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February 08, 2023 - Anaïs Sautarel

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How to create a resounding music website?

At a time when the internet is everywhere, music was one of the first areas to be fully digitalized. Today, musicians, singers, and music bands can’t turn a deaf ear any longer: they must create their online presence.

Creating a SoundCloud account or on another social platform is not enough any more, because these services don’t allow much customization, regarding content, design, and SEO.

For musical artists, creating a music website or blog has become as indispensable as tuning their instrument.

How to create a music website as harmonious as possible? Let’s see that together.

Why should you create a music website?

Whether you are an accordionist, an opera singer or a hard-rocker, whatever your style, your kind of music, it is more interesting for you to make a music website than just a social media page.

Why, you may wonder?

Here are several good reasons: let’s see them in detail.

Make a music website: a personal place 

First, making a website amounts to creating a place just for yourself. It is a place you can design the way you want, and to which you add your content. 

There is no obligation, but you must build an effective showcase website for your work. You will control each of these aspects to control your image perfectly.

To go further
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Don’t hesitate to have a look at these examples of music websites designed with SiteW. 🎶

Music website maker: Gather all your information in the same place 

When you make a music website or blog, you make a tailor-made space with a real impact that you can customize more than a social media page. And that allows you to showcase your work in detail.

You will also be able to add the following elements:

  • A ‘Media page’ to your website, that contains all the newspaper articles about you,

  • Your tour dates,

  • News, in order to keep your fans (eager to know more about you) updated.

Thus, you have all the information about your business on the same support to make your communication with community easier. They won’t be altered or edited by any other media.

create a music website

Make a music website: a digital business card

A music website is a real business card for anyone who doesn’t know you yet or wants to work with you. A music website is more professional to present your business and vision in details.

Other talented artists will contact you, or you will be invited to prestigious events.

Create a music website: increase your visibility with SEO

Contrary to social media, a singer website allows you to work on your Google ranking.

It is particularly important, in a world where competition is everywhere.

Visibility on the internet is the cornerstone of any success.

If you choose the right provider, you will have the possibility to customize your metadata, URL, and book a domain name easily, establish a backlink strategy, by using the Google tools.

To sum up, you will have all the tools you need to control your visibility and ensure a significant influence.

Create a music blog: an additional connection with your fans

Music lovers like having a real connection with a singer, a musician, or an artist in general. In most cases, the exchanges with your community will be beneficial.

Designing a music website allows you to share more with your community, by inserting a blog, or by posting your latest news, for example.

You will also be able to directly contact your fans, using a forum, a contact form or a comment section...

Address, engage and gather your community by inserting a link to your social media. It will also be possible to retain your fans for your project and launch new ones with the support of your community during your creative process.

A music website is essential to play your music around the country and the world.

However, how to build a professional and quality website without programming, IT, SEO skills?

Don’t look any further: here is the process.

music website maker

How to create a music website easily?

The creation of a music website has many advantages, but it must be correctly and efficiently implemented to get them.

Fortunately, thanks to a method and these tips, you will be like a professional web designer:

Previous steps for the creation of a music website

First, let’s see the previous steps for the creation of your music website to save time and start on the right foot.

  • Domain name

When you buy your domain name, you protect your artist name on the internet. Thus, your domain name won’t be usurped for the creation of a new website and your identity won’t be falsified.

Moreover, the domain name is also for your SEO and will enable you to create professional email addresses quickly.

The domain name is essential to start your digital adventure.

To book your domain name, different services such as OVH or 1&1 give you the possibility to buy it for a variable price, depending on the extension you want and the specificity of your domain name. Other solutions for web design such as SiteW already include the domain name in their package.

If somebody has already bought your domain name, it isn’t a problem: you can try to rebuy it, change the extension or spelling, or find a new one.

  • The graphic charter of your website

As a musician, you probably have some artistic direction, as well as a graphic charter for your communication supports. This graphic charter that represents your universe must appear on your website to convey your message, universe, and image quickly.

