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Is it your birthday soon? Are you celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary? Are you retiring? Are you having a housewarming party? Are you organizing a baby shower? Are you planning a family party? A meeting of photography or cooking enthusiasts ?

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed with the preparation? → Have you considered creating a website to help you organize your party or family reunion?

We often think of making a website for large-scale events like weddings, but a website can also help you better prepare for small, private events.

Here are some tips to plan your celebrations, using a private or family website design.

Create a website to prepare before the party

As an individual, we don't always think about it, but a website is a great tool for organizing events:

  • Indeed, it allows you to easily create a digital invitation card that can be customized, that is pretty as hell, and above all, fully free.

  •  It contains all the necessary information, and your guests can access it from home, at any time, from the comfort of their sofa.

  • And above all, they can answer online, in a few seconds, without having to do anything special.

Create a website

Making a website for a private event: an original invitation card

Your website can function as an online invitation card.

Forget the trouble of having to buy the necessary materials to write invitation cards - for Michael, Martina, Grandma, Uncle Jack... Oh yes, and your cousin Jimmy that you almost forgot, and no more hand aches from writing too much.

By creating your event website: you send a group email, containing the site address, and hey presto! Everyone knows about it. No need to do more. Moreover, if you use a website builder (our website design tool is one!), it's free, and easy as pie.

On our platform, it's up to you: have fun, let your creativity run wild, and create a nice and user-friendly design that you like.

We provide you with many tools allowing you to customize every detail of your private event website. You can start from one of our free prebuilt templates, in order to easily start your website design. All our templates are infinitely customizable.

Then use the many features available to modify the colors, fonts, images, to change the background and content area, to add page transitions... The possibilities are endless! 

Creating a website for a party allows you to gather all the information

Creating a personal website to organize an event will allow you to show all the essential information about your party: location, date and time of course, but also practical elements that will simplify everyone's life, like a Google Maps map, for example.

You will also be able to easily display your contact information, and show the route to get to the venue by adding a downloadable file to your website.

You will have the possibility to highlight any specific information ("Come dressed up!", "Bring food or drinks" or "Don't forget your swimsuit!"), using the design tools of your choice (shapes, icons, stripes or lines, colors...).

Finally, you can add fun and/or useful gadgets, such as a countdown timer or a weather widget, so that your guests can dress accordingly!


Create a website for an event

Creating a website for a birthday, a baby shower: interactivity as a bonus!

Another advantage of creating a website for an event is interactivity: adding a form to your website will allow you to determine, more easily and quickly, your number of guests. It is likely that they will answer more quickly, because it is easier for them to answer: they will only need a few clicks to tell if they are coming or not.

You will also have the possibility to add:

  • A contact form so that your loved ones can send you a message directly from your event website,

  • Or a forum to exchange ideas, comments, suggestions.

How to create a dynamic website

How to create a website for a private event?

To design a website for a party or a family reunion, you need a tool that is easy to use, cheap (or even free), and that saves you time.

That's why using a website builder is a natural choice: complex online software (like CMS) would be a waste of time, and of course, hiring a professional would be useless and way too expensive.

Family or private website: why using a website builder is the best solution?

Some SaaS software like ours is perfectly suited for the organization and preparation of a small private event. Why?

  • Because it's fun and easy to use: with the drag and drop system, you can move all the elements of your page, only using your mouse. Moreover, everything is done right before your eyes, on the screen. And to make things even easier, you can start with a pre-designed template, which you can customize by changing the colors, fonts and so on.

  • Because it's cheap - and with us, it's free for a 5 page site, and only 3.99€ / month for a blog.

  • Because you will be free to create the website you like. On our platform, you do what you want: you can customize your pages as you want, by yourself.

  • Because if you have any problem, we are here to help! If you have any questions, you can use our FAQ, read our guides, or send an email to our team.

  • Because you don't have to worry about the technical part: with us, your event website will be secure, responsive and effective, without you having to worry about it.

Create a website as a souvenir for the event

As we have seen, a website for a party, a birthday, a  family reunion, is a great organizational tool.

But not only that!

Once the event is over, you can leave your website online and make it a wonderful place to share and remember!

 Making a website for a family gathering: online memories

On your family or private website, you will be able to share online photo albums that everyone can view.

You will also have the possibility to add all your souvenir videos on your personal event website, as well as music or sound recordings (of a broadcast, a speech, a performance, a playlist...), if necessary.

On our tool, you will have access to multiple features to customize your image galleries: gallery style, full screen width, hover effect, parallax, full screen on click, image size and spacing...

créer un site pour une fête

Create a website

Creating a website to organize a family reunion: a place of sharing

Share your stories and memories through a guestbook, a comment section, or a forum: everyone will be able to share their stories, their experience and their feelings about the party in a participative way. You will have a lively, dynamic and collaborative place of sharing, to which your relatives and friends can contribute.

On our platform, it is possible to manage your website in collaboration, that is to say that other people of your choice can also modify and add elements to your site.

It is practical, if you want everyone to be able to share their own photos or videos, for example. 

Making a private or family website: the question of confidentiality

When you create a private or family website, you don't necessarily want it to be accessible to everyone. That's why we recommend that you find out about the options of confidentiality before choosing a website design provider.

Because if you don't want your personal information to be exposed online, you need to be able to restrict your website access to family members and friends.

With us, you have the possibility to decide with whom you share the content of your website: you just have to enable the “content protection” option, and to select the member or password access, or to disable the search engine indexing.

On our platform, it is you and you alone who choose who can access which page of your event website.

In conclusion, creating a website for a birthday, a family gathering, a housewarming party or any "small" private event, can help you organize your party.

In addition to giving an original, creative, practical and interactive dimension to the event! Without forgetting the friendly and unifying aspect: sharing stories, images, memories...

In short, creating an event website can become a good way to organize, express oneself, exchange... And to get closer to each other!

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