How To Add A Custom Banner To Your Website?

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When you have created a website, adding a banner to your website is an excellent way to customize it and to make it absolutely unique. It not only brightens your website up, but it also allows your visitors to immediately identify your brand or identity. Thanks to SiteW Image block and Widget/HTML block (for Premium and Pro users), it is very easy to add a banner to your website. Here is how to do it:

You can easily create custom banners thanks to SiteW Image block by going to for example:

  • Click on Start Designing Your Banner
  • Create your Canva account
  • Choose your layout (free or paid) and drag it to the creation page with your mouse
  • Customize the banner with your text and images
  • Save your work
  • Now you just have to insert your newly created banner into the background page of your SiteW website, thanks to the Image block.
create a banner for my website

To create animated or even more creative banners, you can use our Widget/HTML block: go to a website offering free custom banners. You can for instance visit the following website:

  • Click on Make a banner
  • Create your Bannersnack account
  • Choose your banner dimensions
  • Choose a predefined template or click on Start from blank
  • You can select your own images, choose your buttons, cliparts… as well as your text thanks to the toolbar at the top left of the banner editor.
  • You also have the possibility to add videos and slideshows.
  • When you are done with your creation, click on Save and publish. You will then be able to either download your banner or insert it into the background page of your SiteW website, by copying and pasting the given HTML code into a Widget/HTML block.
create a website with a custom banner

You now know how to easily add a banner to your SiteW website and thus create a website you love. Go for it!

Emma Delattre
Junior Brand Manager
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Last update: October 08, 2020

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