Communication is key: find out our best tips for community managers

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Social networks, SiteW, tipsSocial networks are today an essential mode of communication. Your customers are not only the consumers of your products. They are also the ones who convey your brand image and they are part of your reputation. Social networks have considerably accelerated this trend and have made it even stronger. They are by the way a very good means to promote your website and/or your online shop for example.

tips for community manager

Set up a content strategy

  • Choose your social networks carefully: to do so, you need to know your target perfectly. It is better to be present and active on a few social networks than being on every social media and neglecting your pages. To do so, you can read our guides on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Define an editorial line: What to tell? Who do you talk to? What are your objectives? Plan your posts using a timetable and closely follow the trends thanks to a daily monitoring. You can draw inspiration from other community managers.

  • Social networks are places to share news, photos, opinions… Don’t be too self-centered otherwise you may bore your followers or run out of inspiration. Vary your content, in order to stay entertaining. Don’t hesitate to share information which does not directly concern yourself but rather your business sector for example. This will prove your openness and show that you follow the trends.

  • Be creative: make your own pictures, this may allow you to create a brand image much more accessible and more humane.

  • Also note that you can easily link the different social media platforms. You can for example automatically duplicate your Facebook posts to Twitter or Google+.

  • Lastly, you should never keep an inactive social media page: it is better to delete your page if you don’t have time to maintain it.

Tips for social media
10 great tips for Social Media

Interact with your subscribers

  • Make yourself available to your followers. To do so, you need to know everything about your company, your products and your business sector. Encourage your subscribers to ask questions and give their opinions.

  • Never let a question go unanswered. Be quick to react: you should take care of your customers' issues as quickly as possible. You can anticipate your customers’ questions by creating a FAQ section for instance.

  • Value your followers: they must feel privileged. Organise fan-exclusive giveaways and special discounts and regularly thank them.

Liven up your network

  • Go out, make new relationships, widen your professional network in real life. Your involvement must be as active offline as online.

  • SiteW allows you to easily add a social block to your website, in order to enable your visitors to share your articles on any social media platform. You can also add a link to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page to your website (only available for Premium and Pro websites). You will also be able to easily add a link to your website to your social media pages. To do so, go to the page My websites>Settings>Social Networks.

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