Release your creativity and define the graphic standards to implement: dark colours, dynamism, graphic or abstract approach…

Thus, once you are on your interface for web design, you will perfectly know the result you want, and you will save time to handle your new tool.

  • Social media and professional communication means

With an artistic and contact job like yours, you probably have professional social media and communication means for your activity.

These communication means and social networks must be present on your website to enable users to follow you, learn more about you, and get in touch with you if necessary.

If you don’t have professional social networks, Spotify account or specific messaging service, create them before starting the creation of your website. Thus, you will be able to add them directly to your pages and start to animate your community.

make a music website

  • The long-term objective of your music website

Right now, you may consider that your website will just be a showcase for your activity.

Maybe you want to create your music association, write articles to explain your expertise and experience, broadcast lives of your songs or artists you saw performed…

To sum up, your website can become more than just a showcase for your activity if you are a musician. Therefore, think about what you would like to do with your website in the future to be able to choose a solution that suits your needs and define real objectives.

Now, you have everything you need to make a music website.

Now let’s move on to your website creation with SiteW.

SiteW: the solution for your music website

SiteW is a website builder that enables you to create your website without technical skills or adapted training. You will just need your creativity.

To that end, SiteW makes your job easier by providing yourself with many features:

  • Templates that suit your business

When you make a music website with SiteW, you enjoy a wide range of templates. Some of them are especially designed for music lovers like you.

Music website: templates of SiteW

These templates are functional, operational and created with modern web design methods. They are secure and responsive; that is to say, their display is the same on smartphones and desktops.

Everything is ready for you.

Psst… You want to be more original?

You can also build your website in detail thanks to the SiteW’s blank templates. Likewise, you enjoy a wider creative space without constraints.

Music website: blank templates of SiteW

  • A customizable design in detail

These templates help you to draw your inspiration and serve as basis. However, make no mistake about it: they are fully customizable according to your needs and tastes, as well as the universe you want to create.

Thanks to configurable blocks as well as an intuitive drag-and-drop system, you can almost implement everything in your music website.

  • A perfect budget

As a website builder, SiteW works thanks to a charged licence adapted to your budget.

The Essential package (€6.60 per month for an annual subscription) enables you to:

  • access technical and customization features

  • enjoy a free domain name

  • access basic website statistics

For more features, it’s possible to upgrade to the Advanced or Unlimited package.

Music website: SiteW packages

Who says you require a high price to get quality?

  • Professional and multilingual customer service

SiteW has a professional customer service for the maintenance, technique, or customization of your music website. To help you go further, the SiteW blog gives you all the necessary tips for a successful digital adventure.

SiteW implements all the necessary communication means to give you concrete and custom answers to solve your problems if you need them.

“Even a carrier pigeon?”

You can try: it will quickly visit our team!

SiteW helps you for each web design step, but you remain the conductor.

Here are the key steps for creating an effective and professional website which has all the necessary features for your success.

Key steps for success

Many tips, steps, and features may be useful to boost the SEO, design, and user experience of your music website.

Discover all these tips below:

Improve your SEO

To get your website known, it’s essential to work on your SEO.

SEO will help you play your music, and get yourself known: remember to display your name or your band’s name in your website title, descriptions, and domain names.

You’ll probably have few text on your music website. However, you can improve your SEO by choosing precise keywords that define your music style.

To that end, remember to complete all the descriptions and meta descriptions of your website thanks to these target keywords: indie, rock, jazz, rap… Describe your universe as much as possible.

To complete these SEO tags, you don’t need to search the source code of your website. Go to the Pages tab of your website editor interface to access all your website pages.

Double-click one of them to display different fields that will enable you to complete all the essential SEO tags easily.

SEO tab on the SiteW editor

Get your best keywords, and enjoy all our tips to write your meta descriptions and tags like a professional web designer.

Psst… Do you know that you also have tags in your photos and videos?

You can complete these tags so that your website ranks high, especially on image and video search engines.

For example, in the Image block, you will see a category called SEO description in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. This category enables you to add relevant keywords, such as the name of your group or your stage name.

