09, 2023 - Anaïs Sautarel

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You know that building a real online presence and creating a website will not be done without Google.

With a market share of 90%, Google is a superpower of the Web.

There is stiff competition, but creating a well-ranked website for Google is not so difficult, especially if you use good tools, techniques and SiteW.

We are detailing how to create a website that totally meets Google’s standards.

Create a well-ranked website on Google: how to proceed?

In a word, the Internet represents 1.4 billion websites today.

How to play your part and stand out from the crowd?

By working on your website SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you will optimize its natural SEO and increase its visibility for free.

SEO gathers all the free techniques that enable Internet users to find you on the Web with Google easily. SiteW offers you a set of specific functionalities to help you develop an effective Google SEO strategy.

From the basic package to the most exhaustive one, they enable you to have a website that meets Google’s technical and quality standards.

But to really understand the actions you must implement on your website in order that it is well ranked, first you must know how does Google work.

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Understand Google to better rank your website

In fact, it is quite logical: to rank on the first page of Google and be highly visible on the Web, you must know the requirements of search engines.

Google is all over this field, and it is the pacemaker for your website natural SEO. This means it is better to understand perfectly its working and meet its quality standards.

The objective of Google is to answer quickly and well to users’ requests, by suggesting the most relevant and interesting content to them. To determine these contents, the algorithm is based on different aspects:

  • Website performances and safety level

  • Text length and quality

  • Presence of keywords

  • Page structure and website reputation

The search engine ensures the quality of your website from technical and user experience points of view.

Note that Google improves its algorithm over time to suit the user’s wishes even more. Nowadays just using many incoherent keywords to satisfy the algorithm is not enough. The search engine’s working is to put user experience at the centre of your SEO strategy.

google logo

In conclusion, our objective is to conform to these different settings point by point.

If this may seem tedious or difficult, but note that the task is increasingly available thanks to the solutions for website creation such as SiteW.

Our objective indeed is to make life easier and optimize your success on the Web.

Thus, here is how to proceed concretely to create a website that ranks at the top of Google’s search results

Performance and security for a well-ranked website on Google

To create a well-ranked website on Google, first you must concentrate your efforts on the technical aspect.

All your website settings must be functional, updated and optimized to build your SEO strategy on a strong basis.

To that end, we will see the different ways to make the process easier, keeping quality and professionalism.

A high-performance and adapted design

Design is the first element the user will see when he/she gets to your website.

In general, a good design is a quality guarantee, and is synonymous with a high-performance technology that supports your digital platform.

Here are several points you should respect to get a high-performance and well-ranked website on Google:

  • An optimum loading time

The loading time is one of the most visible consequences of a badly optimized website.

Visitors will indeed avoid a website that exceeds 3 seconds to be completely loaded, and Google will badly rank it.

To optimize your loading time, the most effective tip is to ensure your pages don’t be too heavy. To that end, check the size of your photos and illustrations load as well as the optimization of your videos or contents.

To be sure that users enjoy the best loading time, don’t hesitate to test your websites regularly. The slowest pages will be analysed later to see which elements make them heavy, and find a solution.

  • A responsive design

It is one of the most important design elements of a website.

A responsive design is a design which is compatible with the computer, tablet and smartphone screens. In 2020, up to 67% of Internet users used their phones for searching (this number is constantly increasing).

responsive design website

Fortunately, a responsive design doesn’t involve creating two websites or two graphic charters.

💡 As most market solutions for website creation, SiteW generates your mobile design from your computer design automatically.

You can, if you so wish, modify it accordingly to optimize user experience. In any case, your website will be functional and have a professional quality on all screens without effort.

Ensure your website maintenance and security

A high-performance and well-ranked website above all is a website that keeps its technical quality over time.

Thus, your website maintenance is essential to get regular and constantly improving results.

This involves:

  • updating the software

  • checking the security system regularly

  • controlling the good task management of your website

At this stage, you probably think that you must be an IT graduate to take on those obligations.

Fortunately, a website maintenance and security are easy to implement and become almost automatic.

secure website

With SiteW
Info stepup
By creating your website with our solution, you enjoy a professional tool that handles your website maintenance. Moreover, your digital platform is directly secure to suit the algorithms and meet Google’s standards.

You have probably noticed a large red pictogram to point out a non-secure website. Google shows purposefully the non-secure websites to warn users and favour the websites that make the effort to protect their data.

But it is no longer an effort with SiteW.

The importance of the domain name

Finally, details enable Google to check if a website respects all conditions to be featured, and the domain name makes part of these details.

To book a domain name for your website is one of the bases of your SEO strategy. Google indeed judges the websites with their own domain name to be more serious and professional.

To choose your domain name, please respect these following points:

  • Use dashes

If your company’s name is composed of several terms, it is better to separate them  with dashes instead of points. You can also choose to attach all terms.

However, this method involves being sure that all terms of your brand don’t form other words after being attached.

  • Forget special characters

A domain name mustn’t have accented letters, capital letters or special characters. In a URL, this results in a coded series of characters that can make your address inelegant and difficult to remember.

  • Choose your extension

When you take the steps to buy a domain name, you have several possible extensions.

It is better to choose a common and more professional extension such as .com or .en if you have an anglophone website. Don’t hesitate to modify your domain name slightly to get one of these two extensions if the others have already been bought.

Having your own domain name enables you to create custom URL that Google really appreciates and features. They are also easy to remember and enable you to rank your brand’s name more effectively.

