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Create a Website for Google

Create your free professional website and rank it in the first position in Google.  It is very easy to create a website that is well referenced with SiteW. By creating a free website on SiteW, you are sure to create a website that is very well referenced in Google, freely and easily.

1. Create a free website

Choose a name and an address for the free website you wish to create. They must contain keywords to allow Google to identify your website.

2. Create a rich website

The content of your pages must be rich in text to allow Google to easily determine the content of your website.  Thus, create paragraphs containing titles and do not hesitate to use the terms that you want to highlight. You can create a presentation text which will appear in the background of the entire site. Google likes the keywords that are repeated on the pages and takes special notice of the ones that are used differently. You will find concrete examples to be used for creating a website for Google in the SEO guide.

3. Modify the Google metadata

On the page My websites, in the Search Engines section, you will be able to modify the title of the website, the description and the keywords for Google. The title of the website must contain each keyword one or several times. The description must be well formulated and contain keywords since it is presented in the Google results page.

4. Submit your site to Google

Your website is automatically submitted to Google. If you have created a free website for Google, it is submitted once a month. By creating a pro website or a premium website, your website is submitted to Google after each modification.

Last update: April 06, 2017