SiteW Image block

Remember that one of the first things a user who will discover your music will do is to search your name on Google. So, do your utmost so that your website will rank high on search engines quickly and clearly.

Features to implement in your website

SiteW provides yourself with many blocks to implement in your music website to animate it and improve user experience.

How not to talk about the Music block?

The Music block is in the “Content” section and is essential for any music website. You can quickly download your MP4 contents on a dedicated library and edit sound settings, such as volume, loop, title, duration…

SiteW Music block

Thus, you will encourage your community to buy your next album as soon as possible.

Speaking of selling albums…

  • Online store

You can add an online store to sell your concert tickets, derivative products (t-shirts…), piece, albums directly on your website.

The Store block is easy to configure to be able to add a photo, its price, description, as well as information about reference number, or stocks to get your bearings in your logistics easily.

SiteW Store block

In the Content category, you can take the Store block and configure it.

This block is customizable and intuitive, and you will have a small store with a few items without being an e-commerce professional.

  • Contact means

The Social block enables you to implement contact means, such as social media or forms, to communicate with your fans easily.

Thus, get started with the Social block in the Content category.

SiteW Social block

You’ll be able to configure your social media buttons easily by adding links and editing their style.

Music website: social media

If you have social networks other than those in the block, it isn’t a problem. You can use the Icon block to add an icon that represents the logo of another social platform: Discord, Reddit, or Twitch.

SiteW Icon block

You can add a contact mean from your inbox, which is available directly from your website.

Click the Form block and drag it where you want on your website.

SiteW Form block

You can modify the different fields and link these messages directly to your professional inbox quickly. Moreover, a secure protocol is directly embedded.

Useful, isn’t it?

  • Forum and newsletter

If your community is faithful to your project, they’ll want to talk about it between them and exchange information.

To that end, remember to add the Forum block to create a link with your audience and be able to discuss with them. This forum adapts immediately to your graphic charter and complies with GDPR in a few seconds.

SiteW Forum block

Thus, your community will have the possibility to sign in to your website, and talk about their passion for music. Moreover, this will enable you to collect email addresses and send a newsletter to the most faithful visitors who want a privileged relationship with you.

You can also suggest the newsletter thanks to a provided button: the Newsletter block.

SiteW Newsletter block

You’ll just have to place it on your website.

Psst! Your concert is coming? You can add a countdown to your website to inform your public.

This block is in the Widget block and is totally customizable.

SiteW Widget block

The countdown isn’t the only feature that can make a difference. If you know the main features, you will also find a FAQ section, the modifications of the site background, and also new code to embed…

In short, there are still some features to discover in the SiteW editor.

Here is the last essential step for a perfect music website: design and user experience.

A design that suits user experience

Don’t underestimate the importance of your images and the design of your music website.

You are a musician, but you must especially highlight your music. However, you must take your website design into account: first, ensure your website style matches your music and the image you want to convey.

Moreover, users will be happy to see photos and extracts of your services on your website. To that end, you can use four different blocks:

The Image block is perfect if you want to add photos of your concert or different events.

To that end, add the Image block where you want to your page.

SiteW Image block

You can choose royalty-free images, your own images, or photos taken during your musical events.

Moreover, you can present them in the form of a slideshow, gallery… You have all the necessary tools to present your images as you wish.

If you want to show your live extracts, studio recordings, concerts, you can easily add videos that come from platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion.

SiteW Video block

If you don’t want to add your extracts or videos on platforms like YouTube, you can also download them in your private gallery and embed them easily.

Your community is in the recording studio with you immediately.

  • Illustration block

It’s also possible to add illustrations to make your music website dynamic and more original.

Like the other blocks, the Illustration block is in the Content section. If you enter keywords like “music” or “instruments”, you will easily find what you are looking for.

SiteW Illustration block

Musicians, singers, music bands… Here are all our tips to set the tone for the creation of your music website.

Get your stories straight and start to make a music website!

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