💡 All the SiteW packages include an HTTPS domain name: you can use a domain name you already own or create a new one. This domain name will be directly linked to your website and totally secure according to the last Google conditions.

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An optimized content for Google and users

Now that you know about the technical part of your website perfectly, and you have firm bases, it is time to make way for content.

Obviously, the best way to be well-ranked on Google is to create quality content

A quality content is:

  • relevant

  • informative

  • original

  • reliable

With a quality content, you will always get results.

However, to make Google understand that you know how it works, and that you are dealing with a topic, you must use keywords.

Google controls and scans the keywords of a content to understand the topic of the article and rank it in search results.

Keywords have an essential place in your SEO because they are your direct way of communication with users and Google.



How to choose your keywords?

Your keywords mustn’t be too vague because they will be lost among the others, but they mustn’t be too precise either, otherwise Internet users will never search them. This is why it is better to choose long-tail keywords, more specific and suggest many variations.

The long tail is the category of competition-free keywords on which you can rank easily, but that generate qualify traffic.

long tail seo

In general, your strong competitors already rank on straightforward keywords and the place is full. Thus, you must search words that suit you best and evaluate their search volume.

Don’t hesitate to increase the number of keywords with semantic and lexical fields about your main keywords. Google increasingly values the user’s natural language adaptation and the use of a word context to suggest a result even more relevant.

However, putting excessively the same keyword in a content hoping to rank on Google’s first results now doesn’t work: this is called key stuff and Google is fighting against it.

Position your keywords correctly thanks to metadata

Metadata is a special text for search engines. Crawlers (Google’s robots) use them to decipher and understand your website. So don’t forget them!

Above all, put your keywords in your website and pages metadata, as well as in the titles and subtitles, and at the beginning of paragraphs. Use tags to highlight them. These tags are called Hn or Alt tags.

For example, the title of this subpart is an H3 title tag.

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to know how to code or to dive into the Web to have access to this metadata.

With SiteW, go to My websites > Search engines to change the title, the description and the keywords of your website for Google. The titles and descriptions must include your keywords.

search engines

Work on your reputation and structure

You have now combined your technical optimization and a quality content.

Next step: creating a reference website for the topics it deals with.

As we have seen it before, Google wants to highlight quality and relevant content. An undeniable indicator of a quality production is its traffic and the expertise image the content can reflect.

Therefore, you must optimize your reputation and authority on the Web to show to users and Google you are reliable.

To that end, use linking with internal links or backlinks; the best being to build both.


Work on your linking

If you want to attract Google, you must establish a linking strategy for your website.

👉 Regarding your website internal linking, it will be semantically and hierarchically.

In this way, you build semantic silos that bring all your contents with the same topic together to spread the notoriety from a page to another.

To that end, centre your pages on a main keyword you will decline and link your pages with each other relevantly.

Regarding the website structure, be careful of page depth: no more than 3 clicks must separate the pages from the home page.

👉 Regarding your website netlinking, you must increase quality backlinks. To that end, you can:

  • Try guest-blogging by collaborating with other blogs or websites that deal with topics like yours. It will enable you to show your website and your expertise to a different community who is also qualify and really interested.

  • Show you dynamic on the Web. To that end, don’t hesitate to participate in training courses or events… Be active on social networks, forums and leave comments. Spread your brand where your expertise is beneficial and relevant.

Linking looks like the structures on which your website reputation is based.

In this way, these structures must be maintained to show to Google and users that you update your website regularly, and you just offer quality to visitors.

To maintain your link network, you must:

  • Get rid of 404 errors

This type of message error is displayed when a URL leads to a page which no longer exists on the Internet. It means that this page has been deleted or has a new URL.

Therefore, check the backlinks in your articles regularly and change them if necessary. It is the same for your website internal links: if you change a URL or make a redirection, think about changing the URL in the articles (on your website or others) that mention this page.

  • Update your contents

It is essential to update your articles on your website or the blog of other collaborating websites. As well as link rot replacement, updating the content show to Google and users that you always keep an eye on the quality of the information revealed to visitors.

Use these statistics to optimize your SEO

Finally, to improve your strategy and get a well-ranked website on Google, you must follow your statistics.


Ensure you have direct access to your website statistical data to know all the figures for your website activity:

  • Where do your visitors come from?

  • How many visits does your website have?

  • What is your bounce rate?, etc.

This information will enable you to improve your SEO strategy and take the right decisions to increase your traffic.

For example, a visiting time which is too short or an important bounce rate may mean that your website doesn’t release information directly to visitors, or it is irrelevant regarding the user request.

This also enables you to know on which keywords you are appearing in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) and ensures you are well ranked on the desired requests.

Therefore, statistics are essential for your Google SEO, but how to get access?

See your statistics easily

Say goodbye to the incomprehensible and unreadable statistical tables.

Statistical analysis tools now give you clear, precise and synthesized information in the form of a chart.

The most effective and free tool to analyse your web statistics is still Google’s one.

Google Analytics is very effective to help you understand the users’ behaviour on your website and improve.

Moreover, SiteW makes life easier by offering you direct access to Google Analytics data from your dashboard.

To that end, just follow these two easy steps:

  • Go to My websites > Statistics

  • Follow the Google Analytics guide

sitew seo console

Now you know all the technics to optimize your digital presence and get the best visibility as possible in search results.

Now all you have to do is going quickly to the Google first page! 🚀

Anaïs Sautarel
As confident in the mountains as with foreign languages, our contents and tool travel around English-speaking and Spanish-speaking countries with me. 🌍

Last update: March 09, 2023

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