Add Hotels And Airbnb To Your Map Block

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If you have created an event website, whether it be for a public event (sport encounter, concert, or professional meeting) or for a private event (wedding, housewarming or birthday party, baby shower…), or even a tourism website (historical sites, amusement or wildlife parks..), this function of the SiteW Map block will be useful to you. Indeed, you can show hotels and Airbnb on a specific area, and thus make easier, for your visitors and guests, to find accommodation. That way you’ll make your event or tourism website more effective and user-friendly.

New functions for the Map block

Stay22 is a map-based accommodation tool that lists hotels from websites like HotelsCombined, HotelPlanner, Travelport,, and Expedia. So you can show hotels or Airbnbs or both on a map.
In practical terms, you will have the possibility to:

  • Choose the shape of the label (circle or square, with the price) and the color of the bullets, according to the type of accommodation (hotels or Airbnbs).
  • Select the type of map
  • Set check in/check out dates in order to show only the accommodation available during this period (useful for events lasting several days).

How to enable this feature?

To enable this function, nothing easier:

  • Add a map to your website by drag and dropping it
  • Select “Hotels and Airbnbs” in the dropdown menu under “Type of map”
  • Check the desired options: check in/check out dates, show hotels/Airbnbs, hide filters...

This function will allow you to effectively improve your event or tourism website, and thus to make your visitors’ life easier, because they will be able to easily view the available accommodation and book their room or apartment, in just a few clicks.

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Last update: March 18, 2021

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