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How to create a resounding music website?

At a time when the internet is everywhere, music was one of the first areas to be fully digitalized. Today, musicians, singers and music bands can’t turn a deaf ear any longer: they must create their online presence

For musicians, a real digital presence is a personal place where you can make your music heard, but also showcase your art visually.

It is also a place where you can interact with your fans.

Creating an account on Soundcloud or on another social platform is not enough anymore, because these services don’t allow much customization, regarding content, design and SEO.

For musical artists, creating a music website or blog has become as indispensable as tuning their instrument.

So, how to create a music website as harmonious as possible? Let’s see that together!

Why create a music website?

Whether you are an accordionist, an opera singer or a hard-rocker, whatever your style, your kind of music, it is more interesting for you to build a website than just a social media page.

Why, you may wonder?

Well, for several very good reasons: let’s see them in detail!

Make a music website: a very personal place 

First, making a website amounts to creating a place just for yourself. It is a place you can design the way you want, and to which you add your own content. 

It is a place that carries your name (at least if you registered a domain).

To put it in a nutshell, it is a little corner that is all yours, and in which no one will steal your thunder. There! ;-p

But, obviously, this is not your only motive. Let 's go on!

Design a music website to gather all your information in the same place 

When you build a music website or blog, you make a tailor-made space with a real impact that you can customize more than a social media page. And that allows you to showcase your work in detail.

You will also be able to add a ‘Media page’ to your website, that contains all the newspaper articles about you, to display your tour dates, and to add news, in order to keep your fans (eager to know more about you) updated.

Making a music website: a digital business card

Your music website also allows you to showcase your art: it is where you should shine bright.

In your music website, there is no place for modesty: be bold, make noise, because you are definitely a star. Your artistic world, your personal history, your photos, your collaborations, your current projects…: tell about everything, don’t forget anything :-).


Create a music website


Create a tailor-made music website: let the artist speak (or sing!)

As we just saw it, a musician website is above all - and contrary to a Facebook page, a custom space, where you can freely express yourself. It is the least that can be done for an artist like you!

Say goodbye to uniformity! And say hello to the images, colors, fonts, shapes and lines that you want. Choose what represents you, what inspires you and what makes you thrill. 

Create a “well orchestrated” website! 

Building a music website: increase your visibility with SEO

Contrary to social media, a singer website allows you to work on your Google ranking.

Which is particularly important, in a world where competition is everywhere.

Visibility on the internet, it’s the old, old story, you already know the drill: SEO is the cornerstone of any success on the web.

If you choose the right provider (SiteW, for instance ;-) ), you will have the possibility to customize your metadata, your URLs, and to register a domain, and establish a backlink strategy, by using the Google tools, for example. 

Create a music blog: an additional connection with your fans

Designing a music website will allow you to share more with your community, by inserting a blog, or by posting your news for example.

You will also be able to directly contact your fans, using a forum, a contact form or a comment section.

And to address, engage and gather your community by inserting a link to your social media.

It will also be possible to inform your fans, in an individualized manner, by using a newsletter for example.

Try to engage your audience’s emotions, in order to get… A chorus of praise!

You can display your tour dates in an online agenda, and give your audience the possibility to buy tickets online. 

Finally, your website statistics on Google analytics will allow you to better know your fans, and to know which of your songs they love the most, so that you can increase their satisfaction, and thus your popularity.

How to make a musician website to better promote your music?

Having a music website is even more important for your credibility than your number of followers on social media, because you can generate traffic, have a real impact, and impress record companies. 

Sharing your music on your website will please your audience and will allow you to make your music heard by more people. 

To achieve success, we all know it, you have to choose the best partners… It is the same when you want to create a music website: who are the best providers to help you realize your digital project?

Which provider to choose in order to easily create your website music?

To choose your web design solution, you have to take several points into account, by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What are my goals on the internet? (Which features do I need? How many pages? Will my website have to evolve?)

  • What are my resources to design my website (in time, money, skills)?

  • How will I maintain my website? (can I do it myself? Should I delegate this task?)

Depending on the answers to these questions, you may prefer to use an agency or a freelancer to get a turnkey website, but with a substantial budget, and little autonomy.

Or you can click on the following pink button, and you will start your music website design by yourself, at low cost, that you can modify anytime, in complete autonomy, in just a few clicks.


Launch yourself, it's free!


Google ranking and music website

Once again, to make your website known, working on your Google ranking is fundamental, because it will have an impact on your reputation: remember to display your name or your band name in your website title, description and domain name.

Read our SEO articles, to learn some SEO tips and reach the first page of Google. Keep in mind that the first thing someone will do after visiting your website will be to “google” your name. 

Music website design: improve your artist image

Never underestimate the importance of your images and your website design.

Of course, you make music, and you have to showcase your songs, above all else. But the design of your website is not to be ignored: make sure it suits your music, and your image.

Add photos of you or your band, and images of your sound recordings or your concerts. You can also add concert videos

Lastly you can add an online store, in order to sell your concert tickets directly on your website, as well as your by-products (tee-shirts…), your songs, your albums...


Create a music website


Musicians, singers, music bands.. You can use these tips to create your music website or blog.

Don’t forget to make it in harmony with your artistic sense. It should be a place of creativity and freedom of expression… And it is above all a springboard to success!

Aziliz Prébois
SEO & Content Manager
I am Breton and you can contact me if you want to talk about Kouign-Amann, a Breton speciality, or SEO. Sharing motivates me, and my discoveries will have no secret for you.

Last update: April 02, 2